Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure

    December 28, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Matt Lauer is getting screamed at, but not the good kind he receives as a co-anchor on Today. He’s reportedly the target of verbal abuse from those who believe he’s responsible for the departure of Ann Curry from the morning program.

TMZ reports that Lauer is “freaked out” that people are screaming at him across the street on Manhattan. The Today co-anchor is reportedly “miserable” over the “hateful and unfair tirades” that are now being directed at him. Some of things people are saying include “You’re a bad guy” and “You got Ann fired.”

It’s not known exactly what caused Curry to be let go from the show, but there are numerous theories as to why the network finally decided to pull the plug on her career. One theory suggests that ratings took a drastic hit as soon as she started hosting, but another rumor suggests that Lauer demanded that Curry be replaced in his recent negotiations to resign onto the show.

Either way, Curry is no longer with Today, and has been replaced by Savannah Guthrie. She was the co-anchor for Today’s third hour but is now with Lauer during the show’s opening hour. As for Curry herself, she believes she was let go because she was getting a little on in years, and the company wanted somebody younger in the role.

  • ELD

    If Matt didn’t have a pompous attitude and behaved a little more humbly, people would like him. He is arrogant; he should take lessons from his good friend Al Roker. Now that is one affable man!

    • Sherry

      I agree….Today’s show needs to replace Matt….definitely too arrogant….Al Roker carries alot of the show….love him!

      • LIZ

        I stopped watching the show when they let Ann go. Now with GMA.

  • Tom

    Ann Curry is probably a very nice lady and she did a great job before she was made co-anchor. But, her interviews made me uncomfortable because she seemed uncomfortable in certain instances. This is NOT Matt Lauer’s fault. She just reached her level of incompetence. That happens to people in all walks of life. No reflection on her and certainly none on Matt Lauer! We love him!

  • Sherry

    I believe he had a lot to do with it…..while on air together he was not nice to her nor respectful…..his facial experessions told how he felt about her….she was not given enough time to prove herself or was she coached on how to improve herself.

  • William Travis

    Matt Lauer looks like it…..I would’nt put it past him. There are no loyal friends on the job….this is a dog eat dog world. Some people are just blind to ethics.

  • kim

    Hey Matt, Karma is a bitch huh?

  • Bill

    Lauer is getting what he deserves. Humility (which he lacks) is still valued by many.

  • http://yahoo Hattie Eklund

    Actually, was watching on that fateful morning and was really upset that Matt and Al just sat there and looked strangely bored at the proceedings and said so little regarding the whole event. Upshot of all this is that I haven’t watched the TODAY show since that morning. GMA really has so much to offer, the people are happy go lucky entertainers and GMA is now my favorite morning show. I can honestly say they are great. I do not miss the TODAY show in the least.

  • Robert Wilson

    I hated to see Ann Curry go. To me she was one of the most down to earth, compassionate and genuine anchors on TV. She got a very bad deal I think, regardless of whose fault the firing was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lauer did have something to do with her departure. He is an arrogant one and probably just wanted a new, young pretty face!

    As a result of this, our family no longer watches the Morning Today Show. If Ann Curry isn’t there, we won’t be either.

    A former Today watcher.

    • Mary

      How ridiculous, blaming Matt Lauer for her dismissal. He doesn’t run the network and he is a very good co-host. I like Ann Curry; but, she could not carry the show. She’s good in spot interviews; but, she couldn’t maintain the interest that long.

    • Bob


  • sherry worth

    I believe that he had something to do with her being gone. Ann is the main reason I watched the show now I watch the other one and I actually like it better.

  • Carolann Quinn

    Tom, all I heard from people who MET Matt Lauer suring the 2004 Olympics was how self-centered and arrogant that he was. Katie Couic was so friendly to everyone and even trade Olympic pins with them for the special NBC pin. Unfortunately, NBC can’t see this fact and keeps replacing the women rather than Mr. Stuck Up. Savabbah will get thrown under the bus too although I have not been impressed by her abilities.

    • Mary

      He is a very good cohost and was not responsible for Ann Curry leaving. I like her very much; but, she could not carry the spot and had to be replaced. The ratings were down and that is the thing in TV – it’s all about ratingns. But, stop blaming Matt – he is a professional and may appear arrogant; but, he’s doing his job.

  • Pat Letts

    I think Ann Curry was let go because she really wasn’t very good in that position. She has worked too hard on her ‘delivery’ and is over modulated and it is hard to perceive her to be ‘real’. I know she has her fans. I just don’t know why and don’t know who they could be. She has the personality of a rock. Even now, when I saw her at the school killings she was ‘over done in the way she spoke…pauses just so and very careful about pronouncation. I have always turned the channel to anothers new broadcast if she is substituting for Brian Williams.
    I don’t watch the Today Show on a regular basis….or any morning show.
    Matt Lauer has always been good but I do think he is getting a bit smug in his role…I’m not sure about this. I used to find him really good though.

    • Pat Letts

      I’m going to reply to myself. I just reread that and think a good part of it for Curry is…..she tries too hard to be good and comes off not very good.
      I don’t get the people who say she seems real because she sure doesn’t.

  • Don Pelham

    Matt Lauer is nothing more or nothing less than an egotistical prick. If you do not agree with him then you are stupid. Don’t beleive me just go ask the punk. I will never watch that a hole again…never.

    • Mary

      Haters will be haters – just looking for someone to hate and you found someone. Good for you!

  • Karma King

    Matt may be a sc*mbag for getting Ann fired, but she was very boring and looked as if she just got out of bed when she was on camera. There is a new thing called “makeup”. Her hair just hung too like a limp rag. She has a look for radio !! I don’t like Matt so I watch another channel. He’s too into himself.

  • srball

    He needs screaming at. He’s a jerk. He’s why I DON’T watch Today anymore. He makes Bryant Gumbel look like a sweetie pie. They haven’t a great male anchor since Tom Brokaw. Maybe they should look for another one of those.

  • HeckRock

    No one watches this garbage anyway. No one cares. Al Roker is the man however from his days as NBC’s weatherman channel 4 NYC before there ever was a Today Show.

  • Dani

    I would rather see Ann any day than Savannah!

  • Kris

    I started watching cbs about the time that Ann Curry took over.I find the CBS morning show much more apealing.I felt bad for Ann Curry and I do not care so much for Savannah Guntherie

  • Caron

    I agree Matt is a stuck up over paid moron. Al and Ann have more class than Matt will ever have in his lifetime.

  • Ann

    Ann was let go because she was in over her head from the minute they promoted her. Matt, as bland as he is, obviously had nothing to do with it and will probably be gone himself before too long. If he WAS the reason Curry was taken off, he should be applauded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    I think the entire format of TODAY show needs to be replced including the ANCHORS.

  • Mary

    Can’t believe the haters on here – blaming Matt for Ann Curry. She’s a nice person; but, she couldn’t hold the spot. Her interviews were very wanting and she looked so uncomfortable interviewing some people. She does much better on specific interviews.

    • Bob

      She was uncomfortable because she was forced to read the left wing clap tramp they hand her when doing interviews.

      • Bob

        That was “clap trap”|, not tramp.

  • Idaho woman

    well lets see, he’s OLD, and gets a 25 million dollar contract and Ann gets demoted, she was let go because she was getting on in years? Get real! The company put in a YOUNGER woman because of ratings, then why not get rid of Matt Lauder? not likely. I used to watch (went to GMA)and i never liked his segments but really liked Ann’s.(can you tell who I’m a fan of) I no longer watch because I feel he had a hand in what happened to Ann. He does have some power after all with a contract like he has now and you know they make back end deals. I don’t see how the network thinks we want to look at an OLD man that early in the morning. He has no sense of humor, cuts people off rudely, no sense in style and he’s going BALD! The network really needs to look at themselves a bit more, if you are replacing one for age better look at all your people for the same thing.

  • abraham

    Matt Layer deserves to be screamed at, he is a leftist loser

    • fred katz

      but he is so sensitive

      • Bob

        He is far left, thats why he’s still there and Ann is gone.

  • fred katz

    re Curry

    no opinion

    re Lauer

    can’t take the heat get a new job

  • Donna

    I never liked Matt when he first came on the show and I like him less now. He is to cocky and stuck up. He also needs an attitude adjustment.
    I really felt bad for Ann.

  • Sandee Griffith

    I really liked Ann Curry because she was ‘genuine and caring’. Savannah is fine, Al Roker is great and so is Natalie. As far as Matt goes, he’s been there a long time.

  • Lyssa Moody

    Matt is getting what he deserves. Ann was so compassionate and down to earth.
    Al was her best friend I dont event know how Al can look at Matt. They cant get
    rid of him because of his contract. I dont watch anymore. Fix it Today who ever
    made that decision needs to be let go, not Ann.

  • charles

    nobody cares except Ann. Has the age discrimination suit been filed yet?

  • Louis

    Ann Curry conducted excellent interviews…….and so did Katie Couric.
    Unfortunately, I think Matt Lauer was responsible for both departures and it didn’t help the Today Show.
    GMA still leads the pack with great relationships among the partners

    • http://att lee

      Louis I totaly agree with you Lauer Has Got To Go. Trash at the bottom of the barrel

  • http://yahoo Dean Edwards

    Mr Lauer if the kitchen is to hot get out your half the person Mrs Curry is.

  • http://Yahoo Becky

    I really don’t believe that Matt Lauer would have that kind of power to have a co worker terminated, unless their was something already there, that GE decided it would be best! So all you people standing out there in Manhattan BULLYING Matt Lauer feel like it is your job to fight her fight! I believe if there was an issue Ann Curry would have spoke up! So let the man do his job it is not nice to be MEAN!

  • Rick

    I watched the Today Show since the Jane Pauly days and never thought about switching. The way Ann was let go changed that. I didn’t (couldn’t) watch her final show. I have been with GMA since and will not switch back. Maybe GMA can pick up Ann after her contract with NBC is up.

    • Maryann Miller

      I agree

  • Tia

    who cares about Matt’s whining???!!!!grow up and stop complaining
    you never heard Ann Curry doing it
    bunch of bitchin babies

  • Kay Cristofano

    I love Ann Curry but she was not a good co-host. There has to be rapport between co-hosts and Ann did not have that type of personality. She is a great news person and Savannah and Matt have the personalities that complement as did Matt and Meredith. I actually went to GMA when Ann was co-host because it was boring. Now I am really hooked into the personalities on GMA, they are all a great team and fun to watch. I also like their venues better. But whether Matt is responsible or not he certainly recognized the problem. Today lost a lot of viewers during Ann’s co-hosting.

  • C

    Ann is wonderful and not getting up in years – can not stand Matt anymore he has an EGO out of this world! and if anyone should go it should be him!! He is full of himself and his interviews stink!

  • duane

    I agree Matt seems like a pompous ass but Ann wasn’t any good in the position.EVERY interview sounded like an undertaker giving condolences to someone. I stopped watching Today Show until I heard Ann was gone.These guys click together like they all did with Meredith.

