Matt Lauer To Be Fired? Rumors Abound On Twitter

    December 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Amid rumors that Matt Lauer will be fired from the “Today” show are denials that the popular host has an “image problem”, and NBC says they have no plans to let him go, although if Twitter is to be believed, he’s already on his way out the door.

The show is allegedly losing viewers to “Good Morning America”, and “Today” head Alexandra Wallace is rumored to have been looking for a replacement for Lauer even though he just renewed his $25 million contract, something she denies vehemently.

“There is absolutely no truth to this,” Wallace said. “There have been some recent outrageous claims regarding Matt and the ‘Today’ show, and an awful lot of piling on from nameless, faceless sources. These stories are wrong and irresponsible.”

The show has taken some heat this year already for firing Ann Curry, something Twitter recognizes all too well. The social media site has been burning up with rumors that Lauer is on his way out, despite the network’s denials.

  • tim


    • deb

      What happended to Jenna on Sunday morning?

  • walton Chiu

    I hope so. I have never been able to stomach him. That bucktoothed
    arrogance of his. I heard from NYC friends that he is a total closet
    queen. And look what he did to poor, sweet, dear Ann Curry. He is a jerk! And what goes around, comes around, Matt!

  • http://yahoo no name

    I hope the rumors are true – I don’t know anyone, including self, who watches the show – and when asked – they say it is because of him.

  • ron Whitley

    Matt is not the problem….the show’s format is pulling him down. What’s with this no-name panel he has to share with. Who cares about their opinions “every” day? He needs help from the front office to bring on more interesting subjects if NBC is to keep up with the competition. Don’t throw the baby out……!

  • http://Yahoo mjgrannie

    Matt may be a part of the problem . . . but, I think Savannah lacks warmth, personality, and a sense of humor and is the other part of the problem! I would rather bring Ann Curry back or put Natalie or Jenna together with Willie Geist . . . that would bring the viewers back.

    • Chris

      I totally agree, Savannah, Al, should have gone a long time ago along with Matt. I love GMA, funny, they are all great. Natalie, Jenna would be great on the Today Show. A shake up is due for the Today Show.

  • http://home JIMMY T MATTHEWS

    Yes it’s time for him to go. While were at it , lets fire that
    bugged eyed black guy to.

  • John

    It has been so much BS I only watch Al for the weather. and look for the black man who is on the ropes watching every day, I wish U could do a segment about him it would be of interest.

  • LoveAnnCurry

    He is the most arrogant S.O.B. on morning television. Ann Curry had warmth and personality and offset his arrogance without her the show seems unreal and unsincere. I switched to GMA and love it! That show stands by Robyn Roberts and that says so much for their humanity.

  • Sue

    I always felt that Matt Lauer was a jerk and it wouldn’t matter who they paired him with. His lack of empathy for Ann Curry when she was removed from the show is evident of this. Even Al Roker commented on that saying that Matt “threw her under the bus.” I hope the rumors are true.

  • LEM

    I was never a fan of Matt Lauer or Al Roker, but I like TODAY a lot better than GMA

  • http://yahoo picturegirl

    I think Willie Guiest would be an excellent replacement. Savannah is a crashing bore and so is Chuck Todd. I only tune in if I know Al Roker or Natalie will do a segment. Matt AND Savannah, needs to go. Bring Ann Curry Back!!! Sometimes you need quirky.

  • http://yahoo mg

    Matt is great! The new fellow is as bland as a boiled potato!
    Get rid of that stupid panel stuff.
    Erica is awful.

    • Tami

      Who is Erica?

  • Darnell

    I vowed every since they allowed this weasel to throw Ann Curry off the set of the Today Show, that I wouldn’t watch it until he is gone, you know what weasel lacks, he lacks the fun and joy that GMA has, it’s not just about one person over there and as long as this weasel is still there it all about him

  • http://Yahoo Sher

    They are losing viewers becasue they let Ann go and hired the boring Savannah and Matt does have an ego. Can’t stand him. I don’t watch the show anymore since they played dirty to Ann.

  • http://yahoo cherykm

    Loved ann curry her Tv personality and voice delightful.NBC has had bad ratings for longer than ann curry…think maybe her male cohost should be the one gone. Ann reports THe OTHER GUY Matt opinionates.

