Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure

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Matt Lauer is getting screamed at, but not the good kind he receives as a co-anchor on Today. He’s reportedly the target of verbal abuse from those who believe he’s responsible for the departure of Ann Curry from the morning program.

TMZ reports that Lauer is “freaked out” that people are screaming at him across the street on Manhattan. The Today co-anchor is reportedly “miserable” over the “hateful and unfair tirades” that are now being directed at him. Some of things people are saying include “You’re a bad guy” and “You got Ann fired.”

It’s not known exactly what caused Curry to be let go from the show, but there are numerous theories as to why the network finally decided to pull the plug on her career. One theory suggests that ratings took a drastic hit as soon as she started hosting, but another rumor suggests that Lauer demanded that Curry be replaced in his recent negotiations to resign onto the show.

Either way, Curry is no longer with Today, and has been replaced by Savannah Guthrie. She was the co-anchor for Today’s third hour but is now with Lauer during the show’s opening hour. As for Curry herself, she believes she was let go because she was getting a little on in years, and the company wanted somebody younger in the role.


Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure
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  • mike

    I’ve been unemployed so long that I just took a job that paid $8.50 an hour!! KLets see any of these talk show hosts take a pay cut like that and live?? AMERICA is DEAD!!

  • Waity McBarfy



  • peggy

    I think matt should go. He’s pushy and too opinionated to be a good newsman. I don’t watch it anymore just because of him.

  • Jean

    I watched the TODAY Show when Katie Couric and Ann were both on the program. I continued when Ann was hostess for awhile but not as often.Now I don’t bother at all, but have occassionally watched Katie’s show. I would like to see Ann go to work on Katie’s show – they worked well together. At any rate, I think Ann is better off without the Today show, since they don’t treat her with the respect she deserves.

  • Bill

    Maybe he’s a racists?! I’m really suprised that lame street media hasn’t pinned that label on him. After all, if you didn’t vote for Obama your a racist. Right?! It stand to reason if you get a black woman fired your not just a racists but a sexists as well. Where’s the media on this?

  • Mike

    Matt has to go in my opinion. Why in the world did Today bring on Savannah Guthrie? She has the personality of a toad and looks like a snaggled toothed grasshopper. What’s with those teeth???
    Ann Curry was and still is my favorite. And while your at it, get rid of the joke of a weatherman, Al Roker. I see NBC as #1 again if you bring back Ann Curry, keep Willie, and Natalie Moralas… and find a new weatherman….geesh.

  • http://att@net Costas Pavlitsos

    Ann needs to come back I can’t stand any moore Matt, or i am not waching the show again,

  • maggie

    Put in Willy Geist and ditch Laure. He is stuck up, his intervies are dredful, in front of the camera and one on one specials. There is nothing “special” about him, but thinks he is. The suits have gone to his head as well his 25 mil. He is not worth. What does he do for the averge Joe?

  • Dakota Derringer

    Good… Lauer has become like all Hollywood Elitists > Pompous, arrogant, & thinking they are better than everybody else – Serves him right. Sometimes paybacks are hell, & justifiably served. I hope people do the ultimate punishment for this guy, & turn OFF the Today show.

  • mary

    I do believe Matt Lauer is the reason Ann Curry was dismissed. I am 61 years old and have watched as longs as I can remember, but now I immediately change the channel when Matt Lauer comes on! I will not watch Today as long as he is on the show.

  • FICO

    He should go lick Katie Curic’s crack

  • KaJo

    OMG… People are Crazy!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TODAY show… do not watch anything else… ALL 4 HOURS!!!! I will never go to any other show in the am other than the TODAY Show… And as far as Matt is concerned… he is diect and to the point… he goes where no one else will… he asks all the important questions… what is wrong with you people…

    • http://yahoo sam hickey

      matt has always been the shows decline,as for me ann made the show.she was & still is the classiest thing on tv to me lovher

  • Cinnimon power

    Matt Lauer is a Jerk, He told the excutives that Ann didn’t compliment him..Like he is somthing to look at.. I personally quit watching The Today show after Ann left and when I found out what a jackass Matt was. So He deserves everything he gets.

