Mayer Apologizes For Yahoo Mail Issues, Yahoo Still Working On Them

    December 16, 2013
    Chris Crum
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As reported last week, the Yahoo Mail woes continued with a massive wave of outages resulting in a lot of angry users (as if there weren’t enough of them already). The company also took some flak in the media for how its PR department handled the situation.

Late on Friday, CEO Marissa Mayer took to the Yahoo corporate blog to apologize and explain the situation. Perhaps too little too late for some users, but at least it’s something.

She begins by explaining how important Yahoo Mail is and how frustrating of a week it had been, before offering an explanation of the outage:

On Monday, December 9th at 10:27 p.m. PT, our network operating center alerted the Mail engineering team to a specific hardware outage in one of our storage systems serving 1% of our users. The Mail team immediately started working with the storage engineers to restore access and move to our back-up systems, estimating that full recovery would be complete by 1:30 p.m. PT on Tuesday.

However, the problem was a particularly rare one, and the resolution for the affected accounts was nuanced since different users were impacted in different ways. Some of the affected users were unable to access their accounts, instead seeing an outdated “scheduled maintenance” page which was a confusing and incorrect message (this has since been corrected and updated). Further, messages sent to those accounts during this time were not delivered, but held in a queue.

Over the remainder of the week, we worked around the clock to restore access and all messages to inboxes. This has included restoring IMAP access for people using other email programs like Outlook or Apple Mail to access their Yahoo Mail.

As of Friday afternoon, she said, access had been restored for almost everyone, and the backlog of messages had been delivered. She said they would continue to work on rolling out IMAP access and to fully restore inbox state (like which folders messages were placed in, which were starred, etc.).

She closed the post by saying that Yahoo Mail’s overall uptime is 99.9%, but that they will work to prevent issues from happening again.

“We really let you down this week. We can, and we ill, do better in the future, she said.

The Yahoo Mail status page offered an update on Sunday night, saying that the engineering team had been working over the weekend and making “steady progress” on restoring access to messages for affected users and correcting inbox state. They noted that some timestamps may not appear correctly on some messages.

Are you a Yahoo Mail user? Is everything back to normal for you yet?

Image: Yahoo

  • Allison

    Seriously, still no mail history. I can not access tickets that were purchased, shipping confirmation numbers, etc. After over 10 years with Yahoo – no communication on when it will be resolved. Tried 5 different customer care numbers, 3 are no longer active one places you on hold then routes you to a message stating their offices are closed. Horrible.

  • al

    i am still completely out and have switched … but there is stuff i still need !!…what a pain !

  • http://saltykittyenterprises.com Larry Ripley

    We are finished with Yahoo Mail. First the bull with changing the $$ charge to $50 a year and now unable to get my email for over a week. Today and tomorrow we will be moving all of our email services to another network and after Yahoo gets their crap fixed and I can access my old emails I will never ever use this pos service again.

  • Haseeb

    Not affected even a bit. everything has been working fine for me. I have used yahoo mail through iOS App as well as desktop, No issues for me…..

  • Bernice Coombs

    Still cannot access mail or messenger, says at bottom of screen connected but nothing happens, am furious as husband deployed abroad and cannot change mail option until I can get message to him, plus have email and messages from him I don’t want to lose. Wish they would get it sorted

    • http://yahooemails deb

      me2 still having problems when will it be restored i just want the problem fixed. ty

  • VanAlbert

    I am still missing all email from 11/26-12/9. Some Mail before11/26 has no content. I too am missing receipts and orders. Yahoo customer service consists of ignoring trouble tickets and hanging up on calls to their help Sys aftper 3 minutes of music.

  • deb

    i want my email fixed how long do we have to wait?

  • http://yahooemails deb

    still having problems i just want my email fixed ty

  • f

    Hate the new yahoo mail. Don’t like the “conversation” system. Want the yahoo mail that I signed up for, which is not this yahoo mail. About ready to change.

  • cd

    There still B S ING. I just got mail from today, still nothing from Thurs to Sunday, none of the mail sent to me has been sent. None of the mail i sent has gone to anyone. There a joke and i just opened up a gmail account after being with them from day one, so mr ceo, you dont have to worry about kicking me in the nuts, for i take what you say very very seriously. So us little peons can protect our nuts from now on.

  • tina

    problem still persists. Yahoo please..

  • Tomas

    She lies even now, while offering apologies. There must have been more than 1% of mail capacity down. The scandal wouldn’t have risen to such epic proportions if it was just mere one percent.
    She has by chance, for just plain silliness, scuttled the ship she was supposed to captain.
    For this she will be remembered.