  • Ray Workman

    I used to be a huge fan of Matt Lauer. However, the way he helped get Ann Curry fired makes me want to never watch the TODAY show again. After I sent the TODAY show a letter of support for Ms. Curry, which they never aknowledged, sealed the deal. I will no longer watch NBC in the morning or the TODAY show. They can keep their boy toy, Matt Lauer!

  • Michael

    How does a network keep someone on, this arrogant, and yet as dumb as he is? I would like to see the demographics that show his popularity. I never believed it, and I think that its a product of the network saying what they always hoped people would believe. He’s nothing more than a punk. No one cares “Where the Hell” Matt Lauer is

  • Allan

    New ladies stink. All about themself. Matt is ok does
    great interviews. Don’t care for the show with all the
    newbies. Ture on music during that time.

  • Vern Wheatley

    They should have got rid of Matt and kept Ann.

  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    NBC has bigger problems than just Matt L and the Today show. Their ratings have tanked since the stupid network fired Ann Curry. We’ll never see them admit or recify the situation but what do you want to bet NBC is the one who leaked this news as well as the news about Ann C? They are testing the waters to see what kind of reaction they get from the viewing public. The powers-that-be at NBC have Brian Williams who called out his out his own network for employeeing the irrelevent Donald Trump. Lat night Costa’s blames gun control for a sick NFL football player killing a pregnant woman. The arrogant personalities (and yes, I use that word lightly) have big heads and big bank accounts and NBC has created the whole problem. Suffer in silence, please….

  • Dawn Bates

    I have not watched the Today show since they got rid of Ann. I can’t even look at Matt or Savannah. Get rid of them all and start over.

  • Chris Matthews


    • S

      I do agree that Ann Curry should come back… After she left the show I have stopped watching the Today show. Ann was very pleasant to watch and they made a wrong move by letting her go!

  • L.D. Wright

    Guess I would “give a rat’s rearend” if I cared about the “main-stream-media” but could care less if they keep him or fire his worthless ass. He is a bitter liberal with a liberal agenda and contributes nothing to professional journalism. Good ridance!!

  • gary

    Don’t like him and will not watch show because of him.

  • elizabeth borunda

    bring Ann Curry back. I havn’t felt the same about the show since she left. Or about Matt Lauer.

  • Berni Thurmon

    Go and find Anne Curry bring her back and get rid of Matt Lauer, the ratings are almost guaranteed to hit the ceiling- you made a big-g-g-g mistake!!

  • Anita

    I will never watch the Today show until they get rid of Matt and Savannah.

  • http://yahoo Miki

    He seems aloof, distant and snobbish.

  • http://yahoo.com Linda

    I have stopped watching the Today show since Ann Curry was let go as co-host. I guess many felt the same as I did. I have felt they needed a replacement for Matt Lauer for some time. I don’t really have an opinion about Savannah Guthrie since I stopped watching the show, but they really need a bigger group such as GMA has which gives the show an edge. I may never go back to NBC for the morning news and I certainly won’t with Lauer remaining. I would love to see Ann skip ship and go to GMA, but wherever she stays, she is a class act.

  • Anna

    I now watch CBS and will until the replace Matt and Savannah.

  • Heidi

    Replace Matt with Willie Geist.

    • MK

      He needs to be knocked off his high horse. An arrogant and overpaid NBC employee spouting their agenda at a time when a lot of everyday americans remain jobless, What does he do for 25 million? As for Ann Curry stopped watching Today when she showcased and promoted the Bush daughter. Can Chris Matthews please be next!

      • James Wagstaff

        He has no personality at all. Show was much better when Meredith was there. Sure do miss Ann Curry. She is so genuine and intelligent. Al Roker needs to go with him. He thinks he is cute & funny, which he is not.

  • Monique Harrell

    Matt is the reason why the Today has had issues. He is hardly there and he doesn’t do any news period. He didn’t step in to help Ann at all which wasn’t fair.
    I hope that they do fire him cause until he does I ain’t watching it.

    • Doris Bishop

      I will not watch the today show, if Matt does not go. I haven’t watched that show in years. Matt just don’t have what it takes to do this show. Please bring back Ann Curry.

  • YES

    Too bad if it is not true…It Should Be! He is a selfish, non-broadcaster. So self-centered that he feels that nothing can bring him down. But the people have spoken…even if the network exec’s won’t admit it…it is true that the public see him as the person who got Anne fired and who will only work with his personal fav’s. Not a team player at ALL. And a VERY poor interviewer. What a great day if he does leave…we can watch the show again…it has been years…we stopped when he started…Goodbye…

  • nancy

    Matt is great, leave him alone already! One of the Today problems for me is that they moved (sweet) Ann from the news to the anchor position. She never was able to get comfortable in her new role. When I’m half asleep I need someone who is awake and bubbly to make me laugh. I know there will never be another Katie (Meredith was close). I don’t believe Matt was involved in Ann being fired.

  • Larry Stevens

    Take tiny Matt Lauer in his little booster seat and fire his ass! His ego is so enormous that he has to jack his chair up a foot so that he looks taller than Savannah on camera. His smugness is a turn off (literally)!

  • Don Huse

    Dumping Ann Curry was a big mistake. Matt and Savannah might have a little more going between them (Matt seems fascinated by Savannah!) but she doesn’t have the warmth, charm, or knowledge that Ann or Meredith had. Don’t think she’s going to get there either. Smart girl but this might not be the right place for her.

  • lois

    MATT, dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  • gregg

    Psycho ROKER is the elephant in the living room.

    • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

      RIGHT ON !!!

  • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

    Has a snooty look,,never liked the guy. “ll nose”

  • Indy-ann

    I agree with John,there should be a segment about the black guy that hangs on the ropes every morning; rain, shine, sleet/snow. He has been a fan and regular spectator for a lot of years. There is no UMPH to the show, Savannah has no personality + she has made it clear by her dog whistle comments that she dislikes the President. While interviewing, she chastized Ed Shultz for speaking favorable of the president during the debates. Ann Curry has personality,ambition,humor,and empathy. The Today Show should re-evaluate the meterologist position, the host anchor. Where are all the women who reports the news coming from? It seems the entire NBC staff is short of diversity as well as energy.

  • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

    Has a “SNOOTY” look,,never liked that guy. “All NOSE”.

  • joe

    iquit watching when ann currey was fired. i don’t like matt lauer but if you want to blame someone blame nbc for not hiring a great host and then firing the closest thing that they had. al roker is a complete waste. If you just want him to do weather then that is ok. but as a co-host he don’t cut it.

  • Mike D

    Its about time someone talked about firing Lauer. The interview he did with the wife of the soldier accused of gunning down Taliban fighters was particularly disturbing. I hated him before that but I havent watched one minute of that show since.

  • D. Warren

    I personally think Matt is hard to relate to and he is arrogant. It especially comes across when he interviews people that are “beneath” him. Remember when he interviewed the Turtleman? He might as well have laughed in his face. I think Willie Geist is a perfect replacement and people can relate to him more than Matt and his stuffiness. All that money he is making has definitely changed him and made him out of touch with what goes on in Middle America.

    • Dixick

      You are so right! Time to go, Matt.

  • bill

    another case of an individual getting by on very LITTLE talent for years. he had way more of his 15 minutes……time to ride Matt..
    sooner the better……

  • william tucker


  • edwin

    Sounds like it is because of plummeting ratings. I feel proud to be one of the contributing persons. I boycotted that show after they decided to interview Bernie Madoff’s family and portray them as “victims” and feel sorry for them….Lauer and his fakeness

  • steventoddpipia

    the people have spoken. Flush this turd. He is arrogant and awkward with guests–especially condescending with guests far too often. Matt cries like a bitch about his possible termination by the network…? Man up you pussy! Whatever happened to real men? No wonder this country is in the tubes.

  • bill

    he is arrogant……hard to figure why.
    looks like a rat and has personality of a two-day old fart….
    do the network (and improve your ratings) and let him go.

  • Todd

    But, not to worry, Matt has just signed a multi-year contract as the official spokesman for Chia-Pet!

  • Jere Stringer

    He should have left long ago! He is arrogant and cannot get along with the staff who he treats poorly. None of them like him. He has the charisma of a cold rock! Has also treated his wife so poorly that he doesn’t deserve her either! Other talk show hosts make unkind remarks about him because he thinks he is more important than he really is. GET RID OF HIM!

