Marina Oswald: the Warren Commission Lied

    November 22, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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Marina Oswald, born Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova, is best known for being the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Marina was born on July 17, 1941 in Western Russia and met Oswald, a former U.S. Marine at a dance on March 17, 1961. A year later they had a daughter together and moved to Dallas, Texas.

In 1963 it is said that Oswald bought a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver and then two months later in March, a Carcano rifle. Marina told the Warren Commission that she took photographs of Lee, in black, holding his weapons along with an issue of The Militant newspaper. One of these photos was given to George De Mohrenschildt, a petroleum geologist and friend of the Oswalds, and has a quote in Marina’s handwriting on the back in Russian. Translated, it reads “Hunter of Fascists, Ha-Ha-Ha!!!”

In April of 1963, Marina, pregnant with their second child, left Oswald and moved in with a friend, taking their daughter with her.

Lee found work at the Texas School Book Depository in October. His and Marina’s daughter, Audrey Marina Rachel Oswald, was born that same month. On weekends, Oswald stayed with Marina at her friend’s house. This arrangement continued until President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22.

According to a fellow TSBD employee, Buell Wesley Frazier, Oswald was attempting to reconcile an argument he had with Marina the night of November 21, but proved was unsuccessful. The next morning when Frazier gave him a ride to work, Oswald left behind his wedding ring and some money, and carried with him a package that he claimed contained the curtain rods.

Marina heard of the assassination within minutes of the event due to the mass media coverage. That afternoon, Dallas Police Department detectives arrived at the home where she and her children were staying, and asked if Lee owned a rifle. Marina showed them to the garage, where Lee stored his rifle rolled up in a blanket. No rifle was found. Marina was subsequently questioned at that location and later at Dallas PD headquarters.

Under Secret Service protection, Marina was questioned four times before the Warren Commission, during which she implicated Oswald, saying he was guilty of shooting John F. Kennedy. Her reliability was questioned, however, when she also spoke of an assassination attempt on General Edwin Walker, and an allegation that Oswald had intended to assassinate Richard Nixon. Marina also reiterated in testimony against Oswald in 1978 before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Both times she used a Russian translator.

In 1965 Marina married Kenneth Jess Porter and had two sons. In 1989, Marina became a naturalized United States citizen. She has lived in Rockwall, Texas since the mid-1970s.

In a historic interview with Oprah Winfrey in November of 1996, Marina altered her story, saying “everything good that I learned about John Kennedy came first from Lee and only through him. So, I can swear in front of everybody that Lee Harvey Oswald did not hate President Kennedy – never did.”

When Oprah asked Marina if she believed that her husband killed President Kennedy at the time, Marina said, “I don’t want to believe it but I have too much facts, and facts tell me that, uh, Lee shot Kennedy.”

She went on to say that Oswald was physically abusive of her. But, to the surprise of everyone, then added, “…a different kind of picture of Lee in the public’s eye appears, as the most hated man, a man who committed a horrible crime of the century, but at the same time as people learn to hate him more I discovered a different Lee that I did not know. I did not know about his childhood and his true underlying character whatever it was. That’s the role he played. But that doesn’t make him better. But guilty of the crime against Kennedy? He is not.”

Oprah: “You do not believe your husband killed John F. Kennedy?”

Marina: “No.” She continued by saying that after twenty years she has come to the educated conclusion that he had “absolutely nothing” to do with it and that “the Warren Commission lied.”

Today, according to the Inquisitr, on the the 50th anniversary of the assassination, Marina still stands by Oswald’s innocence.

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  • Of Course

    Of course they lied. That is what America does. The Warren commission and the 9/11 commission reports are both works of fiction. Go out to YouTube and look at what the 9/11 commission members said about their own findings.

    Type in: Most 9/11 Commissioners Don’t Buy The Official Story, Why Do You.

