Marijuana Legalization: Long Lines Form for Purchase

    January 1, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado on Wednesday.

What started out as a a few people lining up outside pot shops early Wednesday quickly grew to crowds of hundreds as the day progressed.

With the rise in demand came the rise in prices as well. One shop reportedly raised its price for an eighth of an ounce from $25 to $45.

“What I love about it is the peacefulness of the crowd … and the diversity,” said Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks.

Chrissy and Logan Robinson were one of the first in line at one shop.

“I’ve been waiting 34 years for this moment,” Chrissy said. “I’ve been smoking since I was 14. No more sneaking around.”

John Stiltz, 62, was a customer who stood in line to mark the occasion.

“I smoked pot for the first time when I was 16 in the ’60s,” Stiltz said. “I looked forward to the day when a harmless, recreational drug would be legal. I wanted to be part of the history.”

Marijuana sales are illegal in the United State under Federal Law and while other countries have decriminalization policies towards the purchase of marijuana, Colorado is the first in the world to go this far in the legalization of marijuana, and with it, comes the watchful eye of the world.

According to state law, a Colorado resident can buy and possess up to an ounce of pot, while those with an out of state ID can buy a quarter of an ounce. With it comes a 25% state tax on top of the usual sales tax of 2.9%.

People came from all over the United States to mark the occasion. John Gray, who came from St. Louis said, “I’m like, they legalized pot today? So here I am.”

“It’s glorious!” said another man from Omaha.

Opponents of legalization were not as thrilled with the significance of the day.

Former White House drug-policy adviser Kevin Sabet said Wednesday marks the dawn of “Big Marijuana.”

“In any addictive industry, such as this one, the only way to make money is off of addiction,” Sabet said.

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  • rob

    I think it can be good for the people that can control it, and negative if it’s just depressing someone. Pot is not for everyone, but it will bring in needed revenue. and cheers to the pot smokers who take it in a positive direction. YAY!

    • Tracey

      Smoking marijuana doesn’t make you depressed, that’s nonsense I’ve been smoking for 30 years. Running out of marijuana makes you depressed, and even then only mildly.

    • KAM

      Yeah, we will be paying for it in highway deaths, domestic violence, work place accidents, especially in the transportation business. But those innocent people that are killed by the person that got high before they went to work or driving while high, f— their rotten luck. Of all the laws that were passed, this one will be the most critical to societies safety.

      • David

        i am with you all the way. i am sure you get attacked like i do for being against this, but we are right and they are wrong and only time will prove us right. it is nice to see someone on here that feels the same as i do

        anyone that is for legal pot will never admit to the negative facts against pot. it will turn out to be just as big of a negative to our people as booze is, if not worse. pot is far worse on the brain of a kid. it is also a danger to everyone on the roads. just like alcoholics potheads think they can drive and be safe. which is all BS. so i hope other states find out how bad it is for their state before they make a big mistake like colorado

        • Grady

          It’s illegal for kids to smoke weed still and it’s also still illegal to be high while driving. Maybe you could do a little research before you waste everyone’s time with your invalid arguments and scare tactics.

      • Wow

        Are you really this dumb? Most of the things you just listed are caused by alcohol.

      • Alex

        So it’s fine if alcohol’s legal, and people drive drunk and kill thousands daily? While Im high, I can still drive and function perfectly fine. Domestic Violence you say? It will prevent it, not advocate it!

      • gabby

        KAM and David, you both have obviously never smoked pot.

      • Chris

        Seriously, Kam and David, seriously? Have you read ANY of the reports out on marajuana use? Pot smokers getting violent from smoking, REALLY?, what world are you living on?

  • Bill Foxx

    The people of California failed to pass this law in 2012.

    The people of California are shorted sighted when it comes to being progressive except in San Francisco.

    Now the State of Colorado is leading the way with common sense and they will realize the state tax benefits from doing so.

