Maps Get A Makeover At

    July 9, 2007

One week ago, declared that it had secured a patent “For [An] Ad-Supported 411 Local Search Model,” and the company’s stock skyrocketed as a result.  Today’s announcement, which involves “Enhanced Interactive Mapping Capabilities,” is less likely to produce that effect, but it’s still interesting.

“’s latest maps take advantage of state-of-the-art mapping technology with maps that are larger and easier to read with more clearly defined boundary delineations and magnified names on major roads and freeways,” the company stated in a press release.

That sounds promising, but further details reveal that is largely playing catch-up with its competitors.  As for calling this “interesting,” well, that’s not the same as calling it “fantastic.”

“[B]usiness information and driving directions are accessible directly on the interactive map screen,” the release continues.  “The maps present a more user-friendly interface that enables users to utilize scroll zoom and ‘click-and-drag’ capabilities.  The site’s new and improved driving directions also offