Matt Cutts Talks Video Universal Search Ranking

Quite Similar to Regular Web Search Ranking

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As you may know, Google’s Matt Cutts frequently answers user questions by posting videos to the Google Webmaster Central YouTube channel, and the latest one he tackled has to do with videos ranking for universal search on Google. Here is the question that Cutts received:

What factors influence a video universal result in Google? I have the same video – one on YouTube with high views, comments and ratings, yet the other one with low views and no comments is the one that ranks – why is this?

Cutts says that his first guess without knowing the specifics is that maybe the ranking video received links from a very reputable site, so it has more pagerank.

"We still do look at links. We still do look at pagerank whenever we’re trying to rank things," says Cutts. "So if this is the one that happened to get written up in a very sort of reputable location, then it couple be that this one has more pagerank and that’s why it outranks it."

Cutts says it’s strange, because if the other video is getting the comments, and the high views and ratings, then it must be getting some good word of mouth from somewhere, but perhaps it’s just not getting the links from reputable sources that the other one is.

The factors that influence a video universal result are often similar to factors that influence web search, according to Cutts. This means things like how well Google thinks a certain result will match in terms of topicality, and the reputation of a page are taken into consideration. Links can play a significant role in that.

Matt Cutts Talks Video Universal Search Ranking
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  • http://www.gardeningabc.net/ Gardening

    This video only shows us that google can rank videos, photos, documents and webpages in the same manner. This is the prove that links and pagerank are still a very important fact.

  • http://spidermarket.wordpress.com/services Seattle Tacoma SEO Services

    Thanks Matt, we have several videos on different video web properties that rank in vary ranges, and we had stumble on this particular ranking questions.
    The one question that we have is for a brand name that has a video on youtube, but can’t outrank a particular site that has no links. The youtube site for wcv has links. Will probably send this q to Matt…

  • http://www.noporkpies.com Adam Lee

    Based on Matt’s response he has basically told me what i was thinking – YouTube is pretty crap for Universal videos.
    If you embed a video then you don’t get link equity – most other video platforms tend to drive links where as YT gets more embeds.
    The YT video tends to get more views and comments because of YT own search and traffic but in the example i gave Matt the YT video has the comments and ratings and Daily Motion ranks better – i’ve often seen this and think Daily Motion has better indexing capabilities but if universal ranking factors are more or less the same as web factors then using the other platforms is definately a better option.

  • http://www.bikeshopcastlehill.com.au Home Solar Power Systems

    Matt’s response is quite interesting and very informative

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