Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure

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Matt Lauer is getting screamed at, but not the good kind he receives as a co-anchor on Today. He’s reportedly the target of verbal abuse from those who believe he’s responsible for the departure of Ann Curry from the morning program.

TMZ reports that Lauer is “freaked out” that people are screaming at him across the street on Manhattan. The Today co-anchor is reportedly “miserable” over the “hateful and unfair tirades” that are now being directed at him. Some of things people are saying include “You’re a bad guy” and “You got Ann fired.”

It’s not known exactly what caused Curry to be let go from the show, but there are numerous theories as to why the network finally decided to pull the plug on her career. One theory suggests that ratings took a drastic hit as soon as she started hosting, but another rumor suggests that Lauer demanded that Curry be replaced in his recent negotiations to resign onto the show.

Either way, Curry is no longer with Today, and has been replaced by Savannah Guthrie. She was the co-anchor for Today’s third hour but is now with Lauer during the show’s opening hour. As for Curry herself, she believes she was let go because she was getting a little on in years, and the company wanted somebody younger in the role.


Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure
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  • Sharon

    Ann Curry constantly made mistakes when she did the news and Matt Lauer has always been so full of himself. I’m glad GMA has been stealing the ratings. Much more ‘real’ people on that show.

  • gail jacobs

    Anne Curry seems like a nice enough person; however, never thought she had the right personality for hosting any of the morning shows. She’s to reserved, hunched over, boring, doesn’t come across as “real”. Quit watching the show because of her years ago although I liked Katie, Meredith and Matt.

    I’m a huge fan of Charlie Rose and really like their a.m. show the most. Do not care at all for what Good Morning America has become. Used to watch it, but it has become more of a zoo.

  • Stan

    We quite watching years ago when the STARS of the SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Started putting their Socialist twist on the news. Surprised to hear Matt Lower has fans.

  • Ron Pollard

    NBC cannot find the right fit. To many ego’s going on. Matt’s Ok as long as Katie or Ann were by his side. Get rid of AL ROKER, and bring on Stefanine Abrahams, if you want ratings to increase.
    Roker is a JOKE, and cannot beleive he is even on the air.

  • shasta

    I personally thought Ann to be professional, honest, and with integrity. I agree that the network wanted to appeal to a younger crowd, and thus hired Savannah. It is a shame, but it is a sign of the times. I stopped watching around the time that Ann was let go, but it was because of the ignorant and overbearing alcohol usage by Kathy Lee and Hoda. They make light of the problem alcohol has in our society and it is shameful and not very professional. I do not think it funny at all. In fact, I am appalled that the network thinks it is “okay”. Hello GMA!!!

  • Tonya P

    I was a faithful Today watcher UNTIL, Anne C was let go and unceremoniously replaced by Savannah G. I now thoroughly enjoy and FAITHFULLY watch GMA. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THE TODAY SHOW!!!

  • gail cox

    I watched the Today show but after that happened to Ann
    Curry well it was just awful.She is a beautiful person Savanah pleasssse!

  • williamafaris

    Matt is so full of himself that he needs an atitude adjustment. NBC has created this monster and now they cant control it. No wonder Fox is cleaning their clock

  • http://BobcatBill@facebook.com Bobcat Bill

    I don’t care for Matt Lauer’s attitude on tv. Ann Curry was ok. Savanna Guthrie is a fake of a person!

  • tomass

    well he is a big pussy asshole so..he get what he deserve..

  • http://BobcatBill@facebook.com Bobcat Bill

    Oh…I forgot something..they all “laugh” at things that are not funny at all!

  • ce

    I haven’t watched the today show since Ann Curry left. Hello GMA!!!

    • Tanika

      I’m with you, I haven’t watched the today show either, really since before Ann left. I loved Ann, she was so sweet and funny. Now I’m on to GMA, but that’s been lacking since Robin is home getting better. I can’t wait for her to come back, if she decides to come back to GMA.

    • Karen lacara

      I agree. When Ann was let go I left. I sometimes flip over just to see who is on the show but I will never watch it like I did. They never take audiences input as to how their show could be improved. I have written 3 emails to tell them to get rid of noise(distractions that disturb interviews when one of the host is interviewing a persone.g people holding signs,people waving,etc.). Why do they continue to sit by a glass window with people peering in and they do nothing to hide them? One small poster does not hide the onlookers! And why pay a policeman to guard that area if he does not keep the people out of view? Seems to me that if someone made a prop or used a curtain, the interviews would be more intimate and there would be less distractions for the tv audience. Just a suggestion from somebody that thinks some executives do not even practice what they learned in Communications 1A.

  • Randel Barrett

    I was ready to quit when they decided to let rosie comme back with the professionals they have from time to time as a regular, i didnt like her when she had here own show and like her even less now, the whole net work is going down the tube, i dont care for their programming and dont need it in my home, I liked Ann Curry, and still do, she was on this morning, i was glad to see her, she is a professional, very smart and attractive, and good for their business.
    Their ratings probably do suck, but it isnt Ann Curry that is causing the problem, look at the crap you put on all day long and on prime time, i am still a very conventional person,and want to see good programming return to the air waves, not the crap that is on now, Lets put God back where he belongs in our lives and value

  • Janet

    I stopped watching the Today Show when I saw how Ann was treated. I can’t stand the idea of looking at Matt Laurer or any thing he is a part of any more. I am sooooo happy that other people are lambasting his ego and the injustice done to Ann, who was a treasure to NBC. All of those ugly guys need to be FIRED immediately for making the all time mistake. I hope Ann gets the glory she deserves for being such an exceptional journalist. Go ANN!!!!

  • CK KHan

    Good, Matt desreves a good lashing! I really enjoyed Ann Curry. DO NOT care for that giggle twit Savannah Guthrie, what a kiss-XXX. I think perhaps she and Matt are “at it”. Love GMA now…..

    • calypsoman

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Savannah allows Matt “IN”. She is very ambitious.

  • Ramona

    As soon Ann left the I quit watching NBC. So there is nothing to enjoy with that show. Ann is a wonderful person. Too bad Matt made her go.

  • Ron Pollard

    Matt, is not bad as long as he is surrounded by smart Ladies.who make him step it up a level. GET RID OF AL ROKER, and bring on Stephenane
    Abbrahms. AL Roker What a Joke !!!! Come on NBC.

  • Jim Smith

    Anne Curry seemed like a nice lady, but professionally her style DROVE ME NUTS. Her real life comments/reactions seemed dorky to me – she just didn’t fit in. That said, who watches NBC, CBS, or ABC for news anyway? Not me – they are half of what is killing this country; protecting an inept (if not scandalous) president and fooling all those who do watch the lame stream media.

  • Joseph

    These young, hot, blondes should stay on the catwalk. Savannah sure did a number on Ann. Ann couldn’t compete with Savannah’s youthful beauty and charm. She should have gone to CNN or Fox. Savannah is the reason Ann got the boot.

  • ????????????? Joyce Angell

    Everything was going pretty smooth, then they let Ann Curry go! Maybe Ann was too “dramatic” at times but she was a “true Humanitarian” as witnessed now with HER inception of #26 Acts of Kindness!
    They made a mistake hiring Savannah Gutherie, she’s interested moreso in Politics etc. They should have promoted Natalie Morales INSTEAD and kept Ann Curry. To me, that would have been the “sensible” move! Now the entire Today Show is a “disaster”. Where did they get that “prune-faced” new girl. Puhleeeezzzz! They need more down-to-earth people! As for GMA – that’s show has become a Clown Act!
    Today Show – bring in some people who have a sense of humor and can also be serious! Keep Al Roker & Natalie Morales, possible Matt Lauer BUT……..

  • http://Google virginia baker

    I really like Ann Curry and cant stand Matt Lauer. I think his time has come or should come to an end with NBC real soon. I watch GMA and always have. They seem to be a better group of people/personalities and genuinely come across as more enjoyable to watch every day. They should have cancelled Hoda and Kathie Lee show long time ago. They do nothing but make themselves out as clowns.

  • bill robinson

    i never did care for matt lauer style of interviewing people they let rgw wrong person go

  • Alison Corvi

    Get rid of Al Roker. He is a total bore. Matt Lauer is not much better.

  • kathie

    I truly admired Matt and followed his reporting for many years. I have to say the more successful he became the bigger his head was getting,its truly noticable! As far as Savannah she doesnt even compare to Ann, she too seems too full of herself let alone her intelligence doesnt even come close to Ann! Ann is truly dedicated, compassionate/caring, and her knowledge is remarkable of every story she covers, most all shes honest. Im still in shock of what Matt and NBC has done to Ann! I was a true NBC Today show viewer for several years I am now an ABC viewer ever since this took place. I wish Ann the absolute best and NBC doesnt deserve her – Good Luck Ann in your future venture, I’ll be watching which ever station is lucky enough to get her, your sooo sadly missed by sooo many!

  • Annifl

    Ann was notorious for interrupting everyone she interviewed! It drove me batty! I like the new lineup and watch every day!

  • Cameron MacArthur

    Lauer is the problem-they need to sack him and his arrogant attitude. GMA is a superior product.

    • KDY

      Matt’s the best part of that show. He’s funny, smart and a great interviewer. Ann Curry was annoying and sappy. NBC knows better than to keep her around.