  • dawn

    The Today show has taken on a more serious and sterile tone. I’m not a Willie Fan. I like David Gregory. I really like Natalie. Ann was amazing as a person but yes…her interviews always slanted more to the serious and melancholy tone. But I really like her…she is great.

    Matt has lost his spark….he used to be funny and fun and that is what you need in the morning. It is a MORNING show! People want it light and fun but yes…cover the news as well.

    I don’t like the family that always comes on and cooks Italian…enough already with them. I think they should bring on everyday people that have GREAT recipes and not people that own restaurants. We are everyday people….not restauranteurs.

    I like certain people on GMA and not so much others. I still go to Today but don’t like it near as much. Wish Meredith never left. It was great back then. She had a great mix of serious and silly.

  • sally

    I don’t watch the today show anymore because of Matt Liar! He’s a smart ass and besides he looks too much like Pee Wee Herman!

  • Irene

    I stopped watching the “Today” show when Curry was let go. She added a human touch and yet very sophisticated look to the morning t.v. show.

  • ebey

    lady karma is kicking his ass.

    • Monica

      I do not enjoy the Today Show anymore either, since Ann left, and will probably start watching another morning news program. NBC management were idiots to pull a solid performer like Ann. Yes, she was given the more serious topics, but she was funny too! Matt and the rest of the Today show crew need to wake up and smell the roses that NO job is safe in this day and age. There is no more corporate/employee loyalty, as was typical in the past. And our world is a lot worse off because of it. Kuddos to Brian William for highlighting Ann’s role in launching the 26 kindness proposal. You rock Ann, and you are still in our hearts. Please keep us posted in what you are doing.

  • dennis

    Bring Ann Curry back and kick Matt out the door instead! Until then, I’m sticking with Good Morning America!

  • Rick

    I used to watch the Today show daily for years. I liked Katie and Meridith and thought it was great when they replaced her by promoting Ann. I thought it was really a bad move to dump her from the show and replace her with Savannah. No way would I want to watch that show now.
    I have made the switch to Good Morning America and won’t look back.
    I am glad to see that Ann is still on the evening news magazines like Dateline and Rock Center.

    • http://netzero mars

      You GO ANN! I hope you are LOVING every moment of his DEMISE! I can’t STAND him and his COCKY SMIRK!

  • Vanessa

    After Kate left, I tuned into ABC Good Morning America and still watch it now!

  • Ray Workman

    I have no doubt that Matt Lauer had something to do with the termination of Ann Curry. I used to like to watch the TODAY SHOW, but after their firing of Ann Curry, for no reason at all, I will NEVER watch NBC or the TODAY SHOW again.

    • Danny

      No reason at all? They had a stranglehold on the number one ratings spot forever. Curry gets the co-host job and BOOM, within months they’re number 2 and dropping. That’s the reason.

  • Alice

    Katie Couric carried Matt.
    Thats why she had to leave.
    Never watched the show after she left.

    • Kevin

      I miss Katie, she was the reason why I watched her. She is very exotic and sexy lady. Matt Lauer has many reported in a scandalous inccident, still working there. Our lost lovely lady anchor woman did not make the ratings drop. It was Matt Lauer treatment toward woman himself that has brought shame to NBC. Why is he still there anyway? Bring Katie back now. I bet he ratings will rise again. You need to make the show more lively with her.

  • Michelle

    Payback is a B%^&*H! Heh, heh, heh…

  • Diana

    I quit watching the Today show in 2005 or 2006. I liked Matt when he first came on the show and I thought it was good. However, over the years it has fallen flat. The news desk is boring, the people are boring and there is no “family feel” between the anchor. Matt is arrogant and comes acrossed stiff and condescending. GMA is without a doubt hands down the best morning news show to watch.

  • Claudia Smith

    I have boycotted the today show after watching that program for over 20 years. Matt Laurer should be out and Ann Curry got shafted by him. But I dont’ watch it anymore because Ann Curry got shafted by NBC. I will watch the NBC News with Brian Williams because he is the only anchor next to Al Roker that gives class to NBC.

