Mary Elizabeth Winstead Lashes Out Over Nude Photo Leak of Her and Jennifer Lawrence

By: Mike Tuttle - September 1, 2014

Yesterday’s biggest story was about a huge leak of private photos from such celebrities as Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, and others. Some of the pictures turned out to be fakes. But some are reportedly very much real.

Jennifer Lawrence’s representative issued a statement confirming that the photos were indeed her, and threatening prosecution for any website that posted the photos. Multiple photo albums of the shots of Lawrence have been removed from image sharing sites such as Imgur and 4Chan.

But one celeb who is taking the scandal on head-on is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Winstead is known for her roles in such films as Final Destination 3, the “Death Proof” segment of Grindhouse, Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, and A Good Day to Die Hard.

“To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves,” she said. “Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.”

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The replies on her post ranged from supportive to downright nasty.

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Winstead went round and round with the nastiness, blocking people left and right.

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After sparring with her attackers for a while, Winstead finally signed off with this Tweet.

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Even then, people who just get their jollies from the misery of others had to pile on one more time.

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  • steve

    link to photos please!

    • Guest the fappening.

  • tucotherat

    “. . .and remember to protect yourself at all times!”

  • Guest

    I feel bad for the girls whose privacy was invaded, and this is a definite invasion of one’s privacy. But why oh why do people insist on taking nude selfies? For their husband? For their boyfriend? Come on, girls! Those guys have you in their lives. They can see you naked whenever they want. And if you break up with them, they shouldn’t have that stuff anyway. Never take nude pictures, unless you don’t mind them being out in the public. Nude pictures are like putting money in the stock market; don’t put it out there unless you don’t mind losing it. Really, if a person is going to feel embarrassed if a nude picture is leaked, the solution is simple; don’t take one. And definitely don’t put it on a digital device that is so easily hacked is the security is down. However, it’s sick that someone committed this hacking, and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Michael Kelly

    The responses are truly vile. I think a little exposure for the worst of them may be in order. People are not as invisible as they like to believe and the things you post online can have real world consequences