Marine Corps Hats, Is It Time To Change Fashions?

By: Jennifer Curra - October 24, 2013

Considering all the recent discussion about the government shutting down, then reopening for business, and how to run presently operating — or non-operating systems — why don’t we take a moment to focus on the important things in life? For instance, what types of hats should people wear? More specifically, what types of hats should Marines Corps wear? Athletic, smart, capable, and selfless individuals who choose to devote themselves to others as Marines Corps are now being subjected to a potential uniform change.

The proposition is to transition the official dress code over to include a more universally unisex dress cap, also referred to as a “cover” instead of the one presently worn. The proposed hats are so fancy that they even have their own name, the “Dan Daly” hat, in honor of Sergeant Major Dan Daly who won the Medal of Honor for services in Belleau Wood during World War I.

The hat is not an entirely-unique design, but rather is based somewhat from a design used by the Marines from 1904 to 1918.

Many have taken to the Marine Corps Times website to offer their opinions about the potential fashion change, which is not yet a done deal. Active duty as well as Reserve Marines may share opinions via a survey distributed by the Marine Corps Uniform Board until Friday. However, the decision on whether to adopt the change will not be made until October 29 when the the Marine Corps Uniform Board meets to consider input from the survey.

Poster Jamie Barrie wrote on the website. “We don’t have money to train but we have money to make ridiculous uniform changes. We don’t have money to run the government but we have money to post guards at open monuments.”

Other posters shared the same sentiments.

“Please do not fix something that is not broken. Let the women wear the male uniform. That’s fine. Do not change what I am so very proud to have earned and worn,” Jonathan Wood wrote.

“I don’t get it. The Marine dress uniform is the best looking uniform in the US military. Why anyone would want to change perfection should be monkey stomped and have their brains mailed back to their mother,” wrote Anthony Wescott.

One poster suggested a consolidation of the present uniform options instead of new designs.

“Since everything is about consolidation and saving money, changing the female Marines over to the male cover would be the obvious move. It also looks better and would have the least impact on the thousands of current male Marines and veterans,” Jeff Klaus said.

Regardless of whether the change happens, many are wondering why those wearing the hats are not the topic of discussion and admiration, instead of the hats themselves.

[Image Via Marine Corps Times]
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  • Meanwhile

    It is time to bring all our troops home and not worry about BS like what uniforms look like. The world doesn’t give a crap what we look like. All the care about is the fact we keep invading their countries and then occupying them. On top of that we are spying on everyone including our allies. Pretty soon the world is going to turn on us and our best dressed troops won’t matter.

    Are we really this clueless in this nation?

    • You Are Right

      Most people don’t leave their county let a lone go to a different country. Americans are clueless as to how they are perceived in the rest of the world.

      You are right. Bring the troops home and stop fighting these useless wars. They are accomplishing absolutely nothing. Blind patriotism is just getting people killed for absolutely nothing — nothing we have done has made a difference.

      If you doubt me, go visit some of these places.

      • http://yahoo D. A. Nang

        I think that if you leave your country, you automatically go to another country.

        • @D.A.

          Read closer. I know you are trying to be clever, but read the sentence closer.

      • http://yahoo D. A. Nang

        I think that if you leave your country, you automatically go to another country.

  • Paul Hughes

    If it is Not broke, do Not fix it!! Leave the Marine Corps Covers alone!

  • CSMiller

    My Lord! Our nation is drowning in debt and we want to waste millions on Marine Corps cover that’s not even needed? Is anyone applying the rule of common sense here??

  • American Vet

    What? What? Where did we get the time and money for this foolishness, especially in these tough economic times? What are the priorities? Besides, I think that the Marine Corps uniforms are the best looking ones of all the U.S. Services, and they need to remain the same. This coming from a Vet who was not in the Marines. Leave the Marine uniforms alone, and use our tax payer dollars more wisely.

  • rex robert brown

    what ever happened to “tradition?”

    • Marcus

      That’s wacist!

  • Julio C

    Sometimes the old is better than the new especially when it comes to our men in the United States Marine Corps

  • http://yahoo ernest h.


