Mark Harmon Second Only to Ellen DeGeneres in Favorite TV Personalities Poll

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Mark Harmon, known for his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the hit CBS show NCIS, is also a very well liked celebrity. He came in second only to Ellen DeGeneres in a recent poll of America's favorite actors and TV personalities. The Harris Poll released the results on Friday. Harmon visited Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Thursday and thanked him for his many years of late night laughs. Both Leno and Harmon teased each other, producing film clips of each men in guest roles on Laverne & Shirley. Watching the two men chat and reminisce made it quite easy to see how Mark Harmon made it to the number two spot on the Harris Poll list.

Interestingly enough, Jay Leno made the list as well--coming in at the number five spot. It certainly appears like the list is comprised of people that viewers can relate to and those who make a real effort to relate to the viewers. People like Mark Harmon, Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno seem approachable. They don't seem like their significant fame has gone to their heads. There is a very "real" quality about each one of them. It can't hurt, however, that Harmon is drop dead gorgeous. Sorry, but he's not available, ladies. He has, for more than 25 years now, been happily married to actress Pam Dawber--star of the hit 1980s TV show Mork & Mindy.

So who else made this list of most liked actors and TV personalities? With Ellen DeGeneres at the top, followed by Mark Harmon, the third person on the list is Jon Stewart. Fourth place goes to The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, followed, of course, by Jay Leno. Numbers six through ten are Stephen Colbert, Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams and Steve Harvey, respectively. Ellen DeGeneres has made the list since her talk show began back in 2003.

Congratulations to Mark Harmon on being so well liked. Be sure to tune in to see him in full Gibbs action on NCIS on Tuesday evenings.

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