Massive Deal As EA, Microsoft Ink Game Ads Pact

    March 19, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Look for more dynamic advertising in EA titles on the Xbox 360 and on Windows machines, as they expand an existing deal with Microsoft’s in-game ad firm, Massive.

Make no mistake about the deal, it’s all about the most coveted demographic in advertising, the 18-34 year old male. Microsoft has a couple of more years to reach them with ads brokered by its Massive Inc subsidiary.

Through the expansion of the existing agreement, Massive will continue to tie in advertising to EA franchise titles like Madden NFL and other EA Sports properties. The extension gives Massive an in to forthcoming titles emerging from the EA machine.

Massive also secured exclusive placement on what was described as a majority of EA’s premium titles. Racing games like Need For Speed and Burnout Paradise will be among that group.

Though Microsoft did not disclose terms of the agreement, Silicon Alley Insider reported the deal likely gives EA part of the estimated $250 million for in-game advertising for titles not falling into the ‘casual games’ category. “Still, that’s found money for ERTS, which posted about $3 billion in sales last year,” the report said.