  • steventoddpipia

    the people have spoken. Flush this turd. He is arrogant and awkward with guests–especially condescending with guests far too often. Matt cries like a b**** about his possible termination by the network…? Man up you p****! Whatever happened to real men? No wonder this country is in the tubes.

  • Terry Campbell

    I too think he should have stood up for Ann more than he did and when he didn’t I decided that it was time for me to go to ABC. They have fun there and they are not afraid to laugh and cut up and just plain have fun. The Today show is so stiff to watch that you just want to go back to bed after watching 30 minutes or so. Treating Ann the way they did was a disgrace and was just wrong. I’m only one voice but I will take my one voice and my one hand and point my remote to ABC where I can laugh and smile in the morning. Be sure and give Mr. Matt Lauer a good supply of skin cleanser. He might get a piece of lint on him.
    Terry from Texas

  • Bobby

    Episode XXXIII, Revenge of the Curry!

    Actually, Matt would gain points with every demographic in America other than single men if he would stop having affairs with his co-workers. 😉

  • bill

    hope the network reads these comments
    about 98% calling MATT arrogant and talentless…

  • Jere



  • http://twittwe jANE

    about time he stinks!!!

  • http://yohoo Lewis Swanson

    Bring Kady Couric back.

    • Debra Wherry

      If they bring Katie Couric back I’ll delete the Today show from my lineup forever!!!!

  • cm

    agree with many here….matt is on his own ego trip…boring!!!! ann curry was treated terribly….look how they lovingly said goodbye to meredith…(whom I think is a sweetie)…made a big production out of it….then just ann curry away….not fair or very ethical. savannah has no personality….or warmth….it’s not a fun show to watch anymore…..shame on them

  • Debra Wherry

    You stupid bioch…those nameless faceless people are the american public who don’t want to see this clown’s face on the today show anymore. After what happened with Ann Curry…I will never watch again as long as he’s on the show. She wasn’t the problem…he is!!!

  • Eric

    Matt Lauer needs to be fired. He is the reason behind Ann Curry being let go from “Today” Mr. Lauer is an arrogant and overpaid jerk, nearly as bad as Bryant Gumball and No One watches “Today” any longer. If Ms. Curry were brought back, I might consider tuning in again, but until then Can Mr. Lauer and bring in someone a bit nicer and relevant. IT”S TIME FOR MR. LAUER TO GO!!!! FIRE- HIM!!

  • Farkinc

    His happiness has been on a downhill slide since bubbly Katie Couric left – he lost a little with Meredith, a little more with Ann Curry and hasn’t done any better with Savannah. But I think there is something more going on in his life that has yet to come out.

  • M Mm

    The morons on the sending/receiving end of twitter devices should limit their efforts to addressing each others’ bullshit. Just because you have access to cyber-air-borne idiocy doesn’t mean you have anything worth contributing or that you are under the illusion of wielding real POWER. You want to do anything nasty? Go after the Kardashians or others that function at your level.

  • Wayne

    I do hope that NBC WILL FIRE Matt he needs to go. What he and NBC did to Ann Cury made them look so bad……… Matt is a JERK and needs to be put in his place………out on his ASS

    • Carl C. Rosas

      Well, looks that he is going to get what he deserve. At this point he is to impressed with himself. He need to get down of his own pedestal. He think that he knows every thing and simply,he is wrong. Remember when Tom Cruise eat him alive, he did not know where to put his face. Well is time for him to taste what he did to others.

  • ralph

    right or wrong the perception of Matt Lauer is the fault of NBC. These Idiots Steve Capas, Jim Bell have only made things worse by further trashing Ann Curry to try and save Lauer. NBC is notorious for kicking employees to the curb when they no longer produce for them, Jay Leno, Conan, Jane Pauly just to name a few. I have made a decision that I refuse to support a company that treats it’s people so poorly. If they really gave a $hit about Lauer or Curry they could have gracefully handled her exit. It was the final straw for me and for a lot of viewers. Was this the reason for the rating slump well we may never know for sure but the way NBC chose how to handle this sure didn’t help. The entire cast at the Today show is on shaky ground NBC will not be loyal to any of them. Do I want to support such a company….HELL NO!

