Mary-Kate Olsen Reportedly Weds 44-Year-Old Fiance

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Mary-Kate Olsen has reportedly secretly married her December counterpart.

The first of the Olsen twins to tie the knot, her wedding is said to have been a recent and secretive affair.

The 28-year-old fashionista and former Full House star and her beau, banker Olivier Sarkozy, became public with their relationship back in 2012. They announced their engagement back in February.

The rumors of their marriage started recently when the couple was photographed sharing a sandwich on a bench in The Hamptons.

On the ring fingers of both lovebirds were thin gold bands, assumed to be wedding rings.

Lucky magazine cites an anonymous, but connected, source in the confirmation that the two are indeed married.

This is the first marriage for Mary-Kate Olsen and the second for Olivier Sarkozy. Sarkozy is a half-brother to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

He has two children from his first marriage to Charlotte Bernard, son Julien, 14, and daughter Margot, 11.

I wonder if his two kids ever watched Mary-Kate Olsen solve crimes with her sister on DVD?


Oddly enough, Mary-Kate Olsen isn't alone in her preference for older men. Her sister, Ashley, is dating Moneyball director Bennett Miller, who is a spry 47.

Apparently, the wedding wasn't a huge deal. Did they even have a wedding?

No one really knows yet, but as Mary-Kate Olsen and her sister had a great time designing a wedding dress for their friend recently, it was assumed that they would want to design their own.

Obviously, even more joy and care would be taken with their own wedding dresses, should they ever need them.

Hopefully Mary-Kate Olsen will release wedding pics soon, should there be any, so that fans of her designs can see what she designed for herself.

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