Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure

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Matt Lauer is getting screamed at, but not the good kind he receives as a co-anchor on Today. He’s reportedly the target of verbal abuse from those who believe he’s responsible for the departure of Ann Curry from the morning program.

TMZ reports that Lauer is “freaked out” that people are screaming at him across the street on Manhattan. The Today co-anchor is reportedly “miserable” over the “hateful and unfair tirades” that are now being directed at him. Some of things people are saying include “You’re a bad guy” and “You got Ann fired.”

It’s not known exactly what caused Curry to be let go from the show, but there are numerous theories as to why the network finally decided to pull the plug on her career. One theory suggests that ratings took a drastic hit as soon as she started hosting, but another rumor suggests that Lauer demanded that Curry be replaced in his recent negotiations to resign onto the show.

Either way, Curry is no longer with Today, and has been replaced by Savannah Guthrie. She was the co-anchor for Today’s third hour but is now with Lauer during the show’s opening hour. As for Curry herself, she believes she was let go because she was getting a little on in years, and the company wanted somebody younger in the role.


Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure
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  • ELD

    If Matt didn’t have a pompous attitude and behaved a little more humbly, people would like him. He is arrogant; he should take lessons from his good friend Al Roker. Now that is one affable man!

    • Sherry

      I agree….Today’s show needs to replace Matt….definitely too arrogant….Al Roker carries alot of the show….love him!

      • LIZ

        I stopped watching the show when they let Ann go. Now with GMA.

  • Tom

    Ann Curry is probably a very nice lady and she did a great job before she was made co-anchor. But, her interviews made me uncomfortable because she seemed uncomfortable in certain instances. This is NOT Matt Lauer’s fault. She just reached her level of incompetence. That happens to people in all walks of life. No reflection on her and certainly none on Matt Lauer! We love him!

  • Sherry

    I believe he had a lot to do with it…..while on air together he was not nice to her nor respectful…..his facial experessions told how he felt about her….she was not given enough time to prove herself or was she coached on how to improve herself.

  • William Travis

    Matt Lauer looks like it…..I would’nt put it past him. There are no loyal friends on the job….this is a dog eat dog world. Some people are just blind to ethics.

  • kim

    Hey Matt, Karma is a bitch huh?

  • Bill

    Lauer is getting what he deserves. Humility (which he lacks) is still valued by many.

  • http://yahoo Hattie Eklund

    Actually, was watching on that fateful morning and was really upset that Matt and Al just sat there and looked strangely bored at the proceedings and said so little regarding the whole event. Upshot of all this is that I haven’t watched the TODAY show since that morning. GMA really has so much to offer, the people are happy go lucky entertainers and GMA is now my favorite morning show. I can honestly say they are great. I do not miss the TODAY show in the least.

  • Robert Wilson

    I hated to see Ann Curry go. To me she was one of the most down to earth, compassionate and genuine anchors on TV. She got a very bad deal I think, regardless of whose fault the firing was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lauer did have something to do with her departure. He is an arrogant one and probably just wanted a new, young pretty face!

    As a result of this, our family no longer watches the Morning Today Show. If Ann Curry isn’t there, we won’t be either.

    A former Today watcher.

    • Mary

      How ridiculous, blaming Matt Lauer for her dismissal. He doesn’t run the network and he is a very good co-host. I like Ann Curry; but, she could not carry the show. She’s good in spot interviews; but, she couldn’t maintain the interest that long.

    • Bob


  • sherry worth

    I believe that he had something to do with her being gone. Ann is the main reason I watched the show now I watch the other one and I actually like it better.

  • Carolann Quinn

    Tom, all I heard from people who MET Matt Lauer suring the 2004 Olympics was how self-centered and arrogant that he was. Katie Couic was so friendly to everyone and even trade Olympic pins with them for the special NBC pin. Unfortunately, NBC can’t see this fact and keeps replacing the women rather than Mr. Stuck Up. Savabbah will get thrown under the bus too although I have not been impressed by her abilities.

    • Mary

      He is a very good cohost and was not responsible for Ann Curry leaving. I like her very much; but, she could not carry the spot and had to be replaced. The ratings were down and that is the thing in TV – it’s all about ratingns. But, stop blaming Matt – he is a professional and may appear arrogant; but, he’s doing his job.

