Martha Stewart Out of Jail and Back to Work

    March 7, 2005

Martha Stewart has been out of jail for four days and has now returned to work with plans for her company.

“It’s really wonderful to be back,” said Stewart who will be under house arrest for the next 5 months. She is only allowed to leave her home for 48 hours a week for work or special circumstances.

Stewart has to wear an electronic device around her ankle so her motion can be tracked.

According to a CNN article,

“The last time she made a televised appearance at her company’s offices was six months ago, when she announced she had decided to go to prison. She’d been convicted and sentenced for lying to federal investigators about a personal stock sale, but the trial judge had let her remain free pending the outcome of her court appeal.

Partly because of heavy financial losses at her company, Stewart chose to serve her time early in the hope of putting the ordeal behind her and her New York-based company.”

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