Mariah Carey: “American Idol” Has Their Own Diva

    July 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum

I was in middle school when Mariah Carey broke onto the music scene, so I grew up with her music. If you’re of a certain age, Mariah was part of your youth in a way that makes you sing along to “Dream Lover” if it comes on the radio, whether you’re a lifelong female fan or a big, burly truck driver. You can’t help it.

But one thing we can’t forget about the songstress is that she’s famously difficult to work with and has a history of crazy behavior; also, she’s kiiiind of a diva. Just a little.

So in honor of her new job as judge on “American Idol”, I thought I’d list some of the crazier things she’s done here, because I’m certainly anticipating good times when the new season starts up.

–As seen on her episode of “MTV’s Cribs”, Mariah has a couch in her kitchen, because she prefers never to sit up if at all possible.


–She has handlers and assistants who do everything from dress her to take her chewed-up gum to dispose of when she’s done with it.


–Remember her bizarre appearance on MTV’s TRL?

–“Glitter”. That is all.


–And finally, the rest of her “Cribs” episode, in which she shows us her “lingerie closet”, takes a bath, and changes outfits 12 times.


Amanda Crum
Amanda Crum is a writer and artist from Kentucky. She's a fan of Edward Gorey, Hunter S. Thompson, and horror movies. You can follow her on Google:+Amanda Crum