Mario Party: Island Tour Gets A Friendship Destroying Trailer


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I'm not one to criticize Nintendo for what it does, but it still baffles me why the company chose to release its first Mario Party of this generation on the Nintendo 3DS instead of the Wii U. Sure, the handheld has a larger install base, but Mario Party is meant to be enjoyed around a TV with the four people you love hate the most.

Nintendo will be disregarding this notion for its next Mario Party title as the company will be releasing Mario Party: Island Tour on the Nintendo 3DS this month. The game will play just like the console Mario Party titles, but will require you to gather three friends and three 3DS handhelds to truly take advantage of the hectic, and friendship destroying, gameplay that the series is so well known for.

Despite my feeling that this game should be on the Wii U, it looks like a pretty grand time for those who can manage to gather the friends necessary to play it. If not, you'll be stuck playing Mario Party alone like that weird kid eating alone in the cafeteria at lunch that just so happens to look like yours truly. You don't want to be that guy, do you?

Mario Party: Island Tour will be released on November 22 for the Nintendo 3DS.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]