  • 12 Years Of Fighting

    We have been fighting for 12 years and have accomplished absolutely nothing. Literally, nothing has changed. It is time to bring ALL the troops home. Our country isn’t safer at all. In fact, we are weaker than ever, our economy is suffering, and the world hates us to the point they may just all turn against us.

    You know what makes a country strong? Peace does. A strong economy does. Wars, over extending your military and imperialistic expansion leads to weakness. Just ask Rome. In fact, here is an excellent video on this thought:

    Stop worrying about the stupid nonsense like uniforms. Bring everyone home.

  • Hey!

    Hey weren’t our troops supposed to be home like 5 years ago? Ah, if you can’t get the troops home, may as well change their uniforms. After all, appearance is what is important. We can look good when we occupy other countries. Those countries will forget all the drone attacks if we look sharp.

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    As a former Marine here is my two cents worth. Yes we love tradition but times are changing. The Corps along with many other services has seen a change from all male to a service that includes women, many of them in command positions. In boot camp we learned that you salute the rank not the person. As trivial as the change in cover may seem it is essential in keeping with the new non discriminatory standards. I went to Field Radio Operator school at Camp Gieger to get my first MOS. At one point that was the all African American Camp. I’m sure at that time there was much resistance to allowing African Americans into the Corps but times where changing. Uniformity is one of the most important aspects of that change. Now its time to change again, it may seem trivial but we all need to look at the big picture.
    signed, Carlos Gonzalez-Rosquet, Former Marine Sgt, MOS 0251

    • Reality

      Yeah and in the big picture, this doesn’t matter at all. It is more cost and a needless change. Like you said, if you salute the rank and not the person, what the person’s wears shouldn’t matter at all. Just more needless waste.

      • Carlos Gonzalez

        Mr. Reality, there is an epidemic of rape in my Corps. That said the Marine Corps was the first service to keep track of rape allegations and has been doing it years ahead of the other services. We need to curb this abuse as much as possible. It may not seem like a big deal to you unless your daughter is in the Corps. Its those little details that make a Marine. We do you think we are the only service that wears a french cuff on our trousers? Its the details, many small details make one big statement when put together. My question to you, did you serve in the Corps?

        • Reality

          You are jumping around on issues. In your original post, you mention nothing of rape. You now come out of left field and start talking about rape? Are you sane? I hate to tell you but changing uniforms will not impact cases of rape and if you think that it will, then you are delusional. This whole article has nothing to do with rape…. how in the world you made that leap is beyond me. Are you trying to say that today’s uniforms inspire rape? That a french cuff is going to make all the difference in the world?

          You also contradict yourself. At first you say you have an epidemic of cases in the corp but further on down you laud the fact that the corp uses a french cuff and that helps? If it really helped, then you wouldn’t have an epidemic of cases.

          Sorry, but I am not buying what you are selling because you are essentially saying that today’s uniforms are contributing to rape in the armed forces.

  • Wow

    Bring the troops home and we will then worry about being politically correct about what they wear. We have been fighting for 12 years now and have accomplished nothing. Literally, nothing. Not a single thing has changed other than America losing all its freedoms. It is time to end this charade. Bring everyone home.

  • Brian

    Why is he wanting to spend money to change something that does not need to be changed? Another poor example of leadership.

  • Randy

    This non-functional commander-in-chief and his minions have little use nor respect for those who serve, sacrifice and defend this nation here and around the globe. As such, it seems that the majority of the “denialists” inside beltway of DC have little use or, for that matter, no use for our military and the traditions that have made and kept them functional and proud. Leave the Corps alone and focus on the sleazy crooks that are dismantling our nation and our values…Semper fi. Yeah, I guess that will be changed as well to “semper who cares”.

  • Marcus

    The new hats look too feminine. Almost like a shortened french style. And whats all this noise about the Marine Corps General trying to sissify everyone? I see people saying this all over the net. If you look him up, he has little to no real battle history or achievement. Seems to be a political appointed stooge for the obama administration.