  • http://osana533 Ofie Nazreno

    preferred Mr. Ryan Seacrest after firing Matt Lauer. a great compliment to more ratings to “today’s show”. a great choice from a balding matt lauer.

  • Danny

    I personally stopped watching Today when Curry was moved to the Big Couch. She was over her head. I mean, she’s nice and all, and not a bad news reporter, but had no business co-hosting that show. There was absolutely no chemistry with Lauer and, like it or not,he’s the star of the show. It IS a business, and she had to go.

  • Dolly

    I don’t watch anything except Fox News anymore – cannot stand the bias shown for liberals and progressives. At least Fox is ‘fair and balanced.’ They have libs on their station and give them a fair shot at their opinions.

    I used to watch “Today” and “Good Morning America”, also, but quit for the reason above and too, Matt Lauer is so ‘full of himself.’

    • Dave

      Dolly, you’re joking right? Fox news is simply the most biased production on TV! Everyone knows that! I am not a liberal but at least I am honest.

  • christian

    He’s horrible. I hate his commentary. I wish they’d fire HIM

  • barbara

    Savannah is the one they shouldnt have brought on to the Today show. Ann was good, this new woman isnt. I have changed my viewing to GMA….each morning I switch channels right when its time for them to come on. And I wont watch Today show again until they get rid of Savannah Guthrue. Matt’s couldnt be much younger than Ann, so not sure how that helped out any. They’re all reading what someone else has told them too, its not brain surgery.

  • Mary B.

    Matt was tolerable when Meredith was there, but when Ann came, they should have gotten rid of Matt and given Ann either Willie or David Gregory. Ann has a great sense of humor and her kindness always showed through. Matt is now just a “grumpy old man.”

  • http://yahoo barb

    I don’t know if he had anything to do with it but I am glad she is gone. I wish she wasn’t there at all. She is the most condsending (sp)person I have seen on TV.

    • Mary B.

      What, are you nuts? Condescending!!!! Ann Curry is one of the nicest people in television. She went into broadcasting because her brother died and she became interested in reporting difficult and heartfelt stories. You need to get all your facts straight before criticizing.

  • http://Excite Jan Keen

    If Ann said she was getting too old for the show…isn’t she younger than Matt? I was happy to see her back on the show this AM. I cannot figure out whats going on “anywhere” so just add The Today Show to it!

  • Nancy J.

    Ann, no matter her age, is classy, sensitive, intelligent and added a soft touch that was a compliment to the show. Unfortunately, Matt didn’t handle himself accordingly and is reaping what was sowed. I will always love Ann.

  • http://yahoo.com Rosemarie Ranaudo

    I do think Matt may have had something to do with Ann Curry no longer as co-host on the Today show. When Meredith became co-host replacing Katie she brought a lot to the show and the ratings went way up. The ratings went down only because Meredith left the show. I was sorry to see her leave but happy to see Ann Curry replacing Meredith. She certainly deserved the promotion.The day Ann Curry announced in tears that she would no longer be co-host was a sad day and the last day that I watch the Today show. It was a terrible thing how NBC humilited her on the air and replaced her with Savannah Guthrie. Does NBC really think that Savannah will bring the ratings up to what they were when Meredith was on the show.That will never happen. Ann was not given much time to prove herself.I think that Ann may have replaced Meredith with the intentions of NBC not keeping her as co-host. I think NBC’s intentions was to groom Savannah for the spot while Ann was co-hosting. NBC deserves to have their ratings dropped for what they did to Ann Curry. I stopped watching NBC Today show the day after Ann Curry gave her announcment. It was horible for what they did to her. I now watch Good Morning America which all seem to be very genuine.

  • Paula

    I liked an as a journalist, however, not at anchor. Way too sympathtic and goody goody. But there is a place for her with the special interest stories. I like Matt, alot but I have to admit I find myself watching Good Morning America more and more. They are a happy bunch and make me smile.

  • jo

    Lets be real people. Neither Matt or Anne were/are that good. You could fall back to sleep watching them. When Meridith left was when it all went downhill! Watch Good Morning American or CBS if you really want the news and not the schmooze!

