Mariah Carey Leaves Hospital With Shoulder Injury

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Mariah Carey was spotted leaving the hospital this week after injuring her shoulder on Sunday while shooting a promo video for her single "#Beautiful".

The pop star was wheeled out of the hospital with her arm in a sling; her husband, Nick Cannon, said she fell and chipped her shoulder bone while on set but has been a "trooper" throughout the painful ordeal.

"She was in this nice, beautiful gown, heels on and everything, and was kind of on this platform and reached and slipped and fell on her whole side," Cannon said.

Carey took to Twitter on Thursday to thank her fans for their support while she's been recovering, saying, "Thanks all for the well wishes. Still in a lot of pain - cracked rib, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, but the show must go on."

Carey will still appear at her upcoming Central Park show on Saturday, which will benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Amanda Crum
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