Marvel Madness Mulls Fantastic Four

    July 7, 2005

The Fantastic Four (FF) hits theatres this weekend and Marvel’s hoping for another blockbuster akin to the X-Men and Spiderman franchises. Marvel’s had other properties in recent years, namely, Elektra, Daredevil, Punisher and the Hulk but those haven’t faired nearly as well as the X-Men and Spiderman flicks and their sequels have done.

The last time the FF was tried, it made fans of the half a century old comic series nearly cry, those who might have seen it. That film wasn’t even good enough to make it to home video.

The premise behind the characters is this: Reed Richards, supra-genius is a scientist to rival Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. He leads a group of astronauts into space, namely his long time buddy and pilot, the ever-lovin’ Ben Grimm, Richards’ wife, Sue Storm Richards and her brother Johnny. In the movie they’ve added another character to head into space with them, Victor Von Doom, an old college roommate of Richards (at least in the comic) and every bit his intellectual equal.

Things happen to them in space. They are exposed to cosmic radiation and it changes them. Reed’s molecules shift and change and he develops the odd ability to manipulate his body and stretch it out to various lengths much like a rubber band. He earns the title of Mr. Fantastic.

So begins the adventures of the Fantastic Four. With the Thing, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic, they battle their old archenemy, Dr. Doom. He is the quintessential villain.

Marvel is putting a fair amount of hope in this film. The movie stars Idan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Kerry Washington and Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom.

Like many other movies of this type, a lot of merchandising will go around this film. Toys, video games, and I almost forgot comic books as well as a ton of other stuff. This is where Marvel is likely to make their big money.

It’s another comic movie. Batman Begins was extremely good. Comic fans hope to get another good delivery out of this film.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.