Matthew McConaughey Spoofed by ‘SNL’s’ Taran Killam

    March 9, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Matthew McConaughey was the subject of an SNL spoof on Saturday by cast member Taran Killam, in what had to have been one of the very best spoofs ever of the handsome actor. Listening to the SNL episode in bed, I was forced to turn around and look at the screen, wondering why on earth McConaughey was making fun of himself like that. It, of course, wasn’t the actor, but Killam instead. The voice impersonation was spot on. The physical mannerisms were pretty accurate as well.

Killam sat down next to ‘Weekend Update’ costar Colin Jost, and wore a white tux similar to the one McConaughey wore to last Sunday’s Oscars. “McConaughey” quickly rebuffed Jost’s congratulations on his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club.

“Don’t congratulate me. Congratulate the man I was a week ago,” Killam as McConaughey interrupted. “Congratulate the man I’m chasing. Congratulate the man who never existed.”

“And who is that?” Jost asked.

“Me,” McConaughey replied.

It will definitely be fun to learn what Matthew McConaughey says about the spoof when he first sees a video clip of it. Known for having a pretty decent sense of humor, it’s likely the actor will take it well.

SNL was hosted by Lena Dunham on Saturday night.

She posted the following Instagram photo to her page following rehearsals with some of the ladies at SNL. She dubbed it ‘Girl pile in studio 8H.’

The National was the musical guest this weekend.

If you missed SNL you have to check out the videos as they start to hit YouTube and Twitter in the next day or two. It’s absolutely imperative that anyone who appreciates impersonations–or just Matthew McConaughey or Taran Killim–check out the hilarious spoof the comedian did of the True Detective star. While the clip plays, just close your eyes for a few seconds. You will be certain McConaughey himself is on SNL.

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  • Michael David Curley

    Why would a guy on prime time tv, attempt to spoof a guy about a show. Can’t SNL write comedy based the workings of original scripts.

  • Syl Corn

    It wasn’t THAT spot on