  • Logan Line

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t watched an episode since Curry was axed. And yes, I believe that Lauer had alot to do with her termination. Not a very respectable thing to do; undermine one of your co-workers. And that is what I feel happened in this instance. So, I will not watch the show as long as Lauer is still employed. End of segment.

  • Joe

    I think Annie baby is a total bore. She should have been replaced a long time ago…like never got the job..Hang in there Matt

  • Beverly

    Since Ann Curry’s departure, I refuse to watch the show anymore. Why Ann? I have no problem with Matt but if I had a choice I would have picked Ann to stay.

  • Chris

    He seems like an unlikable jerk. I stopped watching it a while ago because he simply doesn’t appeal to me. I feel bad for Ms. Curry. I think all women should just stop watching the show. Let him scream and yell — because really his day in the sun went out a while ago. He is only a big fish, in his own small pond.

  • Wendy M

    I thought Ann Curry was the most genuine of all the Today hosts and had heard rumors for years how Matt Lauer closely guards anybody who might steal any of his thunder. Personally, I find him to be pretty boring and condescending ….a quiet arrogance that is not becoming in his role.

  • dosguy

    Good riddance to Curry. She was a lousy co-host and a terrible interviewer. She was just plain annoying. If Matt was instrumental in getting her replaced, good for him.

  • cindy schreimel

    I personally don’t care for Matt.He always acts like he is better the anybody else.Please being Ann Curry back.

  • Jacqueline

    Replace Savannah and Matt and my suggestion is to replace them with Natalie and Willie. Matt has worn out his welcome. Willie Geist has done a great job.

  • Carla


  • Jacqueline

    Replace Matt with Willie Geist and replace Savannah with Natalie.

  • mike

    all of you losers that get their “news”from these morons on today or gma should not be allowed to vote or go out after dark

  • HR

    Samantha Guthrie is a blithering idiot

    • Waity McBarfy

      I agree. She has a strange character. Ann was sweet. Matt is a pompous snob –

    • Maryann Miller

      I, too, watched the Today show for years. As soon as Ann was let go, I switched to GMA. I find the hosts much more enjoyable to watch. They truly do seem to like each other. Love GMA!!

  • bob good

    I watched to Today Show for many years, but now watch GMA. The people on GMA act like they like each other. Matt is out for Matt and he would cut anyones throat to keep his job. He is so boring and want to act better than anyone else. He thinks he is better than anyone else. As long as Matt is on the Today Show I will not watch it. I am not sure I would go back to the Today Show. The guys on GMA have so much fun and make one feel good. They are the best. Thanks for listening

  • http://YAHOO richard b


  • mike

    I’ve been unemployed so long that I just took a job that paid $8.50 an hour!! KLets see any of these talk show hosts take a pay cut like that and live?? AMERICA is DEAD!!

  • Waity McBarfy



  • peggy

    I think matt should go. He’s pushy and too opinionated to be a good newsman. I don’t watch it anymore just because of him.

  • Jean

    I watched the TODAY Show when Katie Couric and Ann were both on the program. I continued when Ann was hostess for awhile but not as often.Now I don’t bother at all, but have occassionally watched Katie’s show. I would like to see Ann go to work on Katie’s show – they worked well together. At any rate, I think Ann is better off without the Today show, since they don’t treat her with the respect she deserves.

  • Bill

    Maybe he’s a racists?! I’m really suprised that lame street media hasn’t pinned that label on him. After all, if you didn’t vote for Obama your a racist. Right?! It stand to reason if you get a black woman fired your not just a racists but a sexists as well. Where’s the media on this?

  • Mike

    Matt has to go in my opinion. Why in the world did Today bring on Savannah Guthrie? She has the personality of a toad and looks like a snaggled toothed grasshopper. What’s with those teeth???
    Ann Curry was and still is my favorite. And while your at it, get rid of the joke of a weatherman, Al Roker. I see NBC as #1 again if you bring back Ann Curry, keep Willie, and Natalie Moralas… and find a new weatherman….geesh.

  • http://att@net Costas Pavlitsos

    Ann needs to come back I can’t stand any moore Matt, or i am not waching the show again,

  • maggie

    Put in Willy Geist and ditch Laure. He is stuck up, his intervies are dredful, in front of the camera and one on one specials. There is nothing “special” about him, but thinks he is. The suits have gone to his head as well his 25 mil. He is not worth. What does he do for the averge Joe?

  • Dakota Derringer

    Good… Lauer has become like all Hollywood Elitists > Pompous, arrogant, & thinking they are better than everybody else – Serves him right. Sometimes paybacks are hell, & justifiably served. I hope people do the ultimate punishment for this guy, & turn OFF the Today show.

  • mary

    I do believe Matt Lauer is the reason Ann Curry was dismissed. I am 61 years old and have watched as longs as I can remember, but now I immediately change the channel when Matt Lauer comes on! I will not watch Today as long as he is on the show.

  • FICO

    He should go lick Katie Curic’s crack

  • KaJo

    OMG… People are Crazy!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TODAY show… do not watch anything else… ALL 4 HOURS!!!! I will never go to any other show in the am other than the TODAY Show… And as far as Matt is concerned… he is diect and to the point… he goes where no one else will… he asks all the important questions… what is wrong with you people…

    • http://yahoo sam hickey

      matt has always been the shows decline,as for me ann made the show.she was & still is the classiest thing on tv to me lovher

  • Cinnimon power

    Matt Lauer is a Jerk, He told the excutives that Ann didn’t compliment him..Like he is somthing to look at.. I personally quit watching The Today show after Ann left and when I found out what a jackass Matt was. So He deserves everything he gets.

  • dawn

    The Today show has taken on a more serious and sterile tone. I’m not a Willie Fan. I like David Gregory. I really like Natalie. Ann was amazing as a person but yes…her interviews always slanted more to the serious and melancholy tone. But I really like her…she is great.

    Matt has lost his spark….he used to be funny and fun and that is what you need in the morning. It is a MORNING show! People want it light and fun but yes…cover the news as well.

    I don’t like the family that always comes on and cooks Italian…enough already with them. I think they should bring on everyday people that have GREAT recipes and not people that own restaurants. We are everyday people….not restauranteurs.

    I like certain people on GMA and not so much others. I still go to Today but don’t like it near as much. Wish Meredith never left. It was great back then. She had a great mix of serious and silly.

  • sally

    I don’t watch the today show anymore because of Matt Liar! He’s a smart ass and besides he looks too much like Pee Wee Herman!

  • Irene

    I stopped watching the “Today” show when Curry was let go. She added a human touch and yet very sophisticated look to the morning t.v. show.

  • ebey

    lady karma is kicking his ass.

    • Monica

      I do not enjoy the Today Show anymore either, since Ann left, and will probably start watching another morning news program. NBC management were idiots to pull a solid performer like Ann. Yes, she was given the more serious topics, but she was funny too! Matt and the rest of the Today show crew need to wake up and smell the roses that NO job is safe in this day and age. There is no more corporate/employee loyalty, as was typical in the past. And our world is a lot worse off because of it. Kuddos to Brian William for highlighting Ann’s role in launching the 26 kindness proposal. You rock Ann, and you are still in our hearts. Please keep us posted in what you are doing.

  • dennis

    Bring Ann Curry back and kick Matt out the door instead! Until then, I’m sticking with Good Morning America!

  • Rick

    I used to watch the Today show daily for years. I liked Katie and Meridith and thought it was great when they replaced her by promoting Ann. I thought it was really a bad move to dump her from the show and replace her with Savannah. No way would I want to watch that show now.
    I have made the switch to Good Morning America and won’t look back.
    I am glad to see that Ann is still on the evening news magazines like Dateline and Rock Center.

    • http://netzero mars

      You GO ANN! I hope you are LOVING every moment of his DEMISE! I can’t STAND him and his COCKY SMIRK!

  • Vanessa

    After Kate left, I tuned into ABC Good Morning America and still watch it now!

  • Ray Workman

    I have no doubt that Matt Lauer had something to do with the termination of Ann Curry. I used to like to watch the TODAY SHOW, but after their firing of Ann Curry, for no reason at all, I will NEVER watch NBC or the TODAY SHOW again.

    • Danny

      No reason at all? They had a stranglehold on the number one ratings spot forever. Curry gets the co-host job and BOOM, within months they’re number 2 and dropping. That’s the reason.

  • Alice

    Katie Couric carried Matt.
    Thats why she had to leave.
    Never watched the show after she left.

    • Kevin

      I miss Katie, she was the reason why I watched her. She is very exotic and sexy lady. Matt Lauer has many reported in a scandalous inccident, still working there. Our lost lovely lady anchor woman did not make the ratings drop. It was Matt Lauer treatment toward woman himself that has brought shame to NBC. Why is he still there anyway? Bring Katie back now. I bet he ratings will rise again. You need to make the show more lively with her.

  • Michelle

    Payback is a B%^&*H! Heh, heh, heh…

  • Diana

    I quit watching the Today show in 2005 or 2006. I liked Matt when he first came on the show and I thought it was good. However, over the years it has fallen flat. The news desk is boring, the people are boring and there is no “family feel” between the anchor. Matt is arrogant and comes acrossed stiff and condescending. GMA is without a doubt hands down the best morning news show to watch.

  • Claudia Smith

    I have boycotted the today show after watching that program for over 20 years. Matt Laurer should be out and Ann Curry got shafted by him. But I dont’ watch it anymore because Ann Curry got shafted by NBC. I will watch the NBC News with Brian Williams because he is the only anchor next to Al Roker that gives class to NBC.

  • http://osana533 Ofie Nazreno

    preferred Mr. Ryan Seacrest after firing Matt Lauer. a great compliment to more ratings to “today’s show”. a great choice from a balding matt lauer.

  • Danny

    I personally stopped watching Today when Curry was moved to the Big Couch. She was over her head. I mean, she’s nice and all, and not a bad news reporter, but had no business co-hosting that show. There was absolutely no chemistry with Lauer and, like it or not,he’s the star of the show. It IS a business, and she had to go.

  • Dolly

    I don’t watch anything except Fox News anymore – cannot stand the bias shown for liberals and progressives. At least Fox is ‘fair and balanced.’ They have libs on their station and give them a fair shot at their opinions.

    I used to watch “Today” and “Good Morning America”, also, but quit for the reason above and too, Matt Lauer is so ‘full of himself.’

    • Dave

      Dolly, you’re joking right? Fox news is simply the most biased production on TV! Everyone knows that! I am not a liberal but at least I am honest.

  • christian

    He’s horrible. I hate his commentary. I wish they’d fire HIM

  • barbara

    Savannah is the one they shouldnt have brought on to the Today show. Ann was good, this new woman isnt. I have changed my viewing to GMA….each morning I switch channels right when its time for them to come on. And I wont watch Today show again until they get rid of Savannah Guthrue. Matt’s couldnt be much younger than Ann, so not sure how that helped out any. They’re all reading what someone else has told them too, its not brain surgery.

  • Mary B.

    Matt was tolerable when Meredith was there, but when Ann came, they should have gotten rid of Matt and given Ann either Willie or David Gregory. Ann has a great sense of humor and her kindness always showed through. Matt is now just a “grumpy old man.”