    Watch the film and look at what the commissioners say. If they don’t believe the official story that they wrote, why on earth should you? Both official stories are full of huge holes. It is so obvious, but try telling that to Americans. After all, they were the ones who believed the government when the government said hiding under your desk would protect you from a nuclear bomb. My God, building 7 fell in a controlled demolition manner and it wasn’t even hit. It is against the laws of physics and no building in the history of mankind ever fell from fires.

    America’s government was taken over twice in the last 50 years. Once in 63 and the other in 01. The event of 1963 proved to those behind the scenes that you can do whatever you want and the American people will do nothing about it. They remembered that in 2001 and the people are still not doing anything about it. This ultimately is why America will fall.

    Americans would rather believe Kennedy was killed by a lone “crazy” man and that he made three impossible shots that snipers can’t even make today or a group of amateur terrorists with box cutters were able to pull off a complex attack against some of the most secure targets in the world. Americans still believe even after 7 of the supposedly dead terrorists have proven to be alive in other parts of the world.

    Nah, it couldn’t be people within our own government that have means, motive and opportunity. Nah.

    Americans will buy anything.

    • @Of Course

      Yep, you are right. Here is what gets me about Oswald.

      They “caught” Oswald in 88 minutes. In today’s age, with all our advanced surveillance equipment, we can’t catch a murderer in 88 minutes. The President, the Governor, and a police officer was jut shot, but the police decided to send 8 squad cars and 17 officers to arrest a man who didn’t pay a movie ticket (keep in mind – no one in the public knew what Oswald looked like or even who Oswald was at that point in time). The dispatcher is literally getting hundreds of calls about the incident. Things are crazy. Yet, they stop everything to go get the movie ticket thief. That simply does not make sense.

      By the way, Oswald had $13.87 in his pockets when he was arrested, but he did not pay the 75 cent ticket. The reality is that his handlers sent him to the theater and then told the cops to go arrest him. He was set up.

      There are many more things I could point out but this is my personal favorite. 8 squad cars. 17 police. To catch a man who didn’t pay a ticket.

      • slactweak

        They didn’t go to catch a “man who didn’t pay a ticket.” They went to catch a potential cop killer. Long before Oswald was seriously considered as a suspect in Kennedy’s killing, he was a very strong suspect in J. D. Tippit’s killing. The cops had saturated the area of the Texas Theater trying to catch the man described, (which description Oswald fit, by the way), as the killer of J. D. Tippit.

        If you’re gonna comment, at least get your facts straight.

        • Shannon

          That doesn’t make sense. Did the movie theater say Lee Oswald just showed up and didn’t pay his ticket? They didn’t know who didn’t pay for their ticket. And 88 minutes–I have the exact same reservations. Criminals are not caught that quick unless they are caught at the scene or chased from it. With our technology today, we could’t do it…how could they have in 1963.

          • slactweak

            There was a store owner about 4 or 5 stores down from the theater who observed Oswald in the vestibule in front of his business door acting suspiciously. He turned away from the street when a police car drove by and appeared to be trying to elude the police. When Oswald left that area, the owner followed him to the Texas Theater. The ticket taker had just stepped out of her booth for a smoke and the man who followed Oswald noticed him, (Oswald), slip into the theater unnoticed by the ticket taker. The ticket taker was a friend of the business owner and he asked her if the man who just walked in had paid. She said no and they both decided to call the cops.

            Mind you, the police were in the area searching for a cop killer so when that call was made they swarmed the theater. They originally thought that the business owner was their suspect because he opened the back door of the theater to let the cops in that way. They briefly detained him until he explained the situation.

          • slactweak

            Oh, and by the way, there are lots of criminals caught in short order after committing a crime, particularly if, as in this instance, you have two or more eyewitnesses and the alleged criminal remains in the area. Technology has spit all to do with good police work, attention to detail, and citizens willing to report what they see. Technology is only useful in tying an alleged criminal inextricably to a crime, not necessarily in catching that alleged criminal. Most times, the catching is just a matter of the aforementioned attention to detail, dumb luck, or a mix of the two. I cite the case of David Berkowitz, (The Son of Sam Killer), who was caught because an citizen witnessed his car being ticketed and, shortly after, heard the shots that proved to be his last murder. She waited four days but eventually notified police and told them of witnessing the car being ticketed. They searched the records and came up with his vehicle and eventually arrested him.

