Marilyn Manson Unrecognizable in Cameo Appearance

    October 9, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Marilyn Manson’s signature trademark is his intense make-up. However, the 44 year-old, gothic rocker, was photographed while on the set of the HBO series, “Eastbound & Down”, with no make-up and actually looking quite normal.

“It was pretty insane that Marilyn Manson was a fan of the show. He came to the season-two premiere. Jody and I are both fans of his and it was just nuts that he would watch,” Danny McBride, the star of the series, said. “For some reason, I don’t imagine Marilyn Manson sitting on a couch watching TV. I picture him hanging out in a torture chamber or something. We were definitely flattered and creeped out and felt great that he liked the show.”

“Eastbound & Down” is in its fourth and final season. According to IMDb, the show is about a “burned-out major league ballplayer returning to teach phys ed at his old middle school, years after he turned his back on his hometown.”

Surprisingly, Manson has a weird obsession for the show and has been pestering McBride since the first season for a cameo part. He also attended two season launch parties to show his love for the series.

“I get weird emails from Marilyn Manson now,” McBride told MTV in 2010. “He sends me weird emails in the middle of the night of what he’s watching on TV, and you can hear him giggling in the background. One time he literally sent me a Peanuts special I guess he was watching, sometimes it’s Eastbound, infomercials, anything.”

Manson filmed his cameo for the fourth season earlier this week. However, there has not been a date set for when that episode will premiere.

Image via Twitter

  • Seriously?

    I think he looks just like Napoleon Dynomite!

    • Paul Smith

      I think seeing Napoleon Dynamite Two with Marilyn as a cameo would rock!

  • Paul Smith

    I always wondered why people through such a big fit over his lyrics or pretty much anything he does. I am a huge death metal fan and trust me there are other bands out there that have 10 times more controversial lyrics then Manson. Besides if parents did there job then it should not matter what music they listen to. As for how he looks, who cares!?