  • http://yahoo barb

    I don’t know if he had anything to do with it but I am glad she is gone. I wish she wasn’t there at all. She is the most condsending (sp)person I have seen on TV.

    • Mary B.

      What, are you nuts? Condescending!!!! Ann Curry is one of the nicest people in television. She went into broadcasting because her brother died and she became interested in reporting difficult and heartfelt stories. You need to get all your facts straight before criticizing.

  • http://Excite Jan Keen

    If Ann said she was getting too old for the show…isn’t she younger than Matt? I was happy to see her back on the show this AM. I cannot figure out whats going on “anywhere” so just add The Today Show to it!

  • Nancy J.

    Ann, no matter her age, is classy, sensitive, intelligent and added a soft touch that was a compliment to the show. Unfortunately, Matt didn’t handle himself accordingly and is reaping what was sowed. I will always love Ann.

  • http://yahoo.com Rosemarie Ranaudo

    I do think Matt may have had something to do with Ann Curry no longer as co-host on the Today show. When Meredith became co-host replacing Katie she brought a lot to the show and the ratings went way up. The ratings went down only because Meredith left the show. I was sorry to see her leave but happy to see Ann Curry replacing Meredith. She certainly deserved the promotion.The day Ann Curry announced in tears that she would no longer be co-host was a sad day and the last day that I watch the Today show. It was a terrible thing how NBC humilited her on the air and replaced her with Savannah Guthrie. Does NBC really think that Savannah will bring the ratings up to what they were when Meredith was on the show.That will never happen. Ann was not given much time to prove herself.I think that Ann may have replaced Meredith with the intentions of NBC not keeping her as co-host. I think NBC’s intentions was to groom Savannah for the spot while Ann was co-hosting. NBC deserves to have their ratings dropped for what they did to Ann Curry. I stopped watching NBC Today show the day after Ann Curry gave her announcment. It was horible for what they did to her. I now watch Good Morning America which all seem to be very genuine.

  • Paula

    I liked an as a journalist, however, not at anchor. Way too sympathtic and goody goody. But there is a place for her with the special interest stories. I like Matt, alot but I have to admit I find myself watching Good Morning America more and more. They are a happy bunch and make me smile.

  • jo

    Lets be real people. Neither Matt or Anne were/are that good. You could fall back to sleep watching them. When Meridith left was when it all went downhill! Watch Good Morning American or CBS if you really want the news and not the schmooze!

  • http://yahoo ThePoster

    Matt has turned into an old bore. You can tell he’s not happy there, his charisma is gone.
    I think he’ll leave in Feb., as originally reported.

    • jg observer

      agree, now he knows what it feels like to be the recipient of condescending remarks like the one’s he has made against conservatives over the years. If he is canned what could he possibly do in the media business?

  • john Roberts

    Matt Lauer is a spoiled brat! And certainly not anywhere near the caliber of ANY of his predecessors.

  • scott

    I think that ANN CURRY was a great reporter and overall a great person. Now as far as MATT LAUER is concerned. I feel he is a good reporter, however I also feel that he has to have his own way and just because he has been there longer doesn’t mean squat. His balding head has swelled. Now I think if they really wanted a great morning news show,then rehire Ann back and replace those two drunk self centered ding bats in the 4th Hr. Make HODA and KATHY LEE the official bar tenders of the drunk asses Olympics. People are going to stop watching because of Matt and the drunk bimbos!

  • chea dukes

    I believe Curry has a different personality then what others are used to. DO NOT give personalities any importance. She did nothing wrong. She actually is better at reporting than Matt. I don’t see him in the midst of all the conflict, but OH let’s send Anne. You guys are biased and misunderstand her compasion

  • Byron Harris

    I hated Bryant Gumbel but loved Jane Pauley. I think he pushed her out! Now Bryant and Matt Lauer are friends and Matt made the cut on his looks in the early yrs. NO LONGER! I think Katie left and went to CBS news due to the ugly politics at the Today Show! Katie was the best thing that ever happened to that show! I did enjoy Meredith but I bet her aging was an issue that pushed her to move aside. Then there is Anne Curry. LOVE HER! She is full of compassion, she’s beautiful, highly intelligent, and I loved her laugh on the “Today” Show. I do not doubt at all that Matt’s ego and arrogance got her pushed out the door! And who replaces her??? Not the fun and wonderful Natalie, but the boring Savannah Guthrie. I do not like her on the show at all.. Watch and see.. The “Today” show is going downhill!!! People are not happy! I say bring back Anne! And her co host maybe David or Lester! Keep Natalie too!

  • kids2

    Can’t stand Matt or Savannah. So phony, both of them. This show will be in third place soon. Phony, phony, phony and boring!
    Hope Ann gets away from NBC and on to bigger and better things! She deserves much better!!!

  • Jeannie Gibel

    Didn’t know if it was him of Al Roker or Savannah. It makes sense since her departure was so sudden and hidden. After all she has done for NBC. Matt Lauer is just jealous that she was getting all the public eye and not him. I for one do not watch the “Today” show for that reason. And I do not let anyone in my household watch it either. Here is a family that has switched to GMA and will continue to tell my friends to boycott the “Today” show.

  • Karen

    Matt Lauer is reaping what he sowed! NBC “NEVER” gave Ann Curry a chance in the role they promoted her to. At least she was genuine and sincere. I don’t like Savannah and I will never watch the show again. I am getting to know my new best friends over at GMA and loving every minute of it. I watched the Today show for over 15 years and stopped the minute they let Ann go. It wasn’t right and they deserve every bit of the rating dive they are not experiencing. Time to let Lauer go.

  • http://webpronews dwest

    Matt worked so much better with Ann. This Savannah is just a joke.

  • Patricia

    I quit watching ever since they replaced Ann with Savannah Guthrie….

  • Fred Russo

    NBC Sucks. Anti American!

  • http://yahoo Teresa Gibson

    Matt has always been a smart ass but I tolerated him when there was Katie and Meredith and Ann along the way to pick up the slack at various times. Now there really is no one who really appeals to me. The downfall started with Katie, it hasn’t been the same since her bubbly face left the scene, and it seems it just got worse after that.

  • Debra Gwaltney

    I have watched and loved the today show for over 30 yrs NBC should pull the plug on Matt. we loved Katie , Ann and Meredith I feel sorry for Savanah having to bear the brunt of it all I no longer watch because the network screwed up the venue they now have a panel of pompous aholes that should join the view and lets face it who cares about kathlie and hoda gettin drunk in the morning! Get back to basics Happy New Year!

  • Sharon

    Ann Curry constantly made mistakes when she did the news and Matt Lauer has always been so full of himself. I’m glad GMA has been stealing the ratings. Much more ‘real’ people on that show.

  • gail jacobs

    Anne Curry seems like a nice enough person; however, never thought she had the right personality for hosting any of the morning shows. She’s to reserved, hunched over, boring, doesn’t come across as “real”. Quit watching the show because of her years ago although I liked Katie, Meredith and Matt.

    I’m a huge fan of Charlie Rose and really like their a.m. show the most. Do not care at all for what Good Morning America has become. Used to watch it, but it has become more of a zoo.

  • Stan

    We quite watching years ago when the STARS of the SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Started putting their Socialist twist on the news. Surprised to hear Matt Lower has fans.

  • Ron Pollard

    NBC cannot find the right fit. To many ego’s going on. Matt’s Ok as long as Katie or Ann were by his side. Get rid of AL ROKER, and bring on Stefanine Abrahams, if you want ratings to increase.
    Roker is a JOKE, and cannot beleive he is even on the air.

  • shasta

    I personally thought Ann to be professional, honest, and with integrity. I agree that the network wanted to appeal to a younger crowd, and thus hired Savannah. It is a shame, but it is a sign of the times. I stopped watching around the time that Ann was let go, but it was because of the ignorant and overbearing alcohol usage by Kathy Lee and Hoda. They make light of the problem alcohol has in our society and it is shameful and not very professional. I do not think it funny at all. In fact, I am appalled that the network thinks it is “okay”. Hello GMA!!!

  • Tonya P

    I was a faithful Today watcher UNTIL, Anne C was let go and unceremoniously replaced by Savannah G. I now thoroughly enjoy and FAITHFULLY watch GMA. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THE TODAY SHOW!!!

  • gail cox

    I watched the Today show but after that happened to Ann
    Curry well it was just awful.She is a beautiful person Savanah pleasssse!

  • williamafaris

    Matt is so full of himself that he needs an atitude adjustment. NBC has created this monster and now they cant control it. No wonder Fox is cleaning their clock

  • http://BobcatBill@facebook.com Bobcat Bill

    I don’t care for Matt Lauer’s attitude on tv. Ann Curry was ok. Savanna Guthrie is a fake of a person!

  • tomass

    well he is a big pussy asshole so..he get what he deserve..

  • http://BobcatBill@facebook.com Bobcat Bill

    Oh…I forgot something..they all “laugh” at things that are not funny at all!

  • ce

    I haven’t watched the today show since Ann Curry left. Hello GMA!!!

    • Tanika

      I’m with you, I haven’t watched the today show either, really since before Ann left. I loved Ann, she was so sweet and funny. Now I’m on to GMA, but that’s been lacking since Robin is home getting better. I can’t wait for her to come back, if she decides to come back to GMA.

    • Karen lacara

      I agree. When Ann was let go I left. I sometimes flip over just to see who is on the show but I will never watch it like I did. They never take audiences input as to how their show could be improved. I have written 3 emails to tell them to get rid of noise(distractions that disturb interviews when one of the host is interviewing a persone.g people holding signs,people waving,etc.). Why do they continue to sit by a glass window with people peering in and they do nothing to hide them? One small poster does not hide the onlookers! And why pay a policeman to guard that area if he does not keep the people out of view? Seems to me that if someone made a prop or used a curtain, the interviews would be more intimate and there would be less distractions for the tv audience. Just a suggestion from somebody that thinks some executives do not even practice what they learned in Communications 1A.

  • Randel Barrett

    I was ready to quit when they decided to let rosie comme back with the professionals they have from time to time as a regular, i didnt like her when she had here own show and like her even less now, the whole net work is going down the tube, i dont care for their programming and dont need it in my home, I liked Ann Curry, and still do, she was on this morning, i was glad to see her, she is a professional, very smart and attractive, and good for their business.
    Their ratings probably do suck, but it isnt Ann Curry that is causing the problem, look at the crap you put on all day long and on prime time, i am still a very conventional person,and want to see good programming return to the air waves, not the crap that is on now, Lets put God back where he belongs in our lives and value

  • Janet

    I stopped watching the Today Show when I saw how Ann was treated. I can’t stand the idea of looking at Matt Laurer or any thing he is a part of any more. I am sooooo happy that other people are lambasting his ego and the injustice done to Ann, who was a treasure to NBC. All of those ugly guys need to be FIRED immediately for making the all time mistake. I hope Ann gets the glory she deserves for being such an exceptional journalist. Go ANN!!!!

