Market Aspects Of Microsoft-Yahoo Furor

    February 1, 2008

The tricky thing about describing stock prices is that they change as you write.  They’ll likely have changed even more by the time you come across this article.  Still, for owners of Yahoo’s stock, that’s a good thing, because it’s absolutely skyrocketing right now.

Yesterday, Yahoo closed at $19.18 per share.  Then came the news of Microsoft’s unsolicited acquisition offer, and pre-market trading took things up $9.50, or just over 49 percent.  Microsoft wasn’t so lucky, moving down by about 4 percent during the same period.

All in all, though, these movements can be interpreted as a positive reaction to the arrangement.  Jim Cramer, among others, seems to have thrown his support behind the deal.  He wrote, "After the brutal lack of gains from the EMCs and the Cornings after their great quarters, and from the shellacking of the Googles and Apples we needed this bad to keep tech in the game."Market Aspects Of Microsoft-Yahoo Furor

On the subject of Google – which, after all, might be most affected by the acquisition – there’s some negative movement to report: its stock is down about $47 from its closing price yesterday.  Still, that follows both a disappointing earnings report and word of the Microsoft’s offer for Yahoo, and much of the damage was done before the second blow came.

Now, we’ve held it off to the end so that they can be as accurate as possible, but here are the stocks’ current levels.  Yahoo’s at $28.65.  Microsoft’s at $31.10.  Google’s at $517.50.  And if you’ve got a vested interest in any of these companies, we’d suggest tracking them throughout the day.