Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon: Are The Rumors True?


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Rumor has it that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are considering a divorce. Sources close to the couple have claimed that Mariah and Nick are not living together and have been separated since June. It is also rumored that Mariah has already started the divorce process.

Neither Nick nor Mariah has said much about their relationship to the media nor have they confirmed or denied the divorce rumors. Nick has been a little more willing to discuss their split than Mariah and has allegedly told several sources that he does not live with his wife any longer.

Mariah likes her privacy and seems to prefer keeping her personal life a secret. A source close to the couple claims that she has even banned Nick from talking about the split.

"Nick and Mariah have the paperwork in place for the break up. Both will not have to give away their fortunes, and will split very easily in legal terms," quoted a source as saying.

"The one clause that is a problem is that he must not speak about Mariah or kiss and tell. If he does, Mariah can come after him legally. Mariah has always been controlled about her personal life. Nick is a much more open book and could face troubles if he lets slip," the source added.

Nick recently responded to the rumors on his Twitter account and seemed to suggest that he and Mariah are definitely dealing with some issues, although he did not say what those issues were.

He also seemed angry about the rumors and claimed that the sources who are spreading them are not being truthful.

Mariah on the other hand, has chosen to ignore the rumors and is focused on her career and tour.