  • CK KHan

    Good, Matt desreves a good lashing! I really enjoyed Ann Curry. DO NOT care for that giggle twit Savannah Guthrie, what a kiss-XXX. I think perhaps she and Matt are “at it”. Love GMA now…..

    • calypsoman

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Savannah allows Matt “IN”. She is very ambitious.

  • Ramona

    As soon Ann left the I quit watching NBC. So there is nothing to enjoy with that show. Ann is a wonderful person. Too bad Matt made her go.

  • Ron Pollard

    Matt, is not bad as long as he is surrounded by smart Ladies.who make him step it up a level. GET RID OF AL ROKER, and bring on Stephenane
    Abbrahms. AL Roker What a Joke !!!! Come on NBC.

  • Jim Smith

    Anne Curry seemed like a nice lady, but professionally her style DROVE ME NUTS. Her real life comments/reactions seemed dorky to me – she just didn’t fit in. That said, who watches NBC, CBS, or ABC for news anyway? Not me – they are half of what is killing this country; protecting an inept (if not scandalous) president and fooling all those who do watch the lame stream media.

  • Joseph

    These young, hot, blondes should stay on the catwalk. Savannah sure did a number on Ann. Ann couldn’t compete with Savannah’s youthful beauty and charm. She should have gone to CNN or Fox. Savannah is the reason Ann got the boot.

  • ????????????? Joyce Angell

    Everything was going pretty smooth, then they let Ann Curry go! Maybe Ann was too “dramatic” at times but she was a “true Humanitarian” as witnessed now with HER inception of #26 Acts of Kindness!
    They made a mistake hiring Savannah Gutherie, she’s interested moreso in Politics etc. They should have promoted Natalie Morales INSTEAD and kept Ann Curry. To me, that would have been the “sensible” move! Now the entire Today Show is a “disaster”. Where did they get that “prune-faced” new girl. Puhleeeezzzz! They need more down-to-earth people! As for GMA – that’s show has become a Clown Act!
    Today Show – bring in some people who have a sense of humor and can also be serious! Keep Al Roker & Natalie Morales, possible Matt Lauer BUT……..

  • http://Google virginia baker

    I really like Ann Curry and cant stand Matt Lauer. I think his time has come or should come to an end with NBC real soon. I watch GMA and always have. They seem to be a better group of people/personalities and genuinely come across as more enjoyable to watch every day. They should have cancelled Hoda and Kathie Lee show long time ago. They do nothing but make themselves out as clowns.

  • bill robinson

    i never did care for matt lauer style of interviewing people they let rgw wrong person go

  • Alison Corvi

    Get rid of Al Roker. He is a total bore. Matt Lauer is not much better.

  • kathie

    I truly admired Matt and followed his reporting for many years. I have to say the more successful he became the bigger his head was getting,its truly noticable! As far as Savannah she doesnt even compare to Ann, she too seems too full of herself let alone her intelligence doesnt even come close to Ann! Ann is truly dedicated, compassionate/caring, and her knowledge is remarkable of every story she covers, most all shes honest. Im still in shock of what Matt and NBC has done to Ann! I was a true NBC Today show viewer for several years I am now an ABC viewer ever since this took place. I wish Ann the absolute best and NBC doesnt deserve her – Good Luck Ann in your future venture, I’ll be watching which ever station is lucky enough to get her, your sooo sadly missed by sooo many!

  • Annifl

    Ann was notorious for interrupting everyone she interviewed! It drove me batty! I like the new lineup and watch every day!

  • Cameron MacArthur

    Lauer is the problem-they need to sack him and his arrogant attitude. GMA is a superior product.

    • KDY

      Matt’s the best part of that show. He’s funny, smart and a great interviewer. Ann Curry was annoying and sappy. NBC knows better than to keep her around.

  • KDY

    Oh my god – Ann Curry was soooo terrible at that job. I’m beyond happy she is gone – she couldn’t conduct an interview if her life depended on it. She sucked.

  • Alison Corvi

    I cant stand Al Roker never good. The best one on the air these days is Scott Pelly. He is a gem and i watch him every night.

  • ????????????? Joyce Angell

    FLASH!!!!!!!!!!! How bout Robin Roberts taking over Matt Lauer’s place????? YES/NO?

    • beccaroo34

      hellssss to the No!!!!

    • KDY

      WHO?? Let’s keep Matt where he is – he’s the best part of that show and it will go down hill if he leaves.

  • beccaroo34

    anne is not gone. she is a correspondant in the field. she said thats where she wanted to be. LAY OFF MATT!!!

    • http://Yahoo Meghan

      Matt is a skunk. Savannah is just all about her. Ann is in the field because she wanted to stay with the network and there was no place for her on the Today Show. She is a lady, has stayed clear of network politics and deserves some respect – certainly didn’t deserve the way that she was treated on the Today Show.

  • http://yahoo Sandy Cook

    I have been so disappointed with the Today since Ann Curry and Meredith Vierra have left. it is not the same. They are the only two people on that show that show sincerity and class. Ann Curry is an amazing personality. She is so genuine and warm and a family person. The show will never be the same. Matt and Savannah are ok, but the show wouldn’treally miss them. I used to watch everything Ann did related to the show, i think she does a wonderful job on all she appears on. I think whoever gets Ann Curry will really be lucky.

  • kittenmom

    I thought Ann Curry was and is an incredible journalist, one of the best, but not cut out for a co-anchor. I loved Meridith and was sorry to see her go. Matt is very sharp and intelligent, and I think he is a good journalist as well. As for the comments on Savannah….she is great!!! I can’t believe all the negative comments. She is so inteligent and I think beautiful as well. She has a sparkling personality, and is fun. The current team at the Today is a great team…and I will continue to watch them!!!

    • beccaroo34

      savannah is very self centered. it is all me! me! me! during interviews and she is always trying to be the center of the convo…

      • sharon

        I argree with you….she is not likeable …It is painful to watch

        • john

          as if you actually know her personally.

    • MKL

      I think Today show is still very good. Savannah is very nice, funny and sensitive, I do not believe all the negativity she is getting. As for Ann, she is a good person but bad anchor. She is sooo sympathatic and fake to the point that make me sick. Said that Meredith and Couric were great loss and can not be replaced.

  • marilyn

    I lost a lot of respect for Matt Lauer when he didn’t fight for Ann, from what I understand Al Roker was the only person had the decency to speak up for her. I know Matt Lauer doesn’t run the Today Show but the way that he acted as if he liked Ann and not fight for her was very low. Savannah Guthrie is no Anne Curry and never will be no matter how much she brown nose with Matt Lauer, I agree with kids2, Matt and Savannah are phony and are only thinking about themselves. I wish Ann all the luck because it was the Today show’s lost.

  • Debrah Alsobrook

    I used to like Laeur, but the more hair he lost the bigger arrogant jerk he became. Whether or not he had anything to do with Curry’s firing will probably never be known, but I think it’s pretty funny that people are yelling at him and telling him what they think. Isn’t that what those people are always telling their viewers, “tell us what you think”. Be careful what you ask for pinhead.

    • Whattarshe

      He looks like he is sick up stairs Ann was the Best .

  • Ron

    Ann Curry has a dirty (in a great way), sexy, classy way about her that people like. She can talk report on any subject from hiking to the queen. Her appeal is raw and real…Women can and should take a page from her. She does not go over the top in order to be sexy, she just is (and that my friends is whay sexy is all about). She is classy and carries herself in a way that grabs attention and has always been the favorite Today host in our office.

    Ann Curry is a lady and a woman who has been mistreated by NBC…Like others, I now watch GMA because the Today show disgarded a wonderful, real woman for a woman with absolutely no appeal and horrible eyebrows.

    • http://yahoo Diane

      I AGREE!!!!!!

    • Jimmye Chitwood

      Ann is boring….

  • http://yahoo Diane

    Get rid of Matt Lauer!!!!!!! He thinks he is GODS GIFT!!!! Pay Lauer off and get Katie Couric and Ann Curry back. I will not watch the Today Show until you do!

  • queenj

    To the comment about getting rid of al roker; you must be kidding? al is funny and brings a bit of humor to the otherwise uptight, egotistical anchors of Matt and savannah. They need all the help they can get; at least al and ann brought interesting personalities to the show. Matt and savannah are typical and boring!

    • Sandy

      I agree I love Al

  • Brian

    Matt needs to go.He is so FLAMING makes me sick.Al needs to go too!!!

  • http://webpronews James Della Vecchia

    Matt and the rest of that group are and always were, Elitist! For the unfarnished truth in news watch Fox National news. The anchors and reporters are very nice and down to earth.

    • john

      unfarnished? How about unvarnished? You are trying to tell people what to do and where to get their news and you cannot even spell? You are a joke.

    • Jimmye Chitwood

      The truth has never been told on Fox National News—The 2012 election should have been your wake up call.

  • http://frontier Betty Carlson

    I think Matt Lauer is too full of himself. He has gotten a big head and thinks if he doesn’t like someone or they are getting too much attention, they should be fired. Savannah is not as good as Ann Curry. Ann really put her heart into her job. I truly hope another TV channel gives Ann a job and put Lauer out of business.

  • Sandy

    Matt Lauer should go, he is a cynical nasty man. Bring back Ann she was wonderful and real, and positive!

  • Cheryl

    Something is majorally wrong with NBC. That they did not value Ann Curry is a mystery to me. The show has passed it’s prime, is boring,I am tired of watching the same people talk about the same old thing!!

  • Jay

    I smell a rat and have to agree that Lauer is the reason for Anns departure. He needs to face it. He is old looking bald as a soccer ball and really not that interesting to look at or want to hear the news from. Anne is nice looking I liked her and enjoyed hearing what she had to say. The business world is so cut throat. I feel for the lady and hope she gets a better gig.

  • Roger F. Maslon

    Today, while sick at home, I was watching “Inside Taiwan” on PBS. It gave me pause… I have, occasionally, watched BBC or Al Jazeera, but this time I finally got fed up with what local TV stations have the nerve to call “Prime Time News”.
    Here I was, watching segments about SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY, ADVANCEMENT/PROGRESS, SOCIETY, CULTURE, EDUCATION, you name it. Even the weather report was a synopsis of what here amounts to a stupid meteorology class that probably is only useful to aircraft pilots…!
    The “American” version of “the news” is: perhaps 10′ containing a fire, shootings, accidents, political/legal scandals, some disaster, etc.; this, followed by the aforementioned 5′-long meteorology class, after which the “newscast” is capped with the all-capitally-important “sports” -complete with “press conferences” featuring the all-important social heroes EMPLOYED by their teams’ owners to play, making White-House-style statements about their …performance.
    You are beyond ridiculous, on a world-class scale: You are PATHETIC! (So much so, that I suspect that your “newscasts” may be formatted by hidden powers controlling what they want you to air -or not!)

    • Diane

      Ann had a little edge to her and slipped up a few times on some sensitive issues on air….she let her own view/oppinions /emotions interfere with the story she was reporting on. Quit blaming Matt. I have a feeling that she may actually be stirring this a little. She did this to herself…..

  • Brett

    That show would be better if Savannah was replaced wit Ann Curray,she was screwed over big time.

