Matt Lauer To Be Fired? Rumors Abound On Twitter

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Amid rumors that Matt Lauer will be fired from the “Today” show are denials that the popular host has an “image problem”, and NBC says they have no plans to let him go, although if Twitter is to be believed, he’s already on his way out the door.

The show is allegedly losing viewers to “Good Morning America”, and “Today” head Alexandra Wallace is rumored to have been looking for a replacement for Lauer even though he just renewed his $25 million contract, something she denies vehemently.

‚ÄúThere is absolutely no truth to this,‚ÄĚ Wallace said. ‚ÄúThere have been some recent outrageous claims regarding Matt and the ‚ÄėToday‚Äô show, and an awful lot of piling on from nameless, faceless sources. These stories are wrong and irresponsible.‚ÄĚ

The show has taken some heat this year already for firing Ann Curry, something Twitter recognizes all too well. The social media site has been burning up with rumors that Lauer is on his way out, despite the network’s denials.

Matt Lauer To Be Fired? Rumors Abound On Twitter
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  • Pat

    Fire Matt Lauer away, as he will not be missed. He is soooo boring, and mundane. They need more pep and energy on the show. I totally stopped watching it when they sacrificed Ann Curry for Matt Lauer. He has been the problem the whole time. I watch Good Morning America, so I am not put to sleep by the Today show. Don’t let the door hit you Matt.

  • Lisa

    Don’t know if it’s true, but if Matt Lauer had anything to do with
    Ann’s firing then he is a pompous jerk who thought Ann was too old for his taste, crush on Savannah? who by the way has a Harvard Law Degree. I believe it was all about money – two for one – Natalie and Savannah for one Ann who’s worth the both of them. Not worth it to me.

  • Lynn

    I completely agree with Sharon. I, too, stopped watching Today and switched to CBS. Although I switch to Good Day New York at 9. Didn’t like the way they handled Ann Curry and lost all respect on 9/11.

  • bethie

    I will NEVER watch the Today show after they fired Anne Curry. She was the show. Savannah Gutherie has zero talent with an IQ to match. I just wonder what she did to get that job. Matt’s time is limited. What he did to Anne will come back around to haunt him for the rest of his life. I wish Anne would be on GMA. That would be great!

  • K.&M.

    We both think that Matt is an over rated egotistical pompus ass. When they fired Ann Curry and put in Savannah Guthrie, the show went down hill fast. S.G. is an over educated bim-bo, has shown no common sence, and continualy opens her mouth and lets the stupids out. She is close to the “Dumb Blond” personality that she exhibits daily. The Today Show has been slowly committing suicide for a very long time. We think they are about to jump off the bridge soon. The bad son, Matt has had a problem with female co-hosts way back to Katie, Meridith and Ann. They were all more professional and intelligent than he is. Maybe that’s why they but a bim-bo on as co-host, he can then bully them around with his king-of-the-hill attitude.

  • Bonnie Sersland

    After the Willie Geist episode, Matt Lauer is an idiot, thinks only of himself and tries to make others look bad on national TV. It is ridiculous and he is making the TODAY Show look terrible. Leave Geist in.

  • Cynco

    matt lauer is an ignorant pompous jerk.

    • gaik


  • wildrose

    Matt is a misogynist pure and simple!

  • linda

    I use to watch Ann Curry daily. She was just a natural.
    Now what??

  • Marilyn

    What goes around comes around. If Lauer instigated Curry’s demise, it only goes to show how out of control people who think they can’t be replaced will go. I have never like Lauer, I think he is arrogant, and a snob. Maybe getting back to basics and put some one in the position who can relate to REAL people would be nice for a change!

  • Marilyn Bostraack

    Best thing that could happen is Lauer hets fired.

    • http://yahoo Diane

      I agree.

  • cathye

    Most of you folks may be too young to remember Katie Couric, but she too was fired by NBC and at the time Bryant Gumbel was blamed. Perhaps it’s just NBC’s way of shuffling the aging woman out the door. While I love Ann Curry I never agreed with her as co anchor of the show as she has always had a problem with spontaneity and cohesive reporting but the idea that any network can replace women just because they feel they’re getting older rankles me.

  • http://yahoo Diane

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Matt Lauer is a LOOSER. Acts like a BIG BABY because people are commenting about him. GET A LIFE MATT!!!!

  • Barb

    GOOD. Hope they are more than rumors. He needs to be knocked down a notch…. He thinks too much of himself. I stopped watching it when Ann left.

  • http://yahoo Jeb

    Fired, if they had been smart they never would have hired him in the first place. I’ve watched the show since it’s beginning and when they brought Lauer on I knew it was a mistake then but when they fired the best reporter and anchor they had NBC lost all credibility with me. Ann Curry was and is GRWEAT at what she does. Lauer is a jerk and has always been one.

  • peachprep

    Bout time he goes. I agree with jeb. Never should have hired him. He has been an errogant jerk from day one. I’ve tried to stomach the show from time to time and can’t do it.

  • http://same? Debra Janssen

    I always watched the Today Show; however,I was shocked that Ann Curry was let go.As a 56 year old female, I too was “discriminated against” and offered a .6 teaching position in Baltimore County Public Schools in year 29(6 years ago);a move that would effect my retirement benefits while male counterparts and part of the “old boys school” that had in many cases far more years than me, were and are still employed. More or less,I was “pushed”to retire.I believe it is all a matter of money AND/OR who you know or “KISS UP”TO. I always enjoyed Matt Lauer and thought there was a genuine rappoire between Matt and Ann. Maybe the “old boys club”is coming to an end and Matt too is considered “too old”and /or it is more economical to hire two, Savannah and Natalie, rather than keep Ann and Matt even though they are top-notch and professional.Just as Ann was given the shaft, I feel Matt is being unjustly “targetted”. Who is the “man or woman” at the top making all of the decisions? (A 30 something know it all or a 60 something who has already made their money and is ready to “stick it to”someone else? I,personally, do not like the new, younger dynamics and have changed my morning viewing. If the powers that be want to appeal to the younger viewing crowd (are they watching??), I guess they feel the “new blood”is good;however, for the “baby boombers”who are retired and watching,it is a turn off and constant reminder of exactly what has or is happening to them! I wish Ann and Matt the best; it’s the network’s loss!I’m sure they have or will go on to bigger and/or better things, I know I have.

  • Sue

    Goodbye to Matt and his gang. Hello to GMA. What a good wake up show.

  • http://TodayShow Joyce Gilpin

    When you got rid of Ann Curry on the Today Show, I quit watching and went to GMA and I love it. I will never go back. Watch out everyone, you may be next. We can’t help it when we start going down the hill instead of up the hill!!

    • Pat

      I quit like you and only watch when they have someone I like on that day!!!!

  • Rene Blanco

    Matt Lauer has just the right face for Radio. He is part of the problem and not part of the solution at NBC. I am a guy, but NBC keeping Matt Lauer on for all of these years is a sexist decision. I never watch him and he would never be sought out by the general public to be watched on any other program – period. He has been an aging, balding, boring, over-paid, eccentric who attaches his arrogance to that silly morning show. He probably thinks that he is somehow equivalent to being a celebrity or movie star because he is unrealistcally compensated and uncommonly fortunate to interact with celebrities and movie stars. Matt Lauer has perfected his own formula for being an old, ugly, self-important, bastard and an embeded network cancer.

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