  • Barbara

    It is time that the network figured out it isn’t the co-hosts that is loosing the ratings. I will not watch NBC Today show if he is there. can’t stand his ego and the way he thinks he is the most important person on the show. get rid of him and the ratings will go up.

  • bookster

    He needs to go. I left when Ann was fired. Period.

  • Lin

    NBC can stick it. First they gave up Harry’s Law because they didn’t want us old people. Then Matt was so horrible to Christie Brinkley that he had her in tears because of his obvious misogynistic attitudes. What made him think that the viewers wanted to see Brinkley’s husband explaining himself the next day? Finally, the way they fired Ann Curry was extremely unprofessional. Making her sit on the set with her co workers and talk about how she screwed up the show was the final straw. Even if that had been true, they could have found a better way to do it. This was no longer a news show, just a gossip group. I turned the channel and haven’t gone back since. It’s GMA for me or my local Channel 5 with NBC’s prior Brian Schauble!

  • http://YAHOO richard b

    NBC should get rid of Hoda and her partner

    • Lin

      Are Hoda and Kathy Lee still getting drunk in their portion of the show?

      • pi

        Ditto…these two need to be bagged already, along with thier daily alcoholic fixes!!!

  • Ana

    Wow, he gets $25million per year? I wonder how many NBC laid off or did not hire so they can pay him this outrageous amount of money. Devil’s money?

  • pi

    Most definitley – get rid of that dang, “prima-dona” egotistical, so called anchor. I think the show would do better if the show consists of the following: Natalie Morales, David Gregory(he is funny), and the new guy, I think his name is David. Get rid of the rest of them!!!

  • Theresa

    I stopped watching the today show after Ann Curry was let go! Ann was not the problem, Matt is. Matt Lauer is an arrogant jerk and if he were let go and they brought Amnn back I would watch it again

  • melisssa

    Matt is definitely OVER PAID and OVER RATED! Bring in someone new and fresh with the smarts that Mr. Lauer does not posess. A real intelligent gentleman that can contribute more to a conversation and more to journalism than simply reading cards and pretending to have more intellect than he really does. Sorry Matt. America has finally seen through you…

    • Carl C. Rosas

      Melissa, i agree with you. Now he can call Donald Trump to see if he can get a job in “The Apprentice” Both of them have The Arrogant Old Status.

  • JosiE

    Low Ratings….Ann Curry took the blame with grace and professionalism. The Olympics was just a ratings band-aid. NBC has not addressed the real issue. America doesn’t love Matt anymore… or Simon Cowell. Diva-Dicks lose their libido. While gentlemen like Tom Brokaw and Walter Cronkite, last forever.

  • sam

    Replace Matt with Anderson Cooper. He’s intelligent and has a great sense of humor. They guy NEVER criticizes anyone, and everyone loves him. Now, there is a real reporter. Lauer thinks he is really important, dump him

  • pipsqueak

    Stopped watching the day they let Ann go. To humiliate a quality individual on national tv as they did her is unacceptable and really bad form. Where in the World Is Matt Lauer? Who cares? If NBC would pay attention to competitors they might determine just why their ratings have fallen. PS – Do people really want to see chefs cooking all that food early in the day? Do people really care about all the trivial nonsense spoken by some of the guests? When they do get somebody interesting they are given 2 minutes and away they go.

    • carolae

      I, too, stopped watching the show after Ann was let go. It would serve NBC right to have the ratings plummet even further. I am surprised that the network even allowed Ann to be let go which Lauer more than likely was behind. She was a top notch co-anchor and a professional, unlike Lauer….the professional part. I don’t watch anything on NBC anymore.

  • SanePerson

    I think Matt is actually a very good host on that show but he has gotten just a little too self-important. And for quite a few years there has been talk about how much of a diva he is and how much of a back-stabber he can be if to anybody he doesn’t like or that he thinks is getting in his way or getting too much of the attention.
    Willie (is it Geise?) is very good and seems very personable. And since he’s young and cute like Matt was when he started, I think he would be a good draw for younger people.

