Matt Cutts on Overlooked Items from Searchology

    May 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

Yesterday Google held its Searchology event and announced a number of new things. The big announcements, which were widely covered included:

Search Options
Google Squared
Richer Snippets
Android Sky Map Application

Google’s Matt Cutts pulled some other interesting things from the event that some may have overlooked amidst the whirlwind of Google news. "I noticed several tidbits that I don’t think we’ve ever said in public before," says Cutts.

First he mentions Google’s internal code names for spell-check features. These include the normal "Did you mean:" spell check link at the top of the results, but also the mid-page suggestions (codename: Chameleon):

Google Chameleon

And the more aggressive Spellmeleon, which includes a couple results for the corrected query. Cutts says this is for when Google really thinks the user messed up. He also notes that this feature is a tremendous help for is webspam team because it pretty much eliminates the chances of users going on to results that spammers have targeted for typos.

Google Spellmeleon

Other things Cutts pulled out of Searchology include:

– mobile search results are blended between results from the mobile web and results from the regular web.

– 1 in 4 searches triggers a universal/blended search result

– 40% of searches on any given day are repeat searches for that user (a reason that SearchWiki can be useful)

– Links to Jayant Madhavan’s paper on what Google is doing to crawl the deep web

– Also links to each slide from the event

The event was a big one for Google and Google enthusiasts in terms of items of interest. Google rolls out some new product or feature to a product nearly every day, but at Searchology we got a bunch of stuff to think about.