Mariah Carey Drops Big Bucks on Plane Ticket

    April 23, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Mariah Carey reportedly dropped big bucks–more than $70,000–on a one-way flight to France for next month’s Cannes Film Festival. It seems the 44-year-old diva didn’t just buy a first class ticket either. She rented out the entire cabin of the British Airways flight so she isn’t “disturbed by fans” as she flies from New York to France.

“Over the years Mariah has grown accustomed to traveling in ultimate style so she doesn’t think twice about paying such a crazy amount to ensure her privacy,” a source says.

Carey plans to pamper herself while taking the overseas flight.

“At least she’ll be able to stock up on the missing passengers’ complimentary eye masks and hot towels,” the source shared.

“Let’s hope she doesn’t demand that British Airways lays out fluffy carpets for her, kits out the upper deck with puppies and paints the interiors cream. To be honest, it would be cheaper for Mariah to just hire her own private jet.”

Mariah Carey has long been known for her diva behavior. During a recent interview she tried to explain that behavior away.

“I never had a mental breakdown, I had a diva fit and it was [because] no one wanted to let me have a say. When you start so young in the industry people are used to controlling you and then they realize, ‘Oh this person has an opinion… OK it’s different now,'” she said.

Does that excuse spending such an exorbitant amount of money on a one-way flight from New York to France? That’s even a sinful amount of money to spend on a round trip ticket. It seems it’s always the best for Mariah Carey, however.

What do you suppose she is demanding of the airline for her flight to France? Special foods and beverages? And if she is pampering herself do you think she is bringing allow her own “people” in the form of a massage therapist or manicurist? Surely she won’t do her own pampering.

Does any of this surprise you?

Do you suppose hubby Nick Cannon and ‘dem babies’ are going to Cannes with Mariah Carey, too? She recently posted an adorable Easter photo via Instagram of the whole family.

She’s probably not taking Nick and the kids. That would mean bringing a nanny along on the flight–and surely there isn’t enough room on that British Airways flight for one extra person.

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  • Blue

    Her ego is bigger than her butt, then again she probably needs the entire cabin space just to fit her pathetic ego.

  • Marsha Brady

    That’s a ridiculous waste of money. So she can sing…so what?


      Not like she is going broke doing it, she has it so she has to spend it

  • Meshagj

    It’s her money she can do what she wants. It doesn’t make me or break me so I can care less. She earned it so she can enjoy it how she pleases.


    I don’t know man she does have a pretty big butt…


    old lady mariah!

  • dee

    where is her private jet?

  • Joey Jacobson

    She is rich and that is fine. Articles like this one always egg on the “regular folk” to make them pissed when they read about people who have hundreds of millions of dollars and spend big. Who cares, this is what big pop stars do. We will not see her in coach cause she does not have to

  • ShyeNYC .

    I just hope it’s really true…the part about the one way ticket that is. Let the French have her..she’s so fake and pretentious!! And don’t even get me started on her son I mean husband!!

    • bobcat

      Please, its ok let them be, its their lives, choose yours and live your life too.

      • ShyeNYC .

        My life is very full thank you! I like millions of others have access to the internet and came across this very unnecessary article about Mariah and I chose to comment. I never said she didn’t have a right to all the amenities that come with having a successful career.. she’s worked very hard to achieve it. That said, her over the top persona leaves a lot to be desired… she’s a great singer/songwriter indeed, but she is as plastic as they come.

        • BBuddha

          Nothing says “my life is full” quite as clearly as whining like a little bitch about what celebrities do.

          • ShyeNYC .

            And nothing says my life is empty quite like replying to said comment. Please save your next reply as your sarcasm is wasted on me. Maybe the next person will give you the attention you crave, but I’m done!!

  • marine1

    Why doesn’t she have her own private jet? Stars like Madonna and Barbra Streisand have long had their own private planes to take them around the world and would never dream of flying commercial, even if there was nobody else on the plane.

  • Eseoghene Uwanogho

    I do not beef her. It her money. People do worse things than that. She did not displace the passengers. She just wanted peace. She got the money. She spends it.

  • Enni

    Who’s believing this story doe? It’s cheaper than $70,000 to rent a private jet for a round trip to France so take your false news somewhere else.

  • NA NA

    This is the type of woman that would go into psychological shock if nobody paid her any attention. She thrives off of it…this is why this is news. When was he last time she has been in the news for something other than babies or getting her a** kicked by Nicki Minaj?
    The ony reason she probably married Nick Cannon is beacuse he doesn’t matchup power and money wise..which means he can be controlled! She has to feel dominant, There is not enough room in her mansion for two egos!

  • see me

    Who wants to ride on a plane with her not me I will not be able to get my chips and meal because they are going to be busy fetching and running for her. I love her singing but this diva shit.

  • kristen

    Umm this article is bs lol. Mariah flies private only. Only a moron would believe this.

  • Or Nah

    makes not sense she own a private plane