  • Claudia

    I wish they would get rid of Kathy and Hoda all them two do is drink and bring nothing to the show. I won’t watch the Today show because of these two women, their annoying. Kathy is getting old and it shows, get rid of her.

    • Maria

      I have been watching the Today show for years. It was so sad to see Merridith leave and than Ann Curry its really bad cause now its really not worth watching the girl they hace now is horrible everything is a joke or stupid comment what has happened to the great people that used to work there and worth watching Thank God for Mat and Al Roker cause Savanah really has to Go maybe go to work for disney channel since she acts like a child.
      Please Matt get Rid of her she is making you look bad.

    • Maria

      I agree with Kathy and Hoda even brining the today show down its so true all they do is drink and talk caca they too need to go with Savanah… Please Matt make it a New Years wish to get you a better co anker or bring Ann back……..

  • J Smith

    I used to watch the Today show but I got tired of the super egos on the show. They brought in Meridith who is enjoyable and added to the pleasant atmosphere of Anne and Al. I’ve stopped watching it because everything is too short and too hurried and most of it not even interesting. It isn’t news, it isn’t cooking, it isn’t even weather since my part of the country is never included and in the past not even on the map. Getting rid of Anne was the biggest mistake. To keep the biggest ego just isn’t good TV and I should add the biggest ego after getting rid of Katie. The show needs a dose of what people would really like to see.

  • J Smith

    I should have added…I haven’t watched for some time. I left with Anne.

  • http://googlechrome al

    i think matt does a good job he needs to stay.savannahis good sheis anasset to the show and complements matt as a team.i did not care for ann at all happy she is gone

  • NBC Hater

    You take Matt Lauer and I’ll take a dose of the CLAP! This guy’s 15 minutes of fame is WAY done come and gone! He is useless and a liberal backstabbing azz!

    • http://Webpronews Jackie Knight

      AMEN! He’s a freakin weaselly lying jerk!

  • Bill

    I would yell at him too if I saw him. Anne Curry got totally screwed over. She made the show better, I don’t watch it anymore.

  • Shirley Kendall

    We faithfully watched the Today show until Ann was let go, now we watch GMA.
    We liked Ann, whoever decided to let her go did wrong.

  • Scamuel Jones

    Matt Lauer is a scum SOB moron POS! He ought to be fired and verbally abused as well!

  • http://Webpronews Jackie Knight

    NBC sux. They tell only half the truth about an issue, if they even report on it at all. How many people learned anything about “Fast and Furious” and the hundreds of Mexicans and the American Border Patrol being murdered by guns our Attorney General sent over the border? Or how about the slaughter of our ambassador in Bhengazi, Libya? Wonder if NBC reported on our Treasury Secretary not paying his taxes or Obama’s daily “prayers” with the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House. I wish that whole network would finish going bankrupt an go off the air.

  • Barb

    I would like to scream at him too. He is such a louse… I stopped watching the show when Ann left too. It was so unfair… she did a great job!! Get rid of Matt and bring her back.


    • pat

      me too

  • Mary Scholl

    Ann Curry whines and uses a “story telling voice” on every story. Good riddance!!!

    • LaDonna Robertson

      She does NOT whine and never has. Matt is an arss-hole and needs to permanently go away.

  • Brandon

    Idk I don’t really blame Matt, but it was just tateless for that channel to drop Ann. The best they have is hoda and gifford. Look where all the other talent went to, Amy, channel 11, that doll face anchor from dc, channel 11′

  • http://yahoo Carolyn Langston

    I stop watching the show the day Ann left.

    • bonnie

      I stopped watching the day anne left and now watch GMA … great energy, no lauer / guthrie crap

  • john Bloskas

    Ann Curry, who. She was so overated.

  • carl

    matt l. certainly wouldnt be any big loss if he was gone………ann seemed sweet and sincere

  • http://yahoo Rudy Ruybal

    Ann Curry was the best part of the show. She gave the show respect and class. We don’t appreciate the style of Matt. The crew is too young & silly. We want true professionalism. Matt gives the feeling of I’m too good for the common people. Please return the feeling of sensitivity and compassion for America’s daily heros. Are we all controlled by the advertising?

  • http://NBCGoodMorningAmerica Gina

    I think Mat Lauer is an egotistical I’m the best person on TV. He is insulting to all the people he interviews making them feel like idiots, which is what he is. I think that NBC should tone him down on how he talks to people. If not, someone is going to punch him one of these days and he will have it coming for all the people he has treated bad, Who does he think he is? He acts like he is the perfectist person on this earth. Please make him apologize on TV for all the people he has offended, then FIRED.


      I agree,100%

  • JCasteel

    What goes around comes around, Matt. After all the “ambush” interviews you’ve done, misleading news stories you’ve reported, and all the flat out lies you’ve told over the years, payback is a bitch, isn’t it? Hope the rumors r true and you soon hear the words made famous by Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!

  • sjoliva

    I think that Ann should have not been promoted to anchor. She should have stayed as news person. They should have never let Meridith go. Tho she did they should have replaced her with Hoda. Ann talked too fast. She did a great job when she went on assignment. She cares about her story but I think that the anchor job went to her head. Leave Matt alone. He makes the whole show. Savannah is so clueless it’s almost refreshing to see the innocents with her. I think that if Hoda was anchor the show would be fun and funny like when Meridith was there. Get rid of KL all she does is name drop and drink. She’s a drunk!!

  • http://yahoo frederick hubbard

    Well Little MATT, HOWS it FEEL, YOU RUN off a VERY SWEET LADY, is the rumor TRUE, are YOU getting READY to get YOURS ???????????????

  • Lindsey Gilman

    I thought Ann Curry was kinda a dud. So I was not unhappy when she left. I guess it is just her personality. She’s such a downer. She was never up.

    • http://whatdoyoumean????website anne

      R U kidding me ? Ann was always up beat, kind, pretty, & funny, sensitive & smart. Everyone knows that about Ann !
      She is too good for that dumb show. I stopped watching too when sweet heart Ann left.

  • Manny

    He is a flamboyant dick head. Is real bad to see his face or just his name ! From good to the worst ! Good job Matt
    I would love to see you in one of this world trips and never come back ! A wannabee down the drain ! Life justice !

  • celia shockley

    i believe that matt lauer thinks he is it. he is responsible for the departure of ann and meredith. he did not think they were good enough for him. he trys to make them look bad. he needs to go. i switched to good morning america because of matt.

  • Dolores Howe

    I too liked Ann Curry very much. I thought she and Mr. Lauer made a good team. However, I also think that Matt felt that Ann was stealing the show as she looked so young next to him, he became
    phobic. NBC would do better with her on it with a nicer gentleman.

  • JC

    Matt Lauer is such a d-head. I can’t stand the guy. He comes off as the little boy who snuck into the big-time. That has been his game for year. He is pathetic.
    I am wondering why I spent the time to write this.
    FIRE Matt Lauer. He is a BIG waste of time to watch.

  • Mark Leadingham

    I must say that Ann Curry is a beautiful and remarkable lady no matter how old she is. She did a great job on the today show. We all know though that Matt Lauer is the Top dog of the show, so whatever he wants he gets. Good Luck Ann wherever you may go.. Mark


    Retire,your an old face,to many years,time is catching up,suiting up and showing up really is not good enough anymore if your heart truly is not into it anymore.I know I just retired last year,because of this.You can not fight it,once this happens its over,this is part of life.Money can not change some things.

  • Barbara Cooper

    I quit watching the Today show when Ann Curry was let go. I liked her. I think she got a raw deal.

    • tamra

      i 2 hv stopped watching since ann curry left. i think she had pizzazzzzz! loved her wardrobe also. matt needs to get over himself.

  • http://webpronews.com Dave

    they want a young hard belly on there, someone that has sex appeal

  • http://yahoo linda

    Can’t stand Matt either. He is so stuck on himself. He needs to be yelled at on the streets for what he has done to Ann. So now Matt is crying because people are upset with him? Then stop being such an a**. I also stopped watching the Today show. I know a lot of other people who stopped as well. MOVE ON MATT, TIMES UP.

    • gladys


  • fritzman

    i stoped watching the nbc chennels when mat lauer came on the set i went too CBS i don’t get any more b@#%^.

  • Scott

    Mr. Lauer has had his “draw” to female viewers – but never impressed male viewers. Today Show is mainly for women – in it’s timeslot anyway. Since he cut all his hair off a few years ago, to reduce the “sex” symbol image he has turned into a pansy and caters to the female co-hosts for viewer acceptance as it seems, by most accounts? Curry was let go by some young group of mid-mgmt (liberal) execs – with or without Lauer’s input for not being a liberal, NY Jew and for being over 40. She’ll land OK however.

  • Patti Dyer

    Now let Matt go. He’s in love with Matt.
    I’ve gone to Fox and found I love it there.

  • Patti Dyer

    Matts in love with Matt. Make his departure next.
    I turned to Fox and now I see what I’ve been missing.

  • Ann P.

    I switched to CBS so I could watch real news with reporters, instead of the Today Show “airheads.” I really liked Ann Curry because she reported the hard news. She didn’t dress up in some silly costume or banter about silly pop culture just to for a ratings boost like Matt Lauer does. I hear Katie Couris left too because she was tired of having to report all the stupid, bubblegum entertainment stories.

    • http://yahoo.com Donna

      The magic starting falling apart when Katie left, I only watched maybe 1 or 2 times a month after that.I thought Ann was a wonderful person and felt she was doing a great job and feel she will be missed by many. To the people talking about being to old, you must be in your early 30’s well wake up baby and smell the coffee you will be in the same spot before you know it.
      It’s realy sad when corporate America starts chopping the heads when some one developes an illness or starts to show some age. They need to realize and learn to appreciate and care for the people that have built the ratings and popularity of a show or business. It’s not always the show or product but in most cases it’s the relationships and good feelings a great team can bring to the company as well as cause it to fail when weak or unexperianced replacements are put in. I switched to Fox.

  • AMC

    I like Ann Curry and I too stopped watching the Today show when she left. If anyone looks old, it the Matt, I enjoyed hearing Ann and still see her when she does her reporting and she is a Lady with Class…..Oh by the way, I changed to the Morning Joe show….I don’t like Joe either but its better the hearing Matt and Savanah..

  • tom black

    somebody needs to do a Newtown on him

    • Rita Kelly

      The Newtown tragedy should not be used as an example of recourse. That mentality is exactly what is wrong with the cultural and moral environment in the U.S. today. If you really think this comment is justified and that resorting to violence when you have a beef with another person is the right approach, it is really sad. Adam Lanza could not empathize with pain, and distinguish what is right and wrong. The same goes for Tom Black!
      I think the network realized the chemistry was lacking between these two talented co-hosts, and Matt Lauer is not totally to blame. I say switch the channel if you don’t like the show.

