Mark Cuban Updates His Stance on Google

Cuban Follows Up Vampire Comments with Blog Post

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Update: Cuban has now posted a lengthy explanation of his stance on Google. Essentially, he appears to view Google as helpful if not necesary for lesser known brands, but as a bad business decision for big names in the news industry.

Oriinal Article: The always outspoken Mark Cuban has contributed his thoughts on the whole news aggregation/Google News/publisher debate, one that is most often credited to Rupert Murdoch. It appears that Cuban has a similar opinion on the matter.

Cuban spoke at a keynote address this week at the AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC 2010 Conference, and is quoted by numerous sources as calling Google in particular a "vampire."

"When you think about vampires, they just suck on your blood," he is quoted as saying, reportedly telling newspapers and other publishers to "show some balls" and block Google News and, "There’s absolutely no reason for you guys to be indexed on Google News … if they don’t pay you."

Mark Cuban an investor in MahaloMichael Arrington points out that at the TechCrunch50 conference in 2008, Cuban said he’d like to be an investor in TechMeme, which provides a similar service to Google News and other aggregators. In addition, Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land notes (in great detail) that Cuban is an investor in Mahalo, which actually "touts to advertisers how it taps into Google to generate page views."

While on the topic of the news industry debates, the topic of charging for news is always a conversation starter. The Wall Street Journal has taken down its pay wall for the day, giving users access to articles that would otherwise require a subscription to access. The effort comes as the result of a sponsorship from Acura (Via SIA).

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Mark Cuban Updates His Stance on Google
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  • Guest

    Is Mark Cuban saying this because his search engine [Icerocket] didn’t catch on? Would he happily cut Murdoch check for the ‘privilege’ of linking to his stories? I’ll answer: NO.

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    Who cares… Does anybody actually get their news from Google anymore anyways? Does anybody actually still use Google. I am actually serious…

    Who cares about Google… everybody is inside Facebook.

    • Chris Crum

      I don’t have the numbers handy, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people use Google for news. I know quite a few myself.

  • Stupidscript

    …to Cuban’s blog, I commented something like this, over there:

    I’d venture that 100% of newspapers and most other media outlets subscribe to and publish articles offered by the Associated Press.

    Therefore, 100% of newspapers and most other media outlets are publishing the exact same stories, the exact same text, typically unmodified, as all of the rest of them.

    The ONLY way to distinguish themselves from each other is through the aggressive use of local reporting, and possibly through their classifieds, although Craigslist and others seem to be supplanting that revenue stream.

    If newspapers and other media outlets want to continue to be “discovery destinations”, then they cannot count on people visiting just to read an AP story that every other outlet has printed, and Google has aggregated. They need to excel at and expand on their local reporting, which Google almost never includes in its aggregation, in order to maintain their relevance to the local people who have always been their primary revenue base, as subscribers.

    If a newspaper (even a big one) expects a worldwide audience to pay attention to them, they are deeply mistaken if they believe that they offer something more relevant than a localized source does. They need to become ICONIC in their representation of all-things-local, and forge their identity that way, world be damned. Local is everything for a 21st century newspaper.

    To continue to expect growth when all you offer is the exact same thing that everyone else is offering while paying lip service to what really makes your brand unique is to fail.

  • jeff

    James your an idiot

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