Mary J. Blige: Father Critical Following Stabbing

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Singer Mary J. Blige’s father Thomas Blige is in critical condition following a stabbing on Thursday. The 63-year-old was stabbed in the neck during an episode of domestic violence by a former girlfriend in Michigan. Cheryl Ann White was arrested at the scene. She is charged with assault and intent to murder.

Friends and neighbors told officers at the scene of the stabbing that the two were known for quarreling frequently. White was in the middle of slashing the tires on Thomas Blige’s SUV when he discovered her doing so. He was confronting her when she lashed out, stabbing him in the neck.

“During the course of the confrontation, the female stabbed the victim in the neck,” a Battle Creek Police Department report reads.

It seems Thomas Blige heard some “hissing” noises coming from just outside his apartment before going outside to confront Cheryl Ann White, according to Blige’s roommate Michael Thomas.

“He came back in and yelled for me,” Thomas said. He soon found Thomas Blige lying in the middle of their kitchen floor, “bleeding profusely,” not just from his neck, but from stab wounds to his side and arm as well.

“I had to grab towels and cover the wounds the best I could until the rescue came,” Thomas said.

Thomas Blige is now in a Kalamazoo, Michigan hospital following surgery for those stab wounds.

Mary J. Blige and her father have reportedly long been estranged from one another, although no one really seems to know the reason for their estrangement. The singer, known for albums including Stronger With Each Tear and this past Christmas’s A Mary Christmas hasn’t released a statement about her father’s stabbing, nor is there any mention of it on her Facebook or Twitter account pages. Hopefully her father fully recovers from this frightening stabbing incident. It is unknown thus far as to when Cheryl Ann White will be arraigned.

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Mary J. Blige: Father Critical Following Stabbing
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  • JL

    I want a nationwide ban on KNIVES. Let us call it KNIFE CONTROL.

    I am just joking of course, but this article just shows you that people are the cause of death. Not guns. It also goes to show you that there are crazy women out there and lots of them. Yet, only 7% of the people in our prisons are women. Wonder why kids are so out of control? A lot have crazy lunatic mothers.

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