Mary-Louise Parker: Internet Trolls Forcing Her Retirement?

    July 17, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Mary-Louise Parker may have had a huge hit on her hands with “Weeds”–as well as two new movies about to debut–but that hasn’t stopped her from being the subject of torment by internet trolls, and she says they’re a good part of the reason she wants to leave showbiz.

The 48-year old actress says that after reading the mean-spirited comments people have written about her on the web, she’s kind of over it.

“I don’t know how many more movies I wanna do,” Parker said. “I wouldn’t mind doing a TV show again, I’d like to do a couple more plays, but I’m almost done acting, I think. The world has gotten too mean for me, it’s just too bitchy. All the websites and all the blogging and all the people giving their opinion and their hatred … it’s all so mean-spirited, it’s all so critical. It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life — or something, I dunno.”

But a big part of her issue with the web is that she wants to protect her kids from the cruelty that seems to pervade every corner of it. If she had things her way, she says, she’d throw her computer into a lake and raise her kids, do some baking, and get away from the world.

“I don’t know if you can imagine a friend sending you something they thought was funny, that was something mean someone wrote about you and there’s like 50 comments from complete strangers across the world about you. And you can say, ‘Oh, I let it roll off my back’ and ‘I wouldn’t take it personally,’ but you have no idea until it happens to you. It doesn’t feel nice,” she said. “I stay away from it as best I can because I’m too thin-skinned, but still it finds you.”

  • Marie

    She is a beautiful talented actress who has given so much joy to the public. “Fired Green Tomatoes” is an amazing movie and I could not imagine any one else playing Ruth.

    • barbara eknoian

      From the first time, I saw you act, I thought she is academy award material. You’re such a good actress, don’t give up.
      There will always be ignorance out there, and you don’t deserve whatever bad comments were made. I don’t know what they were, but disregard them.


    Mary Louise Parker is amazingly beautiful!!! Not to mention beyond talented and successful. Ignore the trash, because so many people are beyond trash in intelligence and class.

  • disco dot

    Mary-Louise we love you. Don’t leave and don’t listen to those jokers that are just unhappy with themselves so that try to put you down. You are amazing, and don’t worry about those ugly spirited folks, what goes around comes around.

  • mark lafoon

    Honey don’t let them win I have 2 girls 9 and 10 but kids are more resilient than u think If you quit you let the a holes win You make so many more people happy so focus on that and forget the losers You are great in your movies and awesome on Weeds You go girl and screw the jealous idiots.

  • Bigguy1

    If you give in, they win.

  • Kelandra

    Never mind those people. People who rip on others have crappy lives and they want to make others unhappy!

  • barbara eknoian

    From the first time, I saw you act, I thought an oscar is in this actress’s future. Don’t give up. I don’t know what mean-spirited comments were made, but there will always be ignorant people out there. Just rise above them, and keep using your special gift.

  • martin woyzeck

    A major part of the internet problem is writer’s who aren’t really writers, and write sensationalist articles, such as this one. In this case Amanda Crum. What a bunch of crock ‘internet trolls forcing retirement’ in big,bold letters. She was making a nonchalant statement about the internet world. The writer ,by means of her sensationalist title , has made it like a major force putting her out to pasture. She was speaking in general terms of having a better life for her children and that people in general are getting more mean spirited. It was a world observation she was making. It wasn’t this ‘she’s having a nervous breakdown, giving up her career cuz she can’t take it’ statement she was making. Please, Ms. Crum, people may want to read your future articles more if you are truly representing what the person or subject actually says.

  • Dave Hewlett

    I agree with the people above. I have nothing but high comments about the two movies in which I have seen you–namely ‘RED’ and ‘RED 2’ both of which were at least as good a performance as Miss Mirren !!