  • KDY

    Oh my god – Ann Curry was soooo terrible at that job. I’m beyond happy she is gone – she couldn’t conduct an interview if her life depended on it. She sucked.

  • Alison Corvi

    I cant stand Al Roker never good. The best one on the air these days is Scott Pelly. He is a gem and i watch him every night.

  • ????????????? Joyce Angell

    FLASH!!!!!!!!!!! How bout Robin Roberts taking over Matt Lauer’s place????? YES/NO?

    • beccaroo34

      hellssss to the No!!!!

    • KDY

      WHO?? Let’s keep Matt where he is – he’s the best part of that show and it will go down hill if he leaves.

  • beccaroo34

    anne is not gone. she is a correspondant in the field. she said thats where she wanted to be. LAY OFF MATT!!!

    • http://Yahoo Meghan

      Matt is a skunk. Savannah is just all about her. Ann is in the field because she wanted to stay with the network and there was no place for her on the Today Show. She is a lady, has stayed clear of network politics and deserves some respect – certainly didn’t deserve the way that she was treated on the Today Show.

  • http://yahoo Sandy Cook

    I have been so disappointed with the Today since Ann Curry and Meredith Vierra have left. it is not the same. They are the only two people on that show that show sincerity and class. Ann Curry is an amazing personality. She is so genuine and warm and a family person. The show will never be the same. Matt and Savannah are ok, but the show wouldn’treally miss them. I used to watch everything Ann did related to the show, i think she does a wonderful job on all she appears on. I think whoever gets Ann Curry will really be lucky.

  • kittenmom

    I thought Ann Curry was and is an incredible journalist, one of the best, but not cut out for a co-anchor. I loved Meridith and was sorry to see her go. Matt is very sharp and intelligent, and I think he is a good journalist as well. As for the comments on Savannah….she is great!!! I can’t believe all the negative comments. She is so inteligent and I think beautiful as well. She has a sparkling personality, and is fun. The current team at the Today is a great team…and I will continue to watch them!!!

    • beccaroo34

      savannah is very self centered. it is all me! me! me! during interviews and she is always trying to be the center of the convo…

      • sharon

        I argree with you….she is not likeable …It is painful to watch

        • john

          as if you actually know her personally.

    • MKL

      I think Today show is still very good. Savannah is very nice, funny and sensitive, I do not believe all the negativity she is getting. As for Ann, she is a good person but bad anchor. She is sooo sympathatic and fake to the point that make me sick. Said that Meredith and Couric were great loss and can not be replaced.

  • marilyn

    I lost a lot of respect for Matt Lauer when he didn’t fight for Ann, from what I understand Al Roker was the only person had the decency to speak up for her. I know Matt Lauer doesn’t run the Today Show but the way that he acted as if he liked Ann and not fight for her was very low. Savannah Guthrie is no Anne Curry and never will be no matter how much she brown nose with Matt Lauer, I agree with kids2, Matt and Savannah are phony and are only thinking about themselves. I wish Ann all the luck because it was the Today show’s lost.

  • Debrah Alsobrook

    I used to like Laeur, but the more hair he lost the bigger arrogant jerk he became. Whether or not he had anything to do with Curry’s firing will probably never be known, but I think it’s pretty funny that people are yelling at him and telling him what they think. Isn’t that what those people are always telling their viewers, “tell us what you think”. Be careful what you ask for pinhead.

    • Whattarshe

      He looks like he is sick up stairs Ann was the Best .

  • Ron

    Ann Curry has a dirty (in a great way), sexy, classy way about her that people like. She can talk report on any subject from hiking to the queen. Her appeal is raw and real…Women can and should take a page from her. She does not go over the top in order to be sexy, she just is (and that my friends is whay sexy is all about). She is classy and carries herself in a way that grabs attention and has always been the favorite Today host in our office.

    Ann Curry is a lady and a woman who has been mistreated by NBC…Like others, I now watch GMA because the Today show disgarded a wonderful, real woman for a woman with absolutely no appeal and horrible eyebrows.

    • http://yahoo Diane

      I AGREE!!!!!!

    • Jimmye Chitwood

      Ann is boring….

  • http://yahoo Diane

    Get rid of Matt Lauer!!!!!!! He thinks he is GODS GIFT!!!! Pay Lauer off and get Katie Couric and Ann Curry back. I will not watch the Today Show until you do!

  • queenj

    To the comment about getting rid of al roker; you must be kidding? al is funny and brings a bit of humor to the otherwise uptight, egotistical anchors of Matt and savannah. They need all the help they can get; at least al and ann brought interesting personalities to the show. Matt and savannah are typical and boring!

    • Sandy

      I agree I love Al

  • Brian

    Matt needs to go.He is so FLAMING makes me sick.Al needs to go too!!!

