Mariska Hargitay Has Her Last Dance With Pablo Schreiber

    April 10, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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For those of you who did not catch last night’s intense episode of Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit you definitely missed out!

During the episode, titled Beast’s Obsession, William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber) returns to traumatize Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), once again.

Since the season 14 finale, when Benson finally escapes from Lewis, we have seen her struggling to cope with life, and looking over her shoulder for Lewis at every turn. Benson was finally starting to feel safe, and move on from the torture he put her through, when Lewis manages to escape from prison. His one goal and obsession is to get Benson back in his grasps.

Even though a protective detail has been placed on her at all times, Lewis will stop at nothing to have Benson back where he wants her … dead.

After his escape, Lewis goes on a killing spree and takes a young girl Amelia (Lily Pilblad) hostage. “Everything he’s doing from his escape on is meant to lure Olivia to a confrontation with him and she knows it. And he knows it. The NYPD has her on a protective detail and even so, it’s one of those ‘they’ve had this date from the beginning’ kind of climaxes,” Warren Leight, SVU executive producer, told E! News.

As to be expected, Lewis finally gets his hands back on Benson and tries to force her to admit that she perjured herself on the stand during his trial. He attempts to rape her, and plays Russian roulette with her life. At the end of the very climatically charged episode, Lewis takes his own life, and leaves Benson covered in his blood.

So, is Lewis really dead? Is the horror finally over? According to Leight, Lewis is dead and will not be returning. Benson had her last dance with Lewis and finally won the battle. “He’s not coming back. I can now affirm that fact. We have a morgue scene in the next episode…the hand isn’t going to reach up from the grave or anything like that,” Leight revealed.

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  • Dago T

    I was hoping she was going to get to off him.
    And BTW, nice acting Pablo, your character was slimy.

    • Bertha-Ava Nayshen

      Doesn’t have NEARLY the talent or the looks his brother Liev has. He’s a one trick pony cause he NEVER EVER plays anything but whackos.

  • Margarita Aguirre

    I DVRd it but was afraid to watch. Now I can ….lol He was good as a crazy man

  • Constant Viewer

    I thought the show jumped the shark. Russian Roulette? C’MON! The ease with which Lewis could get out of jail made him a long-term viable threat. And complaining that Olivia beat him up while he was cuffed? A breach of police procedure, but in the viewer’s eye (and as the Lieutenant said), utterly justified; but pretty whiny. Were we to think Lewis took her publicizing it as a reflection on his manhood? A psychopath would not need justification to get out, cause mayhem and terror, and advertise that it was all because Olivia would not be his squeeze. And will his death make Olivia’s sessions with her wonderful shrink superfluous? The writers have turned SVU into a last-season vehicle, even as the crop of newer characters open new doors for character development. Nevertheless, major kudos to Pablo Schrieber. If he doesn’t get awards for his fully-rounded monster, I’ll be sooo disapppoionted.

    • BeBe Renee

      …What is it that you think “jump the shark” means? He was pretty much terrorizing her because that’s just what he does. Of course he was whiny, he was a narcissistic psychopath. His criminal actions are what he views as a reflection of his manhood IMO. His entire goal was to screw with her; he was mad that a woman of all people (and his usual victims) beat him and she became a challenge. Remember his reaction to trying to rape her? I agree that this season hasn’t been the best, but I don’t see it as a last season vehicle. How would his death make her sessions superfluous?

  • Sarah Paige

    They both earned Emmy’s! It was incredible acting that kept you riveted. The storyline was terrific (if you didn’t over think it) and audiences have been waiting for this episode. Kudos to the cast, especially Hargitay and Pablo!

  • Carla Sposito

    OMG! Mariska and Pablo deserve a emmy. Great performances. Episode intense, dramatic, breathtaking. SVU never ceases to amaze. The ending was amazing, and I loved the suspense of Russian roulette. To those who criticize the episode, I mean just that SVU is a television show, a drama, and must engage the viewer. Succeeded. The ratings soared and the episode was unforgettable.

  • Bertha-Ava Nayshen

    This actor is hilarious…he keeps re-portraying the character of William Louis and then cries about how many hate tweets he gets. WHAT a pussy. Too bad he doesn’t have the looks or the talent of his brother Liev. AND he’s whiny to boot.