    • heretic80

      Of Course—– Dude, that is not what Marina said to the Commidssion in 64. She also had an affair with Martin, her so called business manager shortly after her appearence before the Commision. She made many lies to the FBI, and different ones to the Secret Srvice. There is anoverwhelming mountain of evidece that proves Oswald, a ting zlone, wa the killer. Mark Lane and other conspiracy nuts have all been discredited. Trust me, I believed in conspiracy for the longest time and read everything I could that pointed to it. But as one nut contradicted the others I began to see that it was all conspiracy bullshit and then I read a book called.”Best Evidence.” After hundreds of pages of this nut discrediting all other conspiracy theories, he came to his absurd notion of a rotating autopsy room in Bethesda (sp) and surgical altering of JFKs wounds by conspiritorial doctors, I realized the conspiracy nuts were just that….NUTS! Then I read “Case Closed” by Posner. His analysis of the so called magic bullrts path was foresically and ballisticly right on. You are right, some Americans I’ll believe anything for a time I did. But this still applies to you. You haven’t done enough research,weren’ t there, had no access to the documents and you have big balls thinking you know more about this than anyone. Suggested reading: “Four Days in November”, “Recliaming History”, and “Case Closed” because right now you, along with 75% of gullable Americans are idiots!!!!

  • http://msn.com A.B.Curley

    Conspiracy…lone shooter, ha-ha…was that his name Lone Shooter? I suppose all of the witnesses present that day in Dallas at Dealy Plaza are all conspirator liars!

  • disgusted

    It is not too late to gaol Marina Oswald for life. She was nothing but a liar and involved with her husband as well as others.

  • se7ensnakes

    My two cents as to what happened. Oswald was a typical individual who was told, by some secret op group, to appear communist. That his mission was to make believe that he was a communist so that he could infiltrate communist groups. Meanwhile, believing this, he unknowingly set himself to take the fall. Someone of course aided him by planting all the evidence. At one point he realized that he was set up and took measures. Ruby was not the first choice to silence him, but after the first choice failed ruby was activated. All the evidence, testimony was taken in and anything that pointed to other than “lone nut theory” was destroyed/hidden/ignored. Anyone at a later date who made admissions was labeled loony. Kennedy was a pacifist and did not appear to follow the program that New World Order group wanted. Kennedy may also have said certain things in private that rose the suspicion of this group, as this group have people everywhere.
    JFK had some powerful enemies: 1)Mafia 2)LBJ 3)Joint Chiefs of Staff 4)Powerful Bankers in Wall Street.
    Imagine this: All the money that we, as Americans, have, all of it, has a corresponding interest. The interest and the principal far exceeds the total of the money supply. You can then imagine the incredible resources and power these people have. JFK was not complying with the idea of military action against different countries. Instead he did not give the Bay of Pig full support and he began to pull out of Vietnam. Many historians try to prove continuity between JFK and LBJ, but there is not. JFK wanted sovereign countries to defend themselves against communism, where LBJ actually elevated the war/

    • slactweak

      Oswald defected to the Soviet Union in 1959, at least a year before Kennedy was elected. To assume that he was “told by some secret op group to appear communist,” assumes that this alleged “secret op group” KNEW, at least a year in advance, that Kennedy would be elected president. THAT assumption logically requires that Kennedy was set up as president for the sole purpose of being killed.

      Ridiculous doesn’t even BEGIN to describe that idea.

      Yeah, Kennedy was such a “pacifist” that he pushed the world to the brink of Nuclear War by drawing a line in the sand, (or in the ocean, as it were).

      “…Third: It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union…”

      Oh yeah, them’s pacifistic words all right.

    • heretic80

      se7…..yeah, that WAS 2 cents. You are an idiot as well.

  • http://www.franklingriffin.com Franklin Griffin