Matt Cutts Provides Another Chrome Market Share Update

    April 3, 2009

Although it’s possible to quibble over percentage points, Google Chrome appears to be moving in a positive direction.  Matt Cutts gathered together statistics from several sources, and all of them indicate that Google’s seven-month-old browser is gaining market share.

Let’s start with the most optimistic estimate.  According to Google Analytics, 7.04 percent of the visitors to Cutts’s own blog (during the last 30 days) used Chrome.  That equates to about one out of every 14 people, which is pretty impressive.

Chrome Market Share

Next, there’s the data that Clicky Web Analytics had to share.  Cutts wrote, "Clicky says that in the last 60 days, Chrome has gone from 2.099% to 2.479%."

Cutts also stated, "StatCounter says that Chrome topped 2% recently," and noted that "more people using Firefox and Chrome over the weekends."  This might mean Chrome’s gaining genuine play-with-it-at-home fans even if it isn’t present in the average workplace.

Finally, Cutts wrote, "Net Applications says that Chrome went from 1.15% to 1.23% in the last ~30 days."  Which lands us fairly well on the opposite side of the usage scale, with just one out of every 81 or so people using Chrome.

Still, Google’s no doubt happy to see all these numbers heading up.