    Congratulations for voting for and implementing a common sense law.

    They will not only realize greater state tax revenues but reduce the court, law enforcement and prison costs associated with criminalizing possession of a natural substance.

    Now Colorado just has to reform its gun control laws.

  • David

    anyone that is for legal pot will never admit to the negative facts against pot. it will turn out to be just as big of a negative to our people as booze is, if not worse. pot is far worse on the brain of a kid. it is also a danger to everyone on the roads. just like alcoholics potheads think they can drive and be safe. which is all BS. so i hope other states find out how bad it is for their state before they make a big mistake like colorado

    • Binky Lewis

      David? roll one up sit back relax and shut the hell up!

    • @David

      You most have been one of those people that believed reefer madness when it came out it 1936.

  • http://yahoo David

    Those of you who are just going by what the government tells you about marijuana, well it is obvious in your ignorant comments. To say anything negative about the effects of pot, especially those of you who talk about kids, guess what, kids can’t smoke it legally! Doh! So if kids are smoking it, that is illegal just like cigs and alcohol for kids would be illegal you dumb arses!!!

    The thing that is really a concern and should be for most is the alcohol use in this nation. More deaths are caused by alcohol yearly than all the illicit drugs combined twice over!!

    I would rather have people driving high on pot any day than having a road full of drunk drivers. You might get a fender bender or two at the seven eleven cause so many are stopping for chips or a coke with a bad case of the munchies. Doubtful you will see people running red lights, driving down the wrong way on a freeway or crashing into a wall due to the effects of pot.

    Most people who smoke it have been doing it for years and years, it’s not like all these newbie pot virgins are running to the pot store to go get high because it just became legal. The people there are people who have been doing it for a very long time. Pull your head out of your you know what, all the crap the feds have said about pot was just to brain wash your pea brain into supporting their failure on the war on drugs.

    It’s the feds who are dangerous not the drugs they have made illegal. If drugs were not illegal, there would be no violence or crime surrounding drugs. There would be no reason for any of it.

  • t

    This is truly a blessed day – we can be wacked out of our skulls and accept what the Messiah Obama has decreed is in our best interests…Who would not bow and acclaim hosannahs?!?

  • Damon

    Weed is not an addiction, so stop lying about it. I have been addicted to Opana’s (oxy-morphine), and that is a real addiction. But never in the 25 years of smoking pot was I ever addicted, never became physically ill from lack of THC, and even though I could have it every day, I never had to have it every day. I have always been able to refuse using cannabis when I wanted and had no side affect from refraining. So stop lying about it being an addiction, only week minded morons will admit to being addicted to marijuana. Other than that, legalization is great!

    • mezcalal

      You are exactly right Damon! Even Coca-cola is way more addictive than Weed!

  • noneyabusiness

    It cracks me up, all the negative feedback….people who don’t use have NO clue about the amount of people that do use. It is everywhere. Users that don’t live in CO will still buy and use just like they always have. Only thing different about CO is that you won’t be arrested for possession like you would in any other state. Legalizing it is not causing more usage. If you haven’t been using all along, no reason to start. Everyone from CEO’s to fry cooks….plenty of pot smokers around you, they just couldn’t say anything before now, cause it was illegal. Don’t be naive….that is even more dangerous.

  • Bacesp

    Yeah our government lies…. That’s why I get my “true information” from you pot heads. Why would I believe either of you? I’ll keep my head clear of both, that way I’ll know that I’m not under the influence of a drug induced high. This stupid argument has been going on for way to long. Sounds like high school or college. Grow up America. Being under the influence of mind altering substances isn’t the answer for us or or children.

    • mezcalal

      Hey Bacesp! I’ll bet your pea brain does not recognize the fact that you are addicted to many other things that are mind altering. For instance: did you know that sugar and caffeine, and the like, alters your mood and your perception of reality, and is Very Addictive! EVERYONE is addicted to something whether it is legal or not!