    Unless they have some guest scheduled that I particularly like or there is a big story that I assume they will be devoting a lot of tinme and coverage to, I usually only watch the first 1/2 hr or hr to get up to date on what’s happening.
    And, as far as I’m concerned, tying me to a chair and taping my eyes open to force me to watch the Hoda & Kathy Lee part would be cruel and unusual punishment, close to being on a level with waterboarding.

  • carolae

    Too bad it wasn’t true. When Ann Curry got the boot, I immediately stopped watching the Today Show as I believe Lauer was behind it. He throws his weight around and is very obnoxious at times. He may seem and be personable while on the air, but is a totally different person once the cameras go off. The ratings have been slipping now for close to a year. NBC needs to think of their image with Lauer on which is going downhill quickly. They need to let Lauer go even though his contract is still current…..pay him off!

  • mark Adkins

    I think Matt Lauer’s ship should have sailed off years ago!!! His nose is so high it passes the sun! I loved Ann Curry and they were all “sell outs” and jerks to let her go!!!

  • nygalinfl

    I think change is always good. Matt has been on too long, everyone needs to move on and it’s his time. Al also needs to go, he has a bad attitude, this morning at the 9am slot acted very poorly. It’s his time too.

  • Phil Erickson

    I switched away from NBC during week. The only saving grace for me is Lester Holt on the weekend. Yes, the Ann Curry firing teed me off. GMA is now our weekday morning program. $25 million for Matt? No way! Not a fan of Natalie Morales either. Observed her from the street. Not nice when off camera. On the other hand Ann Curry came over and shook my wifes hand, and couldn’t have been nicer. Jenna Wolf is also getting the shaft on the weekend. Her personality has grown on us.

    • judith r. johnston

      Stopped watching “Today” when they fired Ann…..love GMA and will be hard to go back to “Today”. However, if they replace Matt with Lester Hold I would definatel go back. And what’s up with shoving Jenna to the curb? Her and Lester were a great team on the weekends. “Today” will continue to spiral downward with the stupid moves they continue to make!!

  • Rosanne

    They always do the “Where in the world is Mat Lauer” Well where in the heck is he?? If I would have missed as many days as he has on the job…my rear end would have been fired. I totally agree with everyone, what an injustice they did to Ann!!! Shame Shame!!! And I am upset for them taking off Harry’s Law!!!!


    I haven’t watched since Matt beat up Christy Brinkley.


    I haven’t watched since Matt beat up Christy Brinkley. He is such a bully.

  • Birch

    Damn! I was hoping the article was good news. Instead, we are still stuck with Matt Lauer. Which is reason I will continue to not watch the show.

  • Tim

    If they put that tool, Willie Geist in his place, I’m done with the show. What a patronizing, d*uche bag, frat boy. Totally and completely full of himself. Thinks “love tapping” the cars around him during a simple park job is completely acceptable. I’ve probably tapped 3 cars in my whole life – all accidentally. Every 16 year old knows that if you tap a car during the parallel parking section of your driver’s test, you just failed.

  • Sandra

    It was never Matt that made the Today Show no. 1. It was Katy, then Meredith, who were both perky, smart, and interesting. Before them were Jane Pauley and Brian Gumble. Incidentally, it was Brian who pushed them to the no. one spot back in the eighties. Matt needs someone that he can bounce off of to make himself more appealing. As it is now, he comes across pretty drab.

  • Helen

    Never did like him–sometimes rude, sometimes overbearing. I like Charlie Rose and Anderson Cooper. No fluff.

  • Alice C. Turner

    I agree that they need a replacement for Matt Lauer. He just doesn’t have any carisma and he acts as if he were the only one on the show. Hasn’t anyone noticed how when doing such things as welcoming a guest, he will say something like: “I thank you for coming,” not We thank you for coming. He is not the only person who is responsible for the Today show! He comes across to me as arrogant

  • christina

    hes getting old and needs a new look

  • Carol Ann Brown

    Matt Lauer is a pompus jerk! What is his talent??? Anne Curry was a class act!!!! Looks like a sexist a-hole whose last name begins with L
    picked Savannah—-WHY??? She is no match to other serious journalists who are educated, & don’t use those cutesy phrases to appear cool!