  • Pat Letts

    I think Ann Curry was let go because she really wasn’t very good in that position. She has worked too hard on her ‘delivery’ and is over modulated and it is hard to perceive her to be ‘real’. I know she has her fans. I just don’t know why and don’t know who they could be. She has the personality of a rock. Even now, when I saw her at the school killings she was ‘over done in the way she spoke…pauses just so and very careful about pronouncation. I have always turned the channel to anothers new broadcast if she is substituting for Brian Williams.
    I don’t watch the Today Show on a regular basis….or any morning show.
    Matt Lauer has always been good but I do think he is getting a bit smug in his role…I’m not sure about this. I used to find him really good though.

    • Pat Letts

      I’m going to reply to myself. I just reread that and think a good part of it for Curry is…..she tries too hard to be good and comes off not very good.
      I don’t get the people who say she seems real because she sure doesn’t.

  • Don Pelham

    Matt Lauer is nothing more or nothing less than an egotistical prick. If you do not agree with him then you are stupid. Don’t beleive me just go ask the punk. I will never watch that a hole again…never.

    • Mary

      Haters will be haters – just looking for someone to hate and you found someone. Good for you!

  • Karma King

    Matt may be a sc*mbag for getting Ann fired, but she was very boring and looked as if she just got out of bed when she was on camera. There is a new thing called “makeup”. Her hair just hung too like a limp rag. She has a look for radio !! I don’t like Matt so I watch another channel. He’s too into himself.

  • srball

    He needs screaming at. He’s a jerk. He’s why I DON’T watch Today anymore. He makes Bryant Gumbel look like a sweetie pie. They haven’t a great male anchor since Tom Brokaw. Maybe they should look for another one of those.

  • HeckRock

    No one watches this garbage anyway. No one cares. Al Roker is the man however from his days as NBC’s weatherman channel 4 NYC before there ever was a Today Show.

  • Dani

    I would rather see Ann any day than Savannah!

  • Kris

    I started watching cbs about the time that Ann Curry took over.I find the CBS morning show much more apealing.I felt bad for Ann Curry and I do not care so much for Savannah Guntherie

  • Caron

    I agree Matt is a stuck up over paid moron. Al and Ann have more class than Matt will ever have in his lifetime.

  • Ann

    Ann was let go because she was in over her head from the minute they promoted her. Matt, as bland as he is, obviously had nothing to do with it and will probably be gone himself before too long. If he WAS the reason Curry was taken off, he should be applauded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    I think the entire format of TODAY show needs to be replced including the ANCHORS.

  • Mary

    Can’t believe the haters on here – blaming Matt for Ann Curry. She’s a nice person; but, she couldn’t hold the spot. Her interviews were very wanting and she looked so uncomfortable interviewing some people. She does much better on specific interviews.

    • Bob

      She was uncomfortable because she was forced to read the left wing clap tramp they hand her when doing interviews.

      • Bob

        That was “clap trap”|, not tramp.

  • Idaho woman

    well lets see, he’s OLD, and gets a 25 million dollar contract and Ann gets demoted, she was let go because she was getting on in years? Get real! The company put in a YOUNGER woman because of ratings, then why not get rid of Matt Lauder? not likely. I used to watch (went to GMA)and i never liked his segments but really liked Ann’s.(can you tell who I’m a fan of) I no longer watch because I feel he had a hand in what happened to Ann. He does have some power after all with a contract like he has now and you know they make back end deals. I don’t see how the network thinks we want to look at an OLD man that early in the morning. He has no sense of humor, cuts people off rudely, no sense in style and he’s going BALD! The network really needs to look at themselves a bit more, if you are replacing one for age better look at all your people for the same thing.

  • abraham

    Matt Layer deserves to be screamed at, he is a leftist loser

    • fred katz

      but he is so sensitive

      • Bob

        He is far left, thats why he’s still there and Ann is gone.

  • fred katz

    re Curry

    no opinion

    re Lauer

    can’t take the heat get a new job

  • Donna

    I never liked Matt when he first came on the show and I like him less now. He is to cocky and stuck up. He also needs an attitude adjustment.
    I really felt bad for Ann.

  • Sandee Griffith

    I really liked Ann Curry because she was ‘genuine and caring’. Savannah is fine, Al Roker is great and so is Natalie. As far as Matt goes, he’s been there a long time.

  • Lyssa Moody

    Matt is getting what he deserves. Ann was so compassionate and down to earth.
    Al was her best friend I dont event know how Al can look at Matt. They cant get
    rid of him because of his contract. I dont watch anymore. Fix it Today who ever
    made that decision needs to be let go, not Ann.

  • charles

    nobody cares except Ann. Has the age discrimination suit been filed yet?

