Marvel Follows DC Online, Signs Xbox Live Deal

    July 15, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The classic superhero MMORPG arena just got a little more crowded with Marvel’s entry into the field.

Marvel Enterprises, publishers of numerous comic books over the years, formed a Video Games group within the business to explore gaming deals. At San Diego’s Comic-Con, Marvel announced an exclusive deal with Microsoft to bring its characters to Xbox Live.

Sony had previously signed Marvel’s rival DC Comics to a massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming deal. DC owns Batman and Superman along with a host of other characters. Marvel says that it owns 5,000 proprietary heroes, villains, and supporting cast members like Spider-man’s Aunt May.

Marvel has been experiencing success on the big screen. Its Spider-man and X-Men franchises have proven popular. Each has been featured in two movies, and third movies are in development. The recent release of Fantastic Four did well in its opening weekend.

Microsoft needs successful draws to its Xbox Live offering if it is to counter losses on the hardware front. The company is rumored to lose money with each console, and reportedly Sony experiences the same issue.

The console makers earn money back in licensing their technology to game companies. With the popularity of online gaming soaring, they have found that running their own subscription-based services offers another stream of revenue.

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