  • mary ann

    I too turned my tv to GMA the day the Today show fired Ann Curry and replaced her with Savannah Guthrie….. Actually I never realized what a good show GMA was and how the whole crew treats each other with respect!! The thought of watching Matt and Savannah on one show was too much for me to stomach!! double YUCK

  • Sharon

    I grew up watching Today. After the way they humiliated Ann Curry on the air, I had a real hard time watching, she was so genuine. I honestly don’t care for Savannah much, not warm at all.
    Then on 9/11 while all other networks were paying tribute to those that died on that day….Today was interviewing mama kardashian on her boob job. I stopped watching NBC all together and now watch CBS and CBS This Morning. I hope the Today Show tanks.

  • http://yahoo Terry Finnell

    Matt is an overpaid, egotistical jerk.


    matt laur sucks, and always has

  • Laurie

    I have never like Matt Lauer and after Ann left Al Roker is the only genuine person left.

    • Lynn

      always loved Matt Lauer with Katie Couric—-stopped watching the show, however when Ann Curry became anchor. She was lame…..If you want a great morning show–try MORNING JOE on MSNBC. I’ll never go back to network morning news…

  • Gabrielhues

    Karma Baby, Karma

  • MaryAnnmcGovern

    Ihave always liked Matt & I think the combo they have now is great and I love Willie ,Natalie and the rest …I never liked AnnCurry what a fake …I have never watched another am program but Today and will always watch it …

    • Paula Patterson

      I agree with Mary. After Meredith left the show was gone. Matt has become complacement and Savannah isn’t the answer even though I like her. I say get rid of them both and bring some life back to the show. If it needs young people…bring on the young people!! :Today” needs more umph.

      • gaik


  • alani

    I do not watch that show and not because of Matt Lauer. They do not have what I want to see in the morning. Even CBS has a better format, and that is a statement all by itself. Matt looks depressed and I feel bad for him. In the end these Networks are only worried about the bottom line, and will drop him like a bad habit. If they offered him $25 million, I bet there are many conditions to it. They need to get rid of the man at the top, it is his decisions ruining that program.

  • bob

    the sooner they get rid of Matt Lauer the quicker the Today Show will begin an attempt to revive itself from the pits of morning show hell.

  • Pat

    Fire Matt Lauer away, as he will not be missed. He is soooo boring, and mundane. They need more pep and energy on the show. I totally stopped watching it when they sacrificed Ann Curry for Matt Lauer. He has been the problem the whole time. I watch Good Morning America, so I am not put to sleep by the Today show. Don’t let the door hit you Matt.

  • Lisa

    Don’t know if it’s true, but if Matt Lauer had anything to do with
    Ann’s firing then he is a pompous jerk who thought Ann was too old for his taste, crush on Savannah? who by the way has a Harvard Law Degree. I believe it was all about money – two for one – Natalie and Savannah for one Ann who’s worth the both of them. Not worth it to me.

  • Lynn

    I completely agree with Sharon. I, too, stopped watching Today and switched to CBS. Although I switch to Good Day New York at 9. Didn’t like the way they handled Ann Curry and lost all respect on 9/11.

  • bethie

    I will NEVER watch the Today show after they fired Anne Curry. She was the show. Savannah Gutherie has zero talent with an IQ to match. I just wonder what she did to get that job. Matt’s time is limited. What he did to Anne will come back around to haunt him for the rest of his life. I wish Anne would be on GMA. That would be great!

  • K.&M.

    We both think that Matt is an over rated egotistical pompus ass. When they fired Ann Curry and put in Savannah Guthrie, the show went down hill fast. S.G. is an over educated bim-bo, has shown no common sence, and continualy opens her mouth and lets the stupids out. She is close to the “Dumb Blond” personality that she exhibits daily. The Today Show has been slowly committing suicide for a very long time. We think they are about to jump off the bridge soon. The bad son, Matt has had a problem with female co-hosts way back to Katie, Meridith and Ann. They were all more professional and intelligent than he is. Maybe that’s why they but a bim-bo on as co-host, he can then bully them around with his king-of-the-hill attitude.

  • Bonnie Sersland

    After the Willie Geist episode, Matt Lauer is an idiot, thinks only of himself and tries to make others look bad on national TV. It is ridiculous and he is making the TODAY Show look terrible. Leave Geist in.

  • Cynco

    matt lauer is an ignorant pompous jerk.

