Matt Cutts Surveys The Webmaster Crowd

    July 23, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s Webmaster Central team is open to suggestions on what webmasters want to see in their management consoles.

Matt Cutts Surveys The Webmaster Crowd
Matt Cutts Surveys The Webmaster Crowd

After recapping the various feature additions and tweaks that have taken place at Google’s Webmaster Central, Matt has a new question for the webmasters out there who follow him as fervently online as they do at conferences.

"What should the webmaster central team do next?" he asked. Culling suggestions from items he read on Google Blogoscoped and mixing them with his thoughts, Matt posted a lengthy list of suggestions in the form of a poll.

Naturally the poll is more for gauging interest rather than truly pushing Google on a particular suggestion. One question would be very interesting to see implemented: showing specific PageRank for a site, instead of the current none/low/medium/high.

Various PageRank estimators may be found on the Internet in various places. One that truly assesses PageRank from Google’s internal numbers would be very popular and insightful.

As a commenter noted, a suggestion to make more information about penalties and scoring issues would be highly desirable. However, such information in detail would be invaluable to those who want to game Google, and that makes it difficult to think Google would part with such data.