Marlboro Marijuana: What If It Weren't A Hoax?


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By now you should know that "Marlboro Marijuana" or "Marlboro M" isn't an actual product. No, Philip Morris is not at present planning to introduce marijuana products to the Colorado market or Washington state. And so pot smokers everywhere are disappointed.

But...what if it were true?

Let's say that tomorrow, the cigarette giant announced plans for a "Marlboro M". What would be the likely outcome?

First up, the legalization of marijuana would be fast-tracked to "inevitable". Although some feel that what happened in Colorado is a sign that the drug will soon be legally purchasable in many other states, others remain skeptical. After all, the buying and selling of pot is still a federal offense.

However, big business is not the common man. And when big business decides that something needs to change, they are more likely to get their way. And in this case get the way of everyone who wants pot legalized. What would ultimately occur is a major bipartisan push for mutual benefits.

Second, the industry would be as regulated as alcohol and tobacco. Anyone paranoid about a world where everyone's on pot with no rules and consequences is kidding themselves. We card teens and young adults and insist that someone has to be a certain age in order to buy cigarettes and beer.

There are already DUI efforts underway to prevent and punish driving while intoxicated or high. And of course, there will likely be operations where there's a cop behind the counter to make sure the product isn't sold illegally to minors. In other words, the same steps would be taken to ensure citizens "smoke responsibly".

Competition Would Be Fierce. Marijuana being a legal product in one of the richest countries in the world. That's bound to generate major competition both in the cigarette industry and outside of it. Big business would attempt to take on local small businesses. Or small businesses that no one ever heard of could become huge overnight. A sort of marijuana version of "Famous Amos" cookies could be all the rage.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part.

What do YOU think would happen? Share in the comment section below.

Image via PolicyMic Twitter