Marina Shifrin “I Quit” Video Parodied By WAH Mom

By: Chris Richardson - October 2, 2013

A few days ago, Marina Shifrin’s “I Quit” video blew up around the web. The now ex-web content producer had a job working for NMA, and because she disagreed with the company’s business strategy, she made a cute video of her dancing to Kanye West, informing her superiors of her decision to move on. Needless to say, Shifrin’s video grew some incredibly powerful viral legs, gaining almost 10 million views in under a week. As is the case when something becomes virally popular on the Internet, imitation, parody, and creating memes becomes the order of the day.

The first to strike this parody iron was a work at home mom by the name of Brenna Jennings. Apparently, Jennings has a family that makes the working at home portion of her existence a tiring one, and so, she made her own “I Quit” video, which leads this article. Instead of quitting a 9-5 office job, Jennings has had enough of cleaning up after her kids and husband, and so she bails on the situation; or goes to the store to pick up some milk.


Jennings deserves all the credit in the world for getting the interpretive dance portion of the video right, and she does so quite well. The response video was posted two days after Shifrin exploded on the seen, and while it hasn’t accumulated anywhere near the same kind of views the original did, the parody has collected over 100,000 views, which is nothing to turn your nose up to. As you might expect, some jokers are using YouTube’s last days of anonymity to poke fun at the parody’s creator, and she holds her own quite admirably:

FatWalruses 15 hours ago
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‘Work’ at home. These videos are cringingly awkward. If you don’t like to work, then don’t. Poor husband, he probably never gets laid anymore. Last blowjob for him was in the eighties.

Brenna Jennings 11 hours ago
My husband was a little boy in the 80s, so that would be really weird. Thanks for your witty observations, though.

Rock on with your bad self, Brenna.

[Lead image courtesy of Brenna Jennings]
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  • Reality

    All I know is that women complain a lot. Whether they are stay at home moms or working women — it is non-stop complaints. Just look at the majority of news articles out there — some woman is always complaining about something.

    This should just be a message to all you guys out there —- women are never happy. They can have it all and still not be happy. Then when they are not happy, it is your fault in some way.

    It is amazing.

    • Ummm.

      Both of you clowns wrote paragraphs full of complaints. Blah blah blaaaaaaaaah. You don’t like it, find yourselves a boyfriend.

  • JK

    I find this all funny. Women are just never satisfied. The guys comment about is really very telling. Many men are getting tired of hearing women complain all the time. Women go to work and they complain Women stay at home and they complain. They are single and complain they aren’t married. They are married and complain they don’t have children. They have children and complain that they have to do too much. They get divorced and complain that they were married.

    It is readily apparent women in America will never be happy. Really it is not worth it for a guy to get married. So, all I have to say to the woman in the video is this: fine leave and don’t forget you wanted all this.

  • Brenna Jennings

    It’s interesting, on my blog’s Facebook page, the most complaints I get are from men implying something I’ve joked about has bruised an ego. If I post a photo of my husband folding the wash and say, “This guy’s going to get some” I get a couple of men who say “I shouldn’t have to do laundry to have sex with my wife.” If I joke that my husband leaves his socks on the kitchen counter, I get men who, predictably, tell me to stop complaining. And these are the reasons I’ve finely tuned my sense of humor, and why I married the man I did. Thanks for this post, Chris. I appreciate your critique.

    • Huh

      While you are probably a very nice woman in real life, you have to admit women complain a lot. Especially, in the United States. I mean, my God, all you have to do is look at talk shows to realize that they are mainly comprised of women and every show is about some dramatic event and women are complaining about it.

      Everything has become so woman-centric in this country that people are not even considering how things appear to men. It underscores a real problem in this nation. Men are not being appreciated for anything and all women do is complain. This even extends to our children. Every program out there for children is about the self esteem of the girl but not the boy, yet suicide rates among boys are going through the roof and so are incarceration rates for the boys. In fact, the number of boys that want to go to college are dropping dramatically. Men and powers are being marginalized and minimized.

      What you are seeing in your blog comments is born from this. Make no mistake all this complaining is hurting us. Men and women are increasingly becoming adversaries when they should be becoming partners. You could just as easily made a video about everything that you appreciate about your husband and children.

      Women may think they can do everything, but the reality is that they can’t. Feminism sold women an illusion that is unattainable. They sold women on an idea that they can do it all. You can’t. Men learned long ago that to get something in this world you have to give up something. Women haven’t learned that yet. They think they can have everything.