  • sharon

    Still not receiving. Lost everything including contacts. Changed to gmail until it sorted. Need my emails back. Not even getting a reply from them.

  • http://www.mobelindia.com Mobel D’ffine

    Don’t know how we will recover our all important mail’s.

  • Joy

    Still got problems, about time they solved this issue before we all change to a different server

  • Csaby

    Still not working.

  • http://webpronews Ariel C

    Probably there’s too much of emails(personal, spam, marketing or others) that went thru each account in the yahoo email. And even if we specify these as spam, there’s too much of them, especially during the peak of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday (incoming and past holidays). I had yahoo email and I lost almost one month of incoming outgoing email. I had opened gmail and captured some of the yahoo saved email in gmail, but there’s a gap that it did not captured (probably its the period where yahoo had technical issues). Hope this helps to everybody..

  • http://www.elspethpayne.com Elspeth Payne

    How did this get so bad? They had a working product. What did they do to make it so unreliable in addition to creating an interface their users hate? I haven’t seen any media on that yet. (I know who I’d like to see kicked in the nuts…)

    I have a great deal hooked in to my personal email account. It is going to be a HUGE pain to move off Yahoo, but I’ve started a list.

  • http://www.elspethpayne.com Elspeth Payne

    Ridiculous apology; totally inadequate. Give the communications responsibility to someone who can communicate!

  • http://www.pinkmail.org Pinkmail

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  • Sally

    Still cannot access email, all I get is ‘page will not display’ and right now there are a lot of emails that need answering. If I could get in I would forward all emails to another account. When they fix it, just watch the exodus…

    • Yogesh Chawla

      nice sally.

  • http://yahoomail alice

    I am in Oregon and I can not access my email the past couple of hours either.

  • http://loseweight-gainmuscle.org mangro

    I have been using Yahoo business mail for 2 years since I don’t want to to give my business profile to Google by using gmail. Yahoo mail sucks and they are decade behind Gmails features, simplicity & performance. Seems like Yahoo is forcing us to go for gmail :(

    Is there any other alternative to gmail & yahoo mail. I don’t want to use destop mail.

  • RD

    If you don’t like the new Yahoo webmail interface there is a new replacement for Outlook Express. It is called OE Classic and is compatible with all newer Windows versions including Win 8. It is available at oeclassic.com It also supports importing address book and mail from OE and other programs. If you’ve used a mail client before then you’ll really like this program.

    As with any POP3 client I recommend backing up the Store Folder to an external drive on a regular basis.

    • RW

      Problem is, you don’t get POP3 for free from Yahoo, so I guess the biggest part of their subscribers use the webinterface.

  • kf

    I am not able to access my email since noon 19 Dec 2013, Melbourne time. The sign in page just froze and did not respond. Have contact Yahoo customer service via their website and still waiting for a reply. Password reset also did not work. It froze at the Yahoo ID page and did not respond. Yahoo mail is giving more and more problems lately.

  • http://www.taracafeproject.ca Karen McDiarmid

    I have had so many problems with the “new” yahoo, I can’t begin to describe. Today, December 24, 2013, I am repeatedly asked to sign in, and I can’t access my mail as this notice comes up continually. What is the problem there????

  • Mary Kolodny

    I have the same problem on December 24, repeated requests for pw to sign in, a second of viewing my inbox, then the message repeats again. I also lost incoming service on my iPhone on December 3, tried to contact yahoo and never received a responding e-mail from customer service. A similar problem, repeated requests to “reset” my pw, which has never changed and works elsewhere. Not an apple problem–I checked at the genius bar so . . . . Yahoo is more like Boo Hoo!

  • david england

    I hate that I have paid for the professional package in order to get rid of all the problems and all the pop up ads and other crap. I haven’t been able to log in for two days now on any platform – laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. after reading the comments above, it is obviously a yahoo problem. But if I can’t log in, I can’t cancel service, and can’t save any important files. The last time this happened, I tried to send copies of all my yahoo incoming mail to my gmail account. that worked for about a month, and I don’t know if it was terminated by yahoo, or some headspace and timing problem that I caused.

  • Britta Wrolson

    I have not been able to log in to get e-mail and replies I made to old messages are still sitting in out box. I can not access new mail so can also not reset password.
    I understood that earlier problems should be fixed? Please help.

  • guest

    I still can’t do anything but view my inbox–there are no buttons (delete, etc), and nothing is clickable. I can access it somewhat though not at all fully via IE but only as described above in Firefox.