  • Wendy Cameron

    Matt Lauer is too old an out of date to be at the show anymore. He is worn out and deserves what people are saying. The networks ought to listen and give him the boot. Too bad they are stuck in a contract with him. If women aren’t young and perfect they are gone, why is Matt, who is clearly past his time,bad hair, and certainly not anything to look at still there. You look old, you act old and you are not someone worth watching. Older is not bad, but if you insist on getting rid of the women, then stop the good old boys and find someone new! Maybe it’s time to graciously find a new day job!

  • Linda

    I had been a long time Today Show fan. I quit watching when Ann Curry left.

  • http://Webpronews P Rowland

    Well it about time They should fire him and bring her back if ratings are important !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    I quit watching that news program all because of them dumping Ann….she was an honest and fantastic reporter…I love her..Matt is a bum….loves himself..
    I watch anything but the TODAY show…

  • http://yahoo Ben

    The show is much better without her.

    • geri

      I AGREE

      • DJ

        Meridith was soooo good on Today. Ann Curry made me very uncomfortable. She seemed to try too hard and I did not like her interview technique at all. I was surprised and happy they let her go. Savannah is no Meridith, but she does have an ease about her. I turn it off now more because I can’t stand the hip hop, rap and boy bands they have on. But that is just because I am of the older generation.

    • http://yahoo David

      you have no class taste!!

  • Ann

    Quit watching the Today show, Ann was wonderful, Matt is an ass.

  • http://FORGETMATT Linda

    When Matt got rid of ANN, I quit TODAY SHOW. He loves himself Ann was an honest reporter…that had a heart for the truth…NO MORE TODAY SHORE FOR ME…

  • http://www.judycampbellart.com Judy Campbell

    For whatever reason Anne Curry was fired, I am so glad she is gone. If I quit watching the show because of those interviews when she was so-o-o-o bleeding heart. Most of the people I knew stopped watching because of her and started up again once she was gone.

    • Melissa

      After 30+ years as a Today show fan, I quit watching when Ann left. I now watch Charlie Rose on CBS along with Oprah’s BFF Gayle King. Wonderful show. Matt needs to go. He’s old and out of touch anymore. Savannah is just too phony and frickin’ perky for me.

  • geri

    Today show and Good Morning America are top drawer. Matt does a great job no matter who is his 2nd in command. Talk about BORING!!! Click onto CBS and see how boring is boring!!!

    • Kate McCarty

      I don’t think anyone can beat Good Morning America, and I don’t care for Matt Lauer. I did like Ann. But GMA has a rhythm that would be hard for anyone to beat. I think Ann was treated horribly, and Matt wasn’t a good sport about their differences.

  • http://yahoo wayne muncher

    i am not sure what happen but it was a quick dission to let her go an the show was much better with on it . an i bet shes not as old as matt so if it could happen. please bring her back. that is if she would take it but i think she would tell them she likes her life like it is.

  • sowhat32

    I don’t watch because of the egotisical ugly creep Matt Lauer. He’s not TV material. He s*cks the big one. I haven’t watched since he began co-hosting. I can’t stand the creep. They need to fire his arse.

    • http://yahoo David


    • http://Yahoo Mavrik

      Mavrik386 Matt is one of the most intelligent hosts of all morning shows. I would love to hang out and shoot the $hit with him anytime. Smart man. Did anyone read how Ann treated the people renovating her Manhatten digs? Read she treats her “help” the same way. NOT Matts fault.

  • judy

    I really think that Ann is a great reporter, but iI did not like her as co anchor.Not sure about Savannah either.I do turn into gma more often now and can’t wait till Robin Roberts gets back.

  • Joy

    Matt, if you were party to Ann leaving the show own-up so I can hate you too. I haven’t stopped watching but do not enjoy the show like I did when Ann was there. Recalling Ann’s last day Matt said she would be at the Olympics. I didn’t see her there. It has been a thrill to see her on the few reports she’s done since leaving Today. It’s like seeing an old friend.

  • http://yahoo David

    dump the whole staff for being a herd of chicken chets!!

    • Shenli


  • http://Yahoo Martie Hawthorne

    I liked Anne Curry…. I get tired of watching all these tv types looking like teenie boppers. I liked Ann Curry for her maturity and her talents as a jounalist and I think Savannah Guthrie cannot compare toAnns abilites. Besides Savannah had a position and also is a legal advisor for which she gets paid handsomely. Anne is a pure Journalist. As for Matt Laur…. he is old and not much fun at all . H needs to be reired. Great loss when they let go of Anne

  • Barb

    I agree 100% with AMC…I quit watching too when they let her go. Matt and Savanah are both boring and dry…She at least had some class and was humble. I think Matt’s head has gotten to big for his britches. Kick both of them to the curb. Al Rooker is the only one left who has any personality.

  • Ron

    I too stopped watching the Today show… My wife likes it but when I come in if it is one I turn it off… Matt is an egotistical idiot in my opinion and his head is like a blimp…. I do believe Ann was better on the show and brought more interest to the news articles and stories… I also believe Matt had something to do with her termination… Savannah is very nice but is lacking what Ann Curry gave to the show…

    • http://google kim


  • Kerry

    I LOVED Ann — and hate Matt (an egotistical jerk) . . . switched to Good Morning America ever since Ann left.

  • Mary Jo Reuter

    I think the Today Show’s ratings began dropping when Meredith Viera resigned from the show. Ann Curry is a great and classy reporter but also a little boring. When I watch the Today Show now…which I now switch between GMA and Today now…I like Savannah…but between Savannah and Natalie..I feel like I am watching a high school hallway scene.

    • Shenli

      Ditto Exactly my point: 2 female anchors are childish & flighty! Can’t stand theirs & Lauer’s voices! Why do they even need to shout! Lauer’s cheerleaders! Tsk tsk!

  • marianne

    I wish I could add my voice to those yelling at the twit . . you can bet he played a role in getting Ann removed. And Savannah guthrie — w ith her nasally voice and “no-lips” look — the perennial teenager — is surely no match for classy Ann Curry — dignified, smart, a good journalist — with no need to work overtime to be “cute” in every segment. I now watch Good morning America . . between Matt and Savannah . . .I can’t keep my oatmeal down. Totally repulsive.

    • Terry

      I can’t stand Savannah as an anchor….Ann was a very classy lady and i loved to watch the Today Show when she was on. The station lost alot of viewers, several in my own family when Ann left. Good luck to Ann, she deserves something better. Who chose Savannah as an anchor anyway??? They didn’t know what they were doing!!!!

    • A

      I totally agree with you. I can’t stand looking at “chicken lips” Guthrie, with her limp 1981, parted down the middle, hairdo. I miss Ann Curry. I was glad when “Dummy” Couric left. For all of her so-called journalistic “experience”, I hated the way she would segueway from one story to the next by saying “anyway”. Saying anyway sounds like your flipping off the previous story as if it were not important. Couric was so ignorant it probably never occured to her to say something like, “okay, now turning attention to…, or thank you, next…”. Willard Scott is on screen for 2 minutes or less doing birthdays for those 100-100+yrs, & he can’t even do that right! These people have waited 100yrs to be announced, & Willard can’t even take the time to do the segment respectfully & accurately! We can only hope the Today Show will just be cancelled.

  • How

    Matt probably asked her 4 some ass and when she told him 2 kick rocks, he probably got pissed and had her fired. I never liked the little weasel anyway!

    • D

      I dont think Matt has that kind of power.

  • D

    I think the Today Show went down the tubes with Matt and Perky Katie joined. The last time I tuned in (only because one of my fav bands was on) it was a train wreck. Al Roker makes Willard Scott seem normal. I never was a fan of Bryant Grumble (yes, I did spell his name wrong for a reason) but at least he could do an interview and not look like a jackass.

    Oh and the adding of drunk Kathie Lee (slur) Gifford and Hota or Bota (or whatever her name is) just made the show worse. IMHO, morning “news” shows are coming to an end. All three networks has terrible shows. Bring back cartoons….at least they entertain.

  • Aimee

    Just watch Morning Joe. It’s the best.

  • Vicky

    I can’t STAND Savannah Guthrie!! I don’t watch it as much now because of her – she’s annoying! Bring back ANN!!!

  • Caryn

    I use to watch the Today show every morning for many years…I quit watching the day Ann was let go and have not watched it since. Ann was always my favorate, she was smart and classy. Matt was ok…I never cared for Merideth, she came across a little goofy to me…didn’t like Savannah either. I have since been watching Good Morning America.

    • Barefooter

      I agree with you totaly. I stopped watching the Today Show when they fired Ann also. Surprisingly alot of my neighbors did the same thing. It was brought up at a HOA meeting. To me she was like Tom Brokaw, I felt like she could be trusted.

  • Kathy

    Ann is an amazingly classy person, but I don’t think she is morning show material, she seems to be doing well with her new assignment..she started a nationwide trend with “an act of kindness” which is who she is..compassionate! Matt is good, he has been there for years, and the show did just fine. I don’t think age is the issue, Meredith Viera is not young, but she did great! I really don’t like Savannah…she seems fake to me somehow. I think Hoda would do great in that job, but guess she is happy drinking wine with kathie lee..sigh..

  • Sue Sewell

    Ann Curry was a class act and well liked by viewers. She was confident, professional and a great reporter and host. Savannah Guthrie is a dud. She is a phony and way too pleased with herself. I can’t stand watching her. I think the way Ann was let go was crappy and cruel. Bring Ann back.

  • Lynne

    I feel that Matt Lauer was most definitely the driving force behind the dismissal of Ann. They had a very strained relationship in the end, she was so upset with him, she couldn’t even look at him. He had been in the job for many years, apparently didn’t care for Ann Curry and gave the network an ultimatum. Personally, I can’t stand Matt Lauer…the ultimate MCP. I’m not saying that I felt that Ann was doing an excellent job, I felt that Meredith was much better but I didn’t agree with the way Ann was pushed out so I no longer watch the Today show. And…I can’t stand Savannah!

  • Cheryl

    Obviously Matt runs the show and loves these young females “who look up to him”. NBC needs a stronger male figure and better female journalists … aka, Ann C. and Meridith V. Sorry how things have changed in even the broadcasting business just for the bottom line.

  • Elvira

    I have been watching Today Show for Many many years. The moment I wake I turn on the TV to get world news. I looked forward to watching Ann Curry she is an Excellent Journalist possessing a HEART interviewing and bringing out their natural dispositions. She appeared to interview each and everyone with a passion that she puts herself in their place. She is Missed and the Today Show is not at all the same. The beat in the Heart of the Today Show is missing.

  • steve

    Matt doesn’t have an image problem, he has an ego problem.

    It’s gratifying to see the pendulum swing the other way. Matt’s the kind of co-worker we all dread having ~ charming to your face yet working behind the scenes to manipulate your career to better themselves. What a weasel. The man has zero class.

    I can only hope he suffers the deliberate cold dismissal with no recognition of his time with the show. It’s just a matter of time.

    • jun

      I stopped watching the show. Just because he is sleeping with the CEO and therefore immune for getting fired doesn’t make it right. I wish everybody stops watching this show as long as Matt is in it.

  • john meaders

    never did like him he has always been to stiff and his suit look like pee wee hermans to tight anyway just never thought he was good as a journalist just comes off as always just calling it in

  • Primus Igboaka

    There is more to Ann Curry’s firing as co-host of Today’s show than meets the eyes. Has anybody investigated…..? to find out if the rumors of Ann and Matt being more close true. In fact, my friends speculate that their non-verbal communication on air did at times show they were more than just co-anchors. My friends may be wrong. Since we are not at NBC has this any role in their separation. If you look at this matter from recent Iowa’s Supreme Court ruling that upheld lower court’s judgment that an employer could fire a woman (Dental Assistant Melissa Nelson) for being too attractive for the boss or employers. Lon, the decision to fire Ann from Today’s Show may after all be best for Matt’s family since Ann has been rumored, and tabloids had field day alleging that Matt and Ann were friends and closer than viewers may think. I doubt they were. But whatever was the case, I think the decision to fire Ann is a win-win for Matt and may be lose-lose for NBC in the long run…. and with all these Twitter protests gaining momentum, Matt may eventually go.

  • penny

    i cannt stand the matt lauer man he stinks . get someone else he is a rat. he got ann curry fired nad he will go after others. nbc get rid of him.

    • jun

      right on!

  • Brian

    Matts fine.. Ann was cool.. I remember seeing her in a personal interview and she wasnt the tight solid person youd think she was.. But Matt im sure was part of her leaving.. ultimately Katie was the only irreplaceable person ever on there.. The problem with hosts.. If your not careful you build an arrogant mess.. Look at MSNBC Mika is a complete child who is not near smart enough to add anything meaningful .. not to mention her pathetic photo shoots in an attempt to be milf of the year.. Then Joe Scarboro ,, trying to get back in politics after escaping a scandal where an alleged lover young girl who worked for him died.. these shows create huge stars and exposure.. lots of bs

  • Don Pelham

    If you could buy Matt for what he’s worth and then sell him for what he thinks he’s worth you could probably pay off the national debt. What a ego maniac and jerk he is. Would really like to see the punk bitch slapped like he deserves.

  • harriet novell sirt

    I loved ann curry, she was a very good journalist. I was shocked when they let her go.

    • Veronica J.

      I, too, miss Anne Curry. She is the “calm” that made a difference on the Today’s Morning Show. There are a number of overwhelming/overpowering anchor/co-anchors. Sometimes it seems that personalities are fighting over each other. That’s when I turn the channel to something more calm. That’s what Anne did for me.

  • Bob

    Replace Matt with Willie…

  • ??? Bob

    Replace Matt with Willie

  • Dave

    The Ann Curry anchor hire was a mistake from the start.She is a”B” lister and did’nt have the gravitas to carry a major show like Today. She excelled in her previous support role on the show, but always came off as that kid in school who was always trying to get in with the “In” crowd and once she finally did, found out just how ruthless it can be.

  • http://yahoo.com susan hayward

    “Pride comes before a fall” Matt seemed to me to have a temper, not long after I started watching the show. I thought he was arrogant and it just got worse. He seems like a control freak. I MISS ANN!!! The network created a monster by catering to him.

  • Boomer

    I never did understand what NBC saw in Matt Lauer. I thought he was a bad choice for the Today Show in any capacity when he first started. And when he became one of the hosts I was like “you have to be kidding me”. He’s a terrible interviewer. He is terrible on live TV and overwhelms guests and smothers them y never letting them finish a sentence. When is NBC going to see what most of us see? And this Ann Curry thing just shows that NBC management seriously is not in touch with us, the consumer. Ann was great and I would much rather watch Ann Curry any day of the week and twice on Sunday than Matt Lauer.

  • Michigan Man

    I’ve watched the Today show for 40 years, Ann Curry was by far the worst anchor they’ve had. Her interview style, if you can call it one, was condescending, and patronizing at best. She asked questions of people who just had their son or daughter murdered, like, “how does losing your child feel?” Uh, hello dummy, who writes your questions? She was and still is horrible.

    There’s a reason that after a year, she gets the ax, whether it was Matt or not, she had to go, and they are better off without her. The reason Good Morning American is kicking their butts now, is that they’re just plain better. People turned from the Today show when Meredith left and didn’t want to watch Ann and her syrupy sweet B.S. and found that ABC’s offering was much better.

    Soooooooooooooooo long ANN!

    • Leslie

      Karma is involved with this situation. It is happening just like Karma has planned it! Dude, you should have really watched more than one interview with Anne. She is a true journalist. It’s not about “Where in the world is Matt?”. BUT, I am thinking that soon, people will be asking, When is Anne coming back! Until Matt is GONE, the rating will contiue to DROP, thus KARMA!

  • mike macon

    We have not watched Today since the day Ann Curry was fired. Ann Curry was the best and most sensitive interviewer on television. We alternate between ABC and CBS morning shows; we had never watched either of these networks in the morning until Ann was fired and we will not return to NBC This Morning in her absence.

    • cj martinez

      I hear that! Wat a big frickin’ cry baby , OOOHHHH people are yelling at me , boohoo! u didn’t look too upset while u sat there with that sh-t eating grin on yur stupid face while Ms. Curry was soo upset! U jerk! Yur the most arrogant assh-le on morning tv! U belong up there with that putz Limbaugh!!! Yur both on the same level as far as I’m concerned and a whole lot of us feel the same way about u! I hope u ger sh-t canned it couldn’t happen to a better person then u! U suck! Grow a pair! If u can dish it out u should be able to take it!! I hope yur woman gets the chop too!

  • mike macon

    We have not watched Today since the day Ann Curry was fired. Ann Curry was the best and most sensitive interviewer on television. We alternate between ABC and CBS morning shows; we had never watched either of these networks in the morning until Ann was fired and we will not return to NBC Today in her absence.

  • mike macon

    We have not watched Today since the day Ann Curry was fired. Ann Curry was the best and most sensitive interviewer on television. We alternate between ABC and CBS morning shows; we had never watched either of these networks in the morning until Ann was fired and we will not return to NBC Today in her absence.

  • paula

    The Today Show has lost its edge. Savannah is not in the same league as Ann Currie. The show is not the same and needs to be reworked. Al is the reason to tune in.

  • Shelby

    Matt Lauer should never have been on the Today Show for all these years. His ego is bigger than NBC. NBC will figure that out sooner or later! Matt Lauer is the worst interviewer ever. He will ask a question and before the guest can answer, Matt butts in and either has another question ready or answers the question himself. It’s almost like he is interviewing himself. Matt is rude!!! Matt is just like Kathy Lee Gifford…Kathy is always running her mouth…Hoda can’t get a word in edgewise!!! I actually started disliking the show when Katie Couric got so popular and feisty! When Ann had to leave, the show was even worse!!! Savannah does nothing for the show, and if she had an ounce of decency in her she would NEVER have taken Ann’s place…no wait..she didn’t!!! NO ONE EVER COULD REPLACE ANN CURRY!!!

  • Jesse alice

    Matt lauer is arrogant I watched program for 20years. Watched ann currys last program she cryed and matt lauer was very unkind you could just see it in his deminor on set. What is with small topic large commeficals small topic large commerical space its gettkng very old I will watch another station from now on!!!!

  • grace

    No one knows why ann left people. stop being haters

  • Diane

    I turn on morning tv for news. The best interviewer is Charlie Rose and he has set a tone on CBS Morning that starts my morning right. He has intelligent questions and seems to be genuinely interested in the response. For a breath of fresh air for those who find Matt too overbearing as a journalist and interviewer and ABC Good Morning America to full of giggles like an early morning party, try the new CBS Good Morning with Charlie Rose. Now I don’t have to stay up late at night for his interviews on PBS.

  • Rm Mc

    And Matt Lauer is NOT “getting on in years?” So ABC’s guilty of agism as well as sexism as it relates to the string of women that parade over the talk shows while the men just get crustier and crustier – like Regis Philbin did. No one should feel safe on those shows, not just the women.

  • http://shyang01 SLK

    I stopped watching Today Show when Ann Curry left the show.

    • Ken

      I also quit watching when Ann Curry left the show. Shame on NBC.

  • RJ

    They ALL are grossly overpaid at the consumer’s expense.

  • Joe

    Folks, Ann Curry was never that good. Meredith was better. Ann Curry is too melodramatic. All of the Today Show people are raving liberals who follow NBC’s lead and only report half the news. They are cheerleaders for the Obama administration. I stopped watching the Today show when Katie Couric tried to make Sarah Palin look like a fool by asking her “Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?” … like the Bush Doctrine is something written on paper.

  • pat triplett

    i haven’t watched once since Ann left the today show. she seemed to care deeply about the stories she did. if they were funny she laughed, if they were sad she sometimes cried. she is an authentic person,not a talking head. i remeber a story she did on caring for aging parents.she talked about her own father,and how dificult it was to have the role reversal. he was always the strong one, taking care of others. and then they were shown walking, like they were just taking a strole, but you knew there was more to it than that. at least those of us who were also caring for an aging parent did. you might think it would be the last thing i would have wanted to see, but i needed that. i cried like a baby, then i got myself together and went to take care of Mom, so my sister could go home and get some rest. Ann is the real deal, and if there’s anyone left in broadcasting with the least little bit of common sense, they will get her back on the job. we realy need people like her.

    • http://webpronews Joan

      Ann Currie made her own mistakes, she did not interview people well. She was fun to watch but not the humor Matt and Marideth had together (nothing can top that duo) Ann good luck and fortune come your way

  • natalie

    The entire show has lost its edge. Meredith was (and is) wonderful, but for certain reasons, left to care for her family. Ann Curie was not my favorite, but Savannah is my least favorite. Do I detect a speech impediment, maybe a lisp, or a southern accent? I, at times, find it difficult to understand what she is saying. Ann should not have been replaced by Savannah, but she was certainly far better than Savannah. I am sure there were and are other co-anchors who would be better than Savannah. I think that Matt was a better anchor before Savannah came on board.

  • David Wolfe

    Matt is a dweeb,and needs diffidently a head of hair again ,the guy just doesn’t have it ,his ego sucks and he ask’s the most dumb question’s i’ve ever heard,since he’s sleeping with the CEO ,he’s just along for the ride ,and think’s he not vunable to anything,well he got a rude awaking ,he is not liked anyone ,and need’s to be replaced,can stand the guy and don’t watch that show antmore at all,it’s in the toilet.

  • Mary

    I quit watching the Today show when Ann Curry was let go. The only time I watch now is when I know she is doing a report. She has the most soothing voice unlike Samantha with her whiny child like way of talking. Matt is still a loser in my book. He needs to go. I do enjoy watching Good Morning America. No Matt !!!

  • Mark Herren

    Matt needs to “come clean” and confess if he is guilty of anything. Then he needs to move on. If he is NOT GUILTY then everything will work out for all parties involved. Sometimes people get in a rut and say things that they really do not mean and are taken out of context. It’s the media !!! That’s what they do BEST !!!!

  • http://WebProNews Montessahall

    Ann Curry was the only reason I watched the show. The Today Show gave every departing person a decent send off except Ann and they should be ashamed of themselves. I never liked Matt. He is too arrogant and self-serving. I now watch Good Morning America which is a fantastic morning show. Matt needs to be fired from The Today Show.

  • al adams

    yep,Matt shoould man up in regards to Ann Curry. Broadcasting is a tuff business, but Ann was really screwed.i hope they at least gave her good severance pay.

  • george t

    Everything and everyone has its season. Good Morning America how are you?

  • http://att.net Jenna

    He deserves it. He is sooooo conceited and arrogant. I switched to GMA when Ann was dumped. She was the BEST they have had on that show. If I was in Manhattan I’d yell at him too. AM I really supposed to feel sorry for the schmuck? NOT!

  • Sandy

    Matt Lauer thinks he controls the universe. He was most certainly the driving force behind Ann Curry’s departure. Look at his body language when he was sitting close to her. He is so impressed with himself that he has become disconnected from reality. He actually thinks that his viewing audience loves him so much that he is above reproach. I’d like to see him fired. I quit watching the show ages ago. If we all quit watching, maybe they’ll dump is egotistical butt.

  • Phyllis

    If I were in NY, I’d be screaming at Matt, too. Ann has brains–something that is doubtful in Matt’s case. I agree with others who think Samantha has a whiny voice.
    Good Morning America is morning fare now. No more Matt.

    • Mary

      Big mistake Today, hello Good Morning America. Ann Curry is a class act!

  • Marvin

    I thought that Ann Currry was the oost proffessional anchor on Today. I have for a while thought Matt was a jerk. Can’t believe NBC would let him diect their dicision concerning Ann.

  • Vince

    I alwyas thought that Ann was the ultimate professional
    of the group on the Today Show. I was really pleased when
    I heard she would be the replacement for Meredith. As for Matt Lauer
    he is such a PRIMA DONNA> I if living in NYC would be yelling at hom as well/ As for the decision of NBC to replace Ann I feel it was a bad one.

  • veronica L-K

    I don’t know the real cause of Ann’s firing; all I know is that her departure has negatively impacted the Today show. I really don’t care too much for Samantha’s whiny sounding voice, and that she always wants to get the last word which is quite annoying as hell because, quite frankly, I’d rather hear more of what others have to say. Good Morning America should now be paying Ann Currie some serious cash for their increased number of viewing audience. What do you think?

    • jessie

      I agree 100% I do not look at the show anymore I watch GMA they lost the best person on the show since Katie left . The chemistry does not exist between the remaining hosts !

    • a martin

      I agree. I liked Ann Curry. I DID like Matt, but I think the last day Ann was there, was a disgrace. I have stopped watching
      Today show, and have gone to Good Morning America. It was good to see Ann of Brian Williams and I loved her look, and she is an
      excellent journalist. She went all over the world reporting for
      Today, and look how they treated her. Shame, shame shame.

  • lena

    I never liked Matt, but I did like Meredith and Ann. Once Ann was let go, I switched to GMA. Bad decision, Today Show. Matt was always the problem with your ratings. Too late – I’m finished with you.

  • david rainville

    I was watch the today show but when got let go i don’t need to watch the today anymore I like good morning America its the best around now Matt need to remember what it was like before he got so big for his shoses

  • christel fiore

    I certainly will not watch the “MATT show”.Ann Curry was class act.
    Good by NBC.

    • gaik


  • http://yahoo Thomas Martin

    I think Matt Lauer is an egotistical p—k and he reminds me of another jerk named Gumble that was jealous of the weatherman on TV because the weatherman was more popular than he. Ann Curry is genuine, caring and more professional that Lauer will ever be. When the question of “Where is Matt Lauer today?” would arise I always hoped that he was lost in the Mongolian mountains and a captive of Genghis Khan!!!!

  • Ridagana

    Matt is really the best. All these women are just to shine the bright light on Matt and if they get too old it is time to go. It is still my favorite show.

  • Sue

    Contract or no contract, Matt needs to go. He has overstayed his welcome and if he can’t be fired then he needs to work behind the scenes until his contract is up. SHAME ON YOU MATT. What goes around, comes around. Goodbye Matt!!!!!!!!!

  • CM

    I believe Matt Lauer is responsible, as are the top brass at NBC. Therefore I have STOPPED watching TODAY and switch channels immediately. Guthrie doesn’t hold a candle to Ann. SHAME on NBC and Lauer for ousting her.

    • susan

      I was very sad when Ann was let go. When we were in New York and saw the Today show, she spent a lot of time talking to us afterwards and was genuinely sincere to us and she is a very compassionate person. I felt very sorry for her loss on the show. I was happy that she was Meredith’s replacement. Not sure why she didn’t get Meredith’s spot the first time. Ann is a wonderful person and something better down the road will happen to her. She may be better off someday for it who knows.

  • http://webpronews Baker

    Goodbye Ann,
    I will not miss your pathetic attempt to sound so sincere.You are about as sincere as a wolverene. Your attempt to garner fans with that little coquettish voice was not to my liking.

  • Dee

    Matt Lauer is ugly, dresses like Pee-wee Herman, and is balding. Replace him with some talent.

  • joann

    Matt is the best. Ann Curry is okay but not in the position with Matt. Really people! Matt has made that show for years….He is GREAT…

  • menricky

    Ann Curry is a great person and was dealt a dirty deal.
    Matt is so self centered, I can not wait until they realize that and get rid of him. I hope their ratings fall in the s..t can, that would serve them right for being so unkind to a sweet person like Ann.
    Hello GMA, farewell Today.

    • Mercedes King

      AND he always seems to have his mouth full of snuff!!! Does he dip?

  • Sally

    I was SO GLAD when Ann Curry left. She was petty, flirtatious and annoying. I’d stopped watching because of her. I’m back and like the group they’ve put together.

    • steve wright

      What does Matt bring to the show???? From what I can tell, he plays the arrogant, know it all and leads with a very superior attitude. He does nothing to enhance The Today Show! It’s time for him to GO!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com delores

    i think we as american’s such be kinder to each other

  • Maggie

    CBS has a good smart morning show!!!!

  • http://www.creditissueloans.com Mick P

    I am so sad that Ann Curry was let go. The worst part about it was how NBC did it. Since her departure I have been watching GMA. Ever since Robin was going through her health issues I would go back and forth watching Today and GMA for updates on her health. Now that Ann was let go in such a horrible manner I decided to keep watching GMA. Now if you really want to see me enjoy GMA, can you imagine have both Ann and Robin together. That would be an Emeril “BAM’. As for Matt I think he should be considered a “George Washington”…………..HISTORY. NUF SAID

  • Bland

    I left CNBC long ago. Fox does not hide the truth. Fox is news.

  • Jack

    Who really gives a d—- about any of these liberals in the main stream media! Stop watching any of them,abc,nbc,cbs,and particularly cnn, tune in Fox and Friends if you want truth in your morning,noon, and evening news. They all get along well and are down to earth “folks” as Bill would say. Try them, you will like them.

  • v w

    Thats what happens to old women. they get fired….Men….well we tend to get really big raises. Sorry bitches

    • v w

      and stop blaming that mat guy…its not his fault she got old…and even if he did use his puwer …WELCOME TO LIFE IN BUSINESS YOU BUNCH OF WHINEY ASS BLAMERS

  • JC

    Get rid of him. He’s older than sin. I just never saw anything interesting about an ex mtv jockey. How the hell did he even get this gig in the first place.

    • v w

      probly the old fashion way.. screwed the right person

  • Vain

    It seems to be that ann was let go because she’s not the commercial, giggle type the Today show execs wanted to move to. She’s very serious in her attitude and about her job. The other ladies are good, but Ann definitely has a very different quality about her that if you’re serious about the news programs you watch, its the Ann or even the Soledad O’Brien type of quality you want to see in female news anchors. Take the personal out of it and look at the execs part of it. They obviously wanted another bubbly female to put next to Matt.

  • Alice Johnson

    Had always watched the Today show since the Dave Garroway years. Ann Curry was one of my favorites. Loved her on the news for all these years, she has done some wonderful reporting & I enjoyed her on the Today show! Never really cared for Matt, so when NBC gave Ann the shaft, I also, changed to GMA. Will tell you also, am very disappointed in NBC for their crude handling of her “replacement”… I can certainly do without Matt & Savanna Guthrie!



    • soozeeq

      Ditto, Alice J – we feel the same as you, ‘cept we watch the local Fox News instead – wake up, NBC execs – you blew this BIG TIME! I will never watch the Today show again, until you bring Ann back AND REPLACE MATT!

  • Pedro Gonzales

    Ann kept touching her hair; hooking it behind her ears all the time..

  • Gail Trimble

    Ann Curry had an amazing personality and and has the most pleasant broadcasting voice I have heard in years. When she does an interview, she is completely engaged, speaks calmly, and her sincerity shines through. She is a beautiful women of substance. The 2 girls replacing her are your typical, cookie-cutter, beautiful slender young women. Neither of their voices can begin to compare to Ann’s….they both have a “scratchy” edge to them. I would hate to think Ann was let go because of her age? How old is Matt? How old is Al? c’mon guys. I often mix up the two girls on the show now….could be twins…….same ol, same ol………yawn…..

    • linda black

      Anne Curry was the best reported since Brian Gumble. She was not afraid to dig into detail and report on newsworthy topics. The rest of the Today show is fluff. I have given up watching it and will stay away. Anne got a raw deal. I miss her humor and caring ways.

  • Walt

    NBC should wake up; Ann is an outstanding reporter (serious in nature). There is too much “fluff” on The Today Show (ie. Hota Kotb and Kathy Lee – useless in my opinion, no substance coming from the last hour of the show). I believe your ratings will go up when you employ people of “substance” to communicate with your viewers. Thanks for reading my comments – hope you give them serious consideration.

  • Theresa Gordon

    I no longer watch the today show. Ann Curry brought the human aspect of news reporting. She engaged the audience with real facts that cause us to look at the bigger picture. MATT is Horrible!!!

    • Carla

      High five!

  • carolyn

    I have stopped watching Today since Ann left. I feel like as Mat is balding and so is Al they wanted some new younger faces to liven up the set, Al is ok but Mat….. well let’s just say the show needs Ann back to survive. Thank God Katie Couric is gone I hated seeing her gums and tonsils every day, and now she has her own show. Go figure America, what it takes to be on TV.

  • Carla

    I am a long time fan of Matt when he started at the news desk, if Matt Lauer couldn’t handle the professionalism and humanitarian competition of Ann Curry he should have left, if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen, the high road!

    As Al Roker said throwing “your partner under the bus”is the pu**y way out Matt !!

    Matt shame on you – you feel better now you have a partner you can one up , where you could not, with a real professional like Ann.

  • Jewel

    I miss Ann. That was the reason I watched the Today show. I felt she bought a sense of class to the show and was excellent interviewer. I no longer watch the Today show and have switched to GMA. She got a raw deal and the Today show is going to continue to decline.

  • steven

    I thought Matt got Ann Fired. I think he just wanted another “white” co host so Savannah got the job?! Well that’s why that Heartless show is now behind Good Morning America. I watch GMA, not because its so great but because the Today show network is evil.