“Matrix” Director: Sex Change, Film Trailer Debuted

    July 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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“The Matrix” series of movies was a revolution in filmmaking, one that swept theaters and had many, many, many other films either take visual cues from it, pay homage to it, or blatantly steal ideas from it afterward. The choreographed in-air fight scenes that helped make them famous have been used to not-as-great effect in countless movies since, but the core of the story is that it helped to define a certain time period for us.

But while all that was happening, the director of the films–Larry Wochowski–was struggling with an identity crisis which has now been ten years in the making. The 47-year old decided to take a drastic step and make the changes necessary to be a woman, and now, with the debut of a new, extra-long trailer for her new film “Cloud Atlas” comes the debut of her new identity: a punky, dreadlocked woman named Lana.

While Wochowski and her brothers–who teamed up for the new project–are notoriously shy about speaking on camera, they managed to give a little interview to try and set up the “Cloud Atlas” trailer for those who don’t know anything about the plot, which spans over many genres and centuries and tells six separate stories which are all connected. And while the focus is clearly on the film rather than on Lana, one can see how happy she seems to be now.

Take a look at the interview and, below that, the trailer.

  • Jasmin

    I absolutely love it… However, I believe I might have to happily watch it @ least 2x to fully grasp and be able to follow the stories. I believe, I will read the book first. This is a dilemma though.

  • Ms_Freethinker

    I am sorry if I come off like an asshole, but just because you get boobs or even decide to cut off your penis and replace it with a vagina you are still a man. Your Y chromosome has not changed. I am tired of people getting mad because I am not politically correct. I am just being honest, if you have a problem with it then change your chromosome to something else. This would exclude people who are born with both sexes. I am not sure what to think about that and prefer to spend not too much time trying to figure it out. >.<

  • howard

    that’s a MAN, baby!

  • jafar

    hyt that


    Looks like a real snoozefest! Kind of like that bomb Tree Of Life…yawn. Kudos on the sexual reassignment, however. Gender identity crisis is a very painful thing to deal with. She’s fortunate she had the resources and support around her to be able to make the transition.

  • craig

    Actually, their is real genius in that movie. I will be watching this one. Thank you for your creative and collective art Wachowski’s!

    Never mind the whole personal choice gender issue… I don’t need to have any more bullshit in my life. Who cares? Hope she is happy now.

  • http://cmstewartwrite.wordpress.com CMStewart

    Hooray for Lana! She looks great.

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