Maryland Mall Shooting: Twitter Reports

    January 25, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Twitter is becoming THE source for news in breaking stories. In many cases, major news outlets get their news from Tweets and this has never been more apparent than in today’s coverage of the fatal mall shooting in Maryland.

Three people have died and two others were injured after someone armed with a gun opened fire at the Mall in Columbia in suburban Baltimore on Saturday.

The shooter is reported to be among the dead.

According to reports a 911 call was placed at around 11:15 a.m. to report a shooting at the mall. When police arrived at the mall, they found three people, dead, including one person who was near the gun and ammunition allegedly used in the shooting. Police believe this person is the shooter, although the identities of the dead have been released pending notification to next of kin.

The Howard County Police Department’s Twitter Updates have been riveting.

At a news conference, Howard County Police Chief William J. McMahon said there was only one shooter.

“We don’t know a motive yet,” McMahon said. “We are very confident that it was a single shooter, and there was not another shooter in the mall.”

Image via Twitter

  • You Know

    I said this on another article. I stand by what I said.

    You know, I went through 30 years of life and these things were so very rare, yet in the last three years, we have one of these events a month. Really, it seems like since 9/11, America has gone crazy. Literally crazy. Paranoia has gripped us so completely and we are constantly bombarded by fear, fear, fear, fear. Take my local news last night. The first six stories were about crimes. The next two were about corruption. The news is like that every night. Yet, when I look at my life objectively, I do not know one person who is the victim of a violent crime. Not one. In fact, I know of a man who is in prison for a crime against a person who doesn't even exist. If anything, I find that to be shocking. The police set him up.

    America is so screwed up. Our police look like the military. They are everywhere and the fear propaganda is out of control. If you ever wanted to know how the book 1984 started, well just look at America today. This is the start. I wouldn't worry about this stuff. You have a better chance of having a heart attack or getting hit by lighting than you do of this happening. Heck, you have a better chance of being arrested in America. One in every 25 people are arrested every year in America.

    The odd thing is the last 7 of these types of cases had an odd connection to the military. I guess we will wait to see if this one does. I am sorry. I just find it so suspicious that for three decades of my life, these things rarely happened, but now. They are as common as can be. Something just isn't right about that. Unless America really has changed so dramatically since 9/11. Constantly banging fear in a person can change them.

    Something is not right in America.

  • Motive

    Motive? Most motives are personal and few things are "random". Just like person above me, I find all of this very odd. We have one or two of these things a month now. When I was growing up we never had them. Now all of sudden —- since the government has said they want the guns —- we have them all the time.

  • http://webpronnews kizzy

    Why would they do it

  • Motive???

    I am sure it is personal. With the ages and people involved, I think someone probably cheated or something. Very few cases are random.