Marketing is Just a Game

    February 25, 2004

CNET’s gaming industry portal GameSpot covers over 7,500 products and has over one million users per day.

CNET CEO and Chairman Shelby Bonnie discussed GameSpot at the DMA/AIM conference earlier today.

Games are currently announced 1-2 years in advance and the site’s editorial properties track every single interaction a user has with each game, whether through playing the game, reading reviews, downloading trials, or watching movies.

GameSpot has developed a marketing service called GameSpot Tracks to determine exactly how people are interacting with games on the site. The new business model isn’t monetized yet but the company does allow partners to analyze it and look at what they’ve done.

Retailers are also currently teaching their sales forces how to handle objections on GameSpot Tracks to accurately predict what the most popular games will be 6-9 months from now.

GameSpot’s ability to measure consumer demand with maximum efficiency is nothing less than impressive. Conference attendees were shown screenshots of the extensive interface, which allows marketers to measure themselves against certain competitors. It also shows the ratio between interactions with printed material versus actual downloads of the game.

GameSpot keeps close tabs on what users are doing and then transforms the data into usable information for marketers. There has been speculation that online media will begin to move towards this sort of data mining direction.

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