  • http://webpronews James Della Vecchia

    Matt and the rest of that group are and always were, Elitist! For the unfarnished truth in news watch Fox National news. The anchors and reporters are very nice and down to earth.

    • john

      unfarnished? How about unvarnished? You are trying to tell people what to do and where to get their news and you cannot even spell? You are a joke.

    • Jimmye Chitwood

      The truth has never been told on Fox National News—The 2012 election should have been your wake up call.

  • http://frontier Betty Carlson

    I think Matt Lauer is too full of himself. He has gotten a big head and thinks if he doesn’t like someone or they are getting too much attention, they should be fired. Savannah is not as good as Ann Curry. Ann really put her heart into her job. I truly hope another TV channel gives Ann a job and put Lauer out of business.

  • Sandy

    Matt Lauer should go, he is a cynical nasty man. Bring back Ann she was wonderful and real, and positive!

  • Cheryl

    Something is majorally wrong with NBC. That they did not value Ann Curry is a mystery to me. The show has passed it’s prime, is boring,I am tired of watching the same people talk about the same old thing!!

  • Jay

    I smell a rat and have to agree that Lauer is the reason for Anns departure. He needs to face it. He is old looking bald as a soccer ball and really not that interesting to look at or want to hear the news from. Anne is nice looking I liked her and enjoyed hearing what she had to say. The business world is so cut throat. I feel for the lady and hope she gets a better gig.

  • Roger F. Maslon

    Today, while sick at home, I was watching “Inside Taiwan” on PBS. It gave me pause… I have, occasionally, watched BBC or Al Jazeera, but this time I finally got fed up with what local TV stations have the nerve to call “Prime Time News”.
    Here I was, watching segments about SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY, ADVANCEMENT/PROGRESS, SOCIETY, CULTURE, EDUCATION, you name it. Even the weather report was a synopsis of what here amounts to a stupid meteorology class that probably is only useful to aircraft pilots…!
    The “American” version of “the news” is: perhaps 10′ containing a fire, shootings, accidents, political/legal scandals, some disaster, etc.; this, followed by the aforementioned 5′-long meteorology class, after which the “newscast” is capped with the all-capitally-important “sports” -complete with “press conferences” featuring the all-important social heroes EMPLOYED by their teams’ owners to play, making White-House-style statements about their …performance.
    You are beyond ridiculous, on a world-class scale: You are PATHETIC! (So much so, that I suspect that your “newscasts” may be formatted by hidden powers controlling what they want you to air -or not!)

    • Diane

      Ann had a little edge to her and slipped up a few times on some sensitive issues on air….she let her own view/oppinions /emotions interfere with the story she was reporting on. Quit blaming Matt. I have a feeling that she may actually be stirring this a little. She did this to herself…..

  • Brett

    That show would be better if Savannah was replaced wit Ann Curray,she was screwed over big time.

  • Claudia

    I wish they would get rid of Kathy and Hoda all them two do is drink and bring nothing to the show. I won’t watch the Today show because of these two women, their annoying. Kathy is getting old and it shows, get rid of her.

    • Maria

      I have been watching the Today show for years. It was so sad to see Merridith leave and than Ann Curry its really bad cause now its really not worth watching the girl they hace now is horrible everything is a joke or stupid comment what has happened to the great people that used to work there and worth watching Thank God for Mat and Al Roker cause Savanah really has to Go maybe go to work for disney channel since she acts like a child.
      Please Matt get Rid of her she is making you look bad.

    • Maria

      I agree with Kathy and Hoda even brining the today show down its so true all they do is drink and talk caca they too need to go with Savanah… Please Matt make it a New Years wish to get you a better co anker or bring Ann back……..

  • J Smith

    I used to watch the Today show but I got tired of the super egos on the show. They brought in Meridith who is enjoyable and added to the pleasant atmosphere of Anne and Al. I’ve stopped watching it because everything is too short and too hurried and most of it not even interesting. It isn’t news, it isn’t cooking, it isn’t even weather since my part of the country is never included and in the past not even on the map. Getting rid of Anne was the biggest mistake. To keep the biggest ego just isn’t good TV and I should add the biggest ego after getting rid of Katie. The show needs a dose of what people would really like to see.

  • J Smith

    I should have added…I haven’t watched for some time. I left with Anne.

  • http://googlechrome al

    i think matt does a good job he needs to stay.savannahis good sheis anasset to the show and complements matt as a team.i did not care for ann at all happy she is gone

  • NBC Hater

    You take Matt Lauer and I’ll take a dose of the CLAP! This guy’s 15 minutes of fame is WAY done come and gone! He is useless and a liberal backstabbing azz!

    • http://Webpronews Jackie Knight

      AMEN! He’s a freakin weaselly lying jerk!

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