  • http://yahoo ThePoster

    Matt has turned into an old bore. You can tell he’s not happy there, his charisma is gone.
    I think he’ll leave in Feb., as originally reported.

    • jg observer

      agree, now he knows what it feels like to be the recipient of condescending remarks like the one’s he has made against conservatives over the years. If he is canned what could he possibly do in the media business?

  • john Roberts

    Matt Lauer is a spoiled brat! And certainly not anywhere near the caliber of ANY of his predecessors.

  • scott

    I think that ANN CURRY was a great reporter and overall a great person. Now as far as MATT LAUER is concerned. I feel he is a good reporter, however I also feel that he has to have his own way and just because he has been there longer doesn’t mean squat. His balding head has swelled. Now I think if they really wanted a great morning news show,then rehire Ann back and replace those two drunk self centered ding bats in the 4th Hr. Make HODA and KATHY LEE the official bar tenders of the drunk asses Olympics. People are going to stop watching because of Matt and the drunk bimbos!

  • chea dukes

    I believe Curry has a different personality then what others are used to. DO NOT give personalities any importance. She did nothing wrong. She actually is better at reporting than Matt. I don’t see him in the midst of all the conflict, but OH let’s send Anne. You guys are biased and misunderstand her compasion

  • Byron Harris

    I hated Bryant Gumbel but loved Jane Pauley. I think he pushed her out! Now Bryant and Matt Lauer are friends and Matt made the cut on his looks in the early yrs. NO LONGER! I think Katie left and went to CBS news due to the ugly politics at the Today Show! Katie was the best thing that ever happened to that show! I did enjoy Meredith but I bet her aging was an issue that pushed her to move aside. Then there is Anne Curry. LOVE HER! She is full of compassion, she’s beautiful, highly intelligent, and I loved her laugh on the “Today” Show. I do not doubt at all that Matt’s ego and arrogance got her pushed out the door! And who replaces her??? Not the fun and wonderful Natalie, but the boring Savannah Guthrie. I do not like her on the show at all.. Watch and see.. The “Today” show is going downhill!!! People are not happy! I say bring back Anne! And her co host maybe David or Lester! Keep Natalie too!

  • kids2

    Can’t stand Matt or Savannah. So phony, both of them. This show will be in third place soon. Phony, phony, phony and boring!
    Hope Ann gets away from NBC and on to bigger and better things! She deserves much better!!!

  • Jeannie Gibel

    Didn’t know if it was him of Al Roker or Savannah. It makes sense since her departure was so sudden and hidden. After all she has done for NBC. Matt Lauer is just jealous that she was getting all the public eye and not him. I for one do not watch the “Today” show for that reason. And I do not let anyone in my household watch it either. Here is a family that has switched to GMA and will continue to tell my friends to boycott the “Today” show.

  • Karen

    Matt Lauer is reaping what he sowed! NBC “NEVER” gave Ann Curry a chance in the role they promoted her to. At least she was genuine and sincere. I don’t like Savannah and I will never watch the show again. I am getting to know my new best friends over at GMA and loving every minute of it. I watched the Today show for over 15 years and stopped the minute they let Ann go. It wasn’t right and they deserve every bit of the rating dive they are not experiencing. Time to let Lauer go.

  • http://webpronews dwest

    Matt worked so much better with Ann. This Savannah is just a joke.

  • Patricia

    I quit watching ever since they replaced Ann with Savannah Guthrie….

  • Fred Russo

    NBC Sucks. Anti American!

  • http://yahoo Teresa Gibson

    Matt has always been a smart ass but I tolerated him when there was Katie and Meredith and Ann along the way to pick up the slack at various times. Now there really is no one who really appeals to me. The downfall started with Katie, it hasn’t been the same since her bubbly face left the scene, and it seems it just got worse after that.

  • Debra Gwaltney

    I have watched and loved the today show for over 30 yrs NBC should pull the plug on Matt. we loved Katie , Ann and Meredith I feel sorry for Savanah having to bear the brunt of it all I no longer watch because the network screwed up the venue they now have a panel of pompous aholes that should join the view and lets face it who cares about kathlie and hoda gettin drunk in the morning! Get back to basics Happy New Year!

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