Marketing Agencies Shouldn’t Publish Their Fees

    January 19, 2007

Karri Flatla has given me a good topic for a future article in the business coaching series. She argues that B2B firms should publish their prices on their web site…

What is worse is that business owners will rationalize their choice to not list prices until they are blue in the face, claiming they want their visitors to shop value, not price. This is apparently in hopes that the unsuspecting visitor will call them up to find out the price. It’s very egocentric when you think about it. Moreover, by not listing prices, you frustrate your users and, in effect draw more attention to the “How much does it cost?” question. I doubt that is the intended effect.

She’s talking generally, but I’m a big believer in NOT publishing any fees on your marketing firm’s web site. I’ll go into more detail at a later point, but here’s the brief version:

1. Visitors WILL shop on price and not value, if you display pricing. No one can explain the value of an internet marketing campaign using just web copy. That needs to be done in person; it needs to be customized to the client’s needs. Only then can you discuss pricing.
2. You’ll miss out on small clients and large clients. Small companies will likely believe they can’t afford you – because of the price. Large companies may see your price and laugh, then leave your site believing that if you charge that little of an amount, you can’t possibly handle their campaign.

3. Pricing doesn’t have to be set in stone. Supply and demand baby. When you’re busy, your pricing goes up. When you’re quiet, pricing can be reduced. It’s hard to be that fluid, when your price is on your web site.

I have more to say on the topic, but hats-off to Karri for an article that got me fired-up enough to squeeze this response out of me.



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