Mark Cubans Few Good DVD Men

    October 10, 2005

Speculation continues to surface around billionaire Mark Cuban’s adventures into what may be the next direction of the movie industry. Reports are beginning to surface of wants ads that could easily be used to form a DVD label.

Many in the industry believe the next generation for films will be released on the big screen, on the television and on DVD all simultaneously. Cuban’s entertainment company 2929 Entertainment has already inked a deal for Oscar-winning director Stephen Soderbergh’s film, “Bubble,” due out in January as the first release.

Wired broke the story earlier today and mentioned that Cuban and partner Todd Wagner already have most of what they need to do the complete distribution of the film including Landmark Theaters, HDNet Films, The HDNet Movies channel, Rysher Entertainment, Magnolia Films Distribution and a piece of Lions Gate Films. “Bubble” will be released across all channels simultaneously.

The notion of simultaneous releases is still a nasty one in Hollywood. Many are worried about the changes this would force, as traditional theatrical movie viewing would get thrown out the window. The problem for the consumer though is ticket prices remain high, hitting $10 or more in some places for new releases, disposable income disappears as fuel costs continue to climb and home entertainment, with full digital viewing and digital surround sound are actually higher quality than in than in many of theatre.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.