Marijuana Legalization: Oregon Has Enough Signatures To Qualify For November Ballot

    June 16, 2014
    Val Powell
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Marijuana supporters in Oregon have collected more than enough signatures to qualify for November’s ballot for legalizing recreational marijuana.

Peter Zuckerman, spokesman for New Approach Oregon, said that they will continue getting signatures until they feel that they have “a big enough margin.” To date, the group has already collected more than 100,000 signatures. They only need 87,213 signatures from registered voters by July 3.

Despite already having more than they need, the group decided to continue seeking supporters who can vote, so that they can account for invalid signatures. They are aiming for a 25 to 30 percent buffer.

The signatures collected by the group will have to be validated by the state.

New Approach Oregon gets signatures by telling the citizens and voters of Oregon that marijuana arrests waste police, court, and attorney time, and also waste tax dollars . The group’s campaign manager Dan Mahr said, “We need to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on treating marijuana as a crime. Our country has spent 40 years and more than $1 trillion dollars on the War on Drugs. Prohibition is ineffective and costs the state tax revenue.”

If the law were passed, it would mean that citizens of Oregon can have up to eight ounces of marijuana in possession. They can also grow up to four marijuana plants. The taxes would be $5 per plant and $35 per ounce.

Reports said that over $620,000 has already been spent for the marijuana legalization in Oregon. In 1998, voters legalized medical marijuana for patients who are suffering from severe pain, cancer, and other medical conditions.

Based on information from the latest polling, citizens of Oregon will most likely pass the law. Just last week, the poll revealed that voters support the legalization of marijuana 51 percent against 41 percent who are not in favor.

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  • Bobby Long

    You go Oregon..

  • jerry

    My state, IL, could really use that tax money. Too bad that it will probably be in the year 3702 when they figure that out and stick a binding referendum on the ballot.

  • conservativeguy222

    Someone start a petition in Virginia!

  • obamas a liar

    enough wasting money on pot laws, incarceration police time court its a waste of resources and tax payer money as well as a waste of potential tax income

  • squirrelnuts

    And meanwhile the rest of the country just keeps on tokin’.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOnde5c7OG8 Sloqxqz69er

    Good šhît

  • Carel Two-Eagl#nXtGt

    The crap CAUSES BRAIN DAMAGE, idiots.. Altho I believe any1 who uses it is already brain-damaged. May u all drop dead quickly (immediately wd b better) so the rest of us don’t ‘have’ to take care of u.

    • logic and reason

      Have another drink and mellow out. i’d say wishing death on people is a much more detrimental, brain damaged view on life than taking a toke.

    • Chris Zaun

      pot causes brain damage as much as playing whith yourself causes blindness

    • rational thinker

      you must have smoked a lot in your day, your brain seems like it is damaged way beyond repair.

  • Chris Zaun

    the fact that weed isn’t legal in 2014 is such a massive joke when booze is 50 times worse!

  • imaginarybrain

    Because some hyperbole is never enough. Who owns your life?

  • DN

    Hello, I would ask any associate of Governor Cuomo of New York state to please follow Oregon, Colorado, and Washington and let the people decide.. Legalize for all adults!

  • Jeffrey