    • gaik


  • wildrose

    Matt is a misogynist pure and simple!

  • linda

    I use to watch Ann Curry daily. She was just a natural.
    Now what??

  • Marilyn

    What goes around comes around. If Lauer instigated Curry’s demise, it only goes to show how out of control people who think they can’t be replaced will go. I have never like Lauer, I think he is arrogant, and a snob. Maybe getting back to basics and put some one in the position who can relate to REAL people would be nice for a change!

  • Marilyn Bostraack

    Best thing that could happen is Lauer hets fired.

    • http://yahoo Diane

      I agree.

  • cathye

    Most of you folks may be too young to remember Katie Couric, but she too was fired by NBC and at the time Bryant Gumbel was blamed. Perhaps it’s just NBC’s way of shuffling the aging woman out the door. While I love Ann Curry I never agreed with her as co anchor of the show as she has always had a problem with spontaneity and cohesive reporting but the idea that any network can replace women just because they feel they’re getting older rankles me.

  • http://yahoo Diane

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Matt Lauer is a LOOSER. Acts like a BIG BABY because people are commenting about him. GET A LIFE MATT!!!!

  • Barb

    GOOD. Hope they are more than rumors. He needs to be knocked down a notch…. He thinks too much of himself. I stopped watching it when Ann left.

  • http://yahoo Jeb

    Fired, if they had been smart they never would have hired him in the first place. I’ve watched the show since it’s beginning and when they brought Lauer on I knew it was a mistake then but when they fired the best reporter and anchor they had NBC lost all credibility with me. Ann Curry was and is GRWEAT at what she does. Lauer is a jerk and has always been one.

  • peachprep

    Bout time he goes. I agree with jeb. Never should have hired him. He has been an errogant jerk from day one. I’ve tried to stomach the show from time to time and can’t do it.

  • http://same? Debra Janssen

    I always watched the Today Show; however,I was shocked that Ann Curry was let go.As a 56 year old female, I too was “discriminated against” and offered a .6 teaching position in Baltimore County Public Schools in year 29(6 years ago);a move that would effect my retirement benefits while male counterparts and part of the “old boys school” that had in many cases far more years than me, were and are still employed. More or less,I was “pushed”to retire.I believe it is all a matter of money AND/OR who you know or “KISS UP”TO. I always enjoyed Matt Lauer and thought there was a genuine rappoire between Matt and Ann. Maybe the “old boys club”is coming to an end and Matt too is considered “too old”and /or it is more economical to hire two, Savannah and Natalie, rather than keep Ann and Matt even though they are top-notch and professional.Just as Ann was given the shaft, I feel Matt is being unjustly “targetted”. Who is the “man or woman” at the top making all of the decisions? (A 30 something know it all or a 60 something who has already made their money and is ready to “stick it to”someone else? I,personally, do not like the new, younger dynamics and have changed my morning viewing. If the powers that be want to appeal to the younger viewing crowd (are they watching??), I guess they feel the “new blood”is good;however, for the “baby boombers”who are retired and watching,it is a turn off and constant reminder of exactly what has or is happening to them! I wish Ann and Matt the best; it’s the network’s loss!I’m sure they have or will go on to bigger and/or better things, I know I have.

  • Sue

    Goodbye to Matt and his gang. Hello to GMA. What a good wake up show.

  • http://TodayShow Joyce Gilpin

    When you got rid of Ann Curry on the Today Show, I quit watching and went to GMA and I love it. I will never go back. Watch out everyone, you may be next. We can’t help it when we start going down the hill instead of up the hill!!

    • Pat

      I quit like you and only watch when they have someone I like on that day!!!!

  • Rene Blanco

    Matt Lauer has just the right face for Radio. He is part of the problem and not part of the solution at NBC. I am a guy, but NBC keeping Matt Lauer on for all of these years is a sexist decision. I never watch him and he would never be sought out by the general public to be watched on any other program – period. He has been an aging, balding, boring, over-paid, eccentric who attaches his arrogance to that silly morning show. He probably thinks that he is somehow equivalent to being a celebrity or movie star because he is unrealistcally compensated and uncommonly fortunate to interact with celebrities and movie stars. Matt Lauer has perfected his own formula for being an old, ugly, self-important, bastard and an embeded network cancer.