Maria Sharapova Doesn’t Take Ernests Gulbis’ Sexist Remarks Seriously

    June 1, 2014
    Val Powell
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Ernests Gulbis from Latvia, 25, made sexist comments when reporters asked him about his two younger sisters who also play tennis. He said that he wishes his sisters would not pursue professional tennis, as it’s tough for a woman.

“A woman needs to enjoy life a little bit more. Needs to think about family needs to think about kids. What kids you can think about until age of 27 if you’re playing professional tennis, you know. That’s tough for a woman, I think.” said Gulbis.

The comments again came out when reporters asked 27-year-old Maria Sharapova about what she thought of Gulbis’ statement.

Sharapova answered that people shouldn’t take everything Gulbis says seriously. “I mean let’s be honest with that. I think he’s great entertainment and we love to listen to what he has to say… in a way, I think he was joking, but he’s playing the sport, so how bad can it be?” She continued to say that if professional tennis were so bad, Gulbis wouldn’t be playing it even though he’s a man.

Sharapova also said that playing professional tennis brings many opportunities to women, especially given her experiences. However, she also said that she wouldn’t wish the same experience for her kids.

“But then when I’m playing the matches, I’m in front of thousands of people and the experience that this sport brings, I think, of course I want my kids to do this, this is such a huge lesson in life,” Sharapova said.

Garbine Muguruza, 20, also disagrees with Gulbis’ statement saying that women should play tennis until they want, even if they pursue having a family. “You can play until you want to play,” she said.

Gulbis’ comments may be sexist for some, but for others, he is only looking out for his younger sisters and being protective of them like a brother should.

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  • Chilibreath

    How tough can tennis be for women … they don’t play the same amount of sets as men in a tournament! Men have to win three out of five sets and women only have to win two out of three sets; not the same effort by any means.

    • Mikey

      You’re obviously not a real tennis fan. If you were, you’d know that men play best 2-of-3 (just like the women) at regular tour events.

      • guest

        Actually, you’re both right. Men play best 2 out of 3 in the lower level tournaments, and best 3 out of 5 in the four majors. They used to play best of 5 finals in the Masters events but they did away with that a few years ago. Davis Cup is still best of 5.

        I do think women should have to play best of 5 in the majors just like the men. It adds something special to the Slams. They never push for that, though. People don’t really want equality, they just want an easier time in life.

        Of course, if they made that change, the scheduling would be even more of a headache. As it is, the men have to sit and wait for the women to finish since men always go up last. Tennis is really the most progressive sport out there. Imagine if before every NBA game you first watched a WNBA game. The WNBA would benefit greatly and win over some new fans.

        As for Gulbis, I think he was just referring to his sisters in particular, obviously he wasn’t saying we should do away with women’s sports. English isn’t his first language. He thinks it’s a tough sport that requires a certain mentality and doesn’t want it for his sisters, who he thinks would be happier living a normal family-oriented life.

        • a bush

          ‘people’ don’t want equality? <– one of the stupidest comments written in history!

        • GeorgiaBelle

          I do agree that making women play 3 out of 5 would be a scheduling nightmare. It’d definitely add several more days to the Slams. If anything they should just scale the men back to 2 out of 3.

          But I must correct you on men always playing last. You need only look at the first week of the French Open to see that the men were last on about half the time. There are a lot of factors that go into scheduling such as when the last match was played for a particular player and when the winner is anticipated to play their next match. However, the women are generally scheduled before the men from Round of 16 onward because the women’s final is before the men. This is all about giving the players optimal time to recover. If they were to switch the men’s final before the women, you’d see the schedule change too.

      • Tommy Hass

        The regular tour events don’t really matter that much you dumbass.

    • DANTE

      Their practice and the amount of time spent in court was more
      rigorous than the actual game….

  • karlej

    what a clown having children is the toughest thing in on earth for a woman to do ! how can anyone compare tennis to making a family its not only physical stress on them its mentally stressful as well so Ernest I suggest you thanking your mother for all she went through for there would be no you if it were not for her and give all women the respect they all deserve, after all they are superior to man

    • Dax

      I love you respond by saying to give respect, then follow it up with, “After all they are superior to man.” You are just as bad as Gulbis.

      • karlej

        and how Is my comment a sexist remark ? unless of course you think men are better than women think before you speak if not for women life would not be period

        • dr82

          your point doesn’t make sense. with out men there is no life either. men and women have to “hook up” to have babies. my point is neither sex is better then the other, and life works best when we work together.

    • Tommy Hass

      Oh shut up you degenerate cunt.

      • karlej

        you should keep your mouth closed like the virgina between your legs

    • dominic

      I agreed with most of your post till I read the last couple of words…. how dumb

      • karlej

        well now if the world rotated around your agreeing and disagreeing your post of what I type might mean something ergo when and if you graduate from grammar school feel free to post your accomplishment and we all will be proud to know that a 26 year old in the 6th grade takes a lot of adversity to keep trying so good luck

  • http://gspirits.com/ Zod

    What a troglodyte this fool is! His sentiments are so old fashioned they do not have a place in today’s modern world. Why is it the Woman’s expectation to take care of children? What happened to the father’s responsibility?

  • karlej

    that’s where your wrong men care more about sex than women do and seeing their the ones doing the carrying and absorbing the pain and anguish they are the stronger half of our sex like it or not and remember no means no

  • tom

    No big deal, they are his sisters and none of your business if he thinks like that. Professional sports at international level is so demanding and frustrating in many ways and all the times. This is the point of Gulbis and he is right.

  • Emily J. Drummond

    Open mouth, Insert foot….

  • VFXme

    Looks like Maria is more well adjusted than the media.


    OK, these comments are NOT sexist rather REALISTIC.
    Maria speaks for 100 or so Professional Tennis players around the work and Ernest Gulbis is talking about 2 Billion women around the world. I say similar things to my Tennis playing son all the time. You have to be within top 50 to make money and with fraction of the effort, you can be a doctor or an engineer.


    Maria, I am a fan. Selling candy to children is much worst than ‘sexist’ comments by Ernest Gulbis.

  • asab

    Kim Clijsters. Enough said.

  • Ammoguy

    But I’ll bet she takes Serena serously

  • geo7101

    Good to see that Sharapova did not cave in and do the politically correct thing that the self appointed politically correct police were hoping that she would do. Maybe the tide has turned and people can say what they feel without the fear of every word that they say being micro-analyzed and taken out of context…

  • joseph

    God is responsible for life; not women alone. Remember,
    God created man first; and woman was made from man.

  • a bush

    stop trying to make sense of the inane mouthings of pro jocks that have muscles for brains…

  • Cletus

    More butt-hurt whining from the radical feminists…

  • Tommy Hass

    Honestly, you understand how deserving this society is of destruction when innocuous comments of a tennis player receive the HURR DURR THEXITHT label.

    Having children is something you do in your twenties, ideally. Many tennis players stop after 30. You do the math.

    • Dominic

      Dude you can have children whenever the fuck you want to, if at all

      • Tommy Hass

        >what is menopause