  • Louis

    Ann Curry conducted excellent interviews…….and so did Katie Couric.
    Unfortunately, I think Matt Lauer was responsible for both departures and it didn’t help the Today Show.
    GMA still leads the pack with great relationships among the partners

    • http://att lee

      Louis I totaly agree with you Lauer Has Got To Go. Trash at the bottom of the barrel

  • http://yahoo Dean Edwards

    Mr Lauer if the kitchen is to hot get out your half the person Mrs Curry is.

  • http://Yahoo Becky

    I really don’t believe that Matt Lauer would have that kind of power to have a co worker terminated, unless their was something already there, that GE decided it would be best! So all you people standing out there in Manhattan BULLYING Matt Lauer feel like it is your job to fight her fight! I believe if there was an issue Ann Curry would have spoke up! So let the man do his job it is not nice to be MEAN!

  • Rick

    I watched the Today Show since the Jane Pauly days and never thought about switching. The way Ann was let go changed that. I didn’t (couldn’t) watch her final show. I have been with GMA since and will not switch back. Maybe GMA can pick up Ann after her contract with NBC is up.

    • Maryann Miller

      I agree

  • Tia

    who cares about Matt’s whining???!!!!grow up and stop complaining
    you never heard Ann Curry doing it
    bunch of bitchin babies

  • Kay Cristofano

    I love Ann Curry but she was not a good co-host. There has to be rapport between co-hosts and Ann did not have that type of personality. She is a great news person and Savannah and Matt have the personalities that complement as did Matt and Meredith. I actually went to GMA when Ann was co-host because it was boring. Now I am really hooked into the personalities on GMA, they are all a great team and fun to watch. I also like their venues better. But whether Matt is responsible or not he certainly recognized the problem. Today lost a lot of viewers during Ann’s co-hosting.

  • C

    Ann is wonderful and not getting up in years – can not stand Matt anymore he has an EGO out of this world! and if anyone should go it should be him!! He is full of himself and his interviews stink!

  • duane

    I agree Matt seems like a pompous ass but Ann wasn’t any good in the position.EVERY interview sounded like an undertaker giving condolences to someone. I stopped watching Today Show until I heard Ann was gone.These guys click together like they all did with Meredith.

  • Logan Line

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t watched an episode since Curry was axed. And yes, I believe that Lauer had alot to do with her termination. Not a very respectable thing to do; undermine one of your co-workers. And that is what I feel happened in this instance. So, I will not watch the show as long as Lauer is still employed. End of segment.

  • Joe

    I think Annie baby is a total bore. She should have been replaced a long time ago…like never got the job..Hang in there Matt

  • Beverly

    Since Ann Curry’s departure, I refuse to watch the show anymore. Why Ann? I have no problem with Matt but if I had a choice I would have picked Ann to stay.

  • Chris

    He seems like an unlikable jerk. I stopped watching it a while ago because he simply doesn’t appeal to me. I feel bad for Ms. Curry. I think all women should just stop watching the show. Let him scream and yell — because really his day in the sun went out a while ago. He is only a big fish, in his own small pond.

  • Wendy M

    I thought Ann Curry was the most genuine of all the Today hosts and had heard rumors for years how Matt Lauer closely guards anybody who might steal any of his thunder. Personally, I find him to be pretty boring and condescending ….a quiet arrogance that is not becoming in his role.

  • dosguy

    Good riddance to Curry. She was a lousy co-host and a terrible interviewer. She was just plain annoying. If Matt was instrumental in getting her replaced, good for him.

  • cindy schreimel

    I personally don’t care for Matt.He always acts like he is better the anybody else.Please being Ann Curry back.

  • Jacqueline

    Replace Savannah and Matt and my suggestion is to replace them with Natalie and Willie. Matt has worn out his welcome. Willie Geist has done a great job.

  • Carla


  • Jacqueline

    Replace Matt with Willie Geist and replace Savannah with Natalie.

  • mike

    all of you losers that get their “news”from these morons on today or gma should not be allowed to vote or go out after dark

  • HR

    Samantha Guthrie is a blithering idiot

    • Waity McBarfy

      I agree. She has a strange character. Ann was sweet. Matt is a pompous snob -

    • Maryann Miller

      I, too, watched the Today show for years. As soon as Ann was let go, I switched to GMA. I find the hosts much more enjoyable to watch. They truly do seem to like each other. Love GMA!!

  • bob good

    I watched to Today Show for many years, but now watch GMA. The people on GMA act like they like each other. Matt is out for Matt and he would cut anyones throat to keep his job. He is so boring and want to act better than anyone else. He thinks he is better than anyone else. As long as Matt is on the Today Show I will not watch it. I am not sure I would go back to the Today Show. The guys on GMA have so much fun and make one feel good. They are the best. Thanks for listening

  • http://YAHOO richard b


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