Matt Cutts Says His Blog Has Helped Him Get Into The Webmaster Mindset

    November 21, 2012
    Chris Crum
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This week, we’ve already seen Google release a Webmaster Help video with Matt Cutts talking about SEO, and the prospect of having it renamed something else to shed negative connotations. Today, Google has put out another video of Cutts talking about SEO.

This time, Cutts is responding to the following question:

“Have you learned something about SEO that you wouldn’t know if you haven’t had your blog?”

He says that something he didn’t expect from having a blog was that it helped him step into the mindset of a webmaster or a site owner “a lot better”.

  • Guy

    his is really funny guy. What him do with google make me launch. Very soon all webmasters will adapt to new unnatural anchors which google want now and situation will return back to pre penguin/panda level.

  • Tag A. Long

    Oh yeah, Matt can “relate” to us now…haha

    He is the Baghdad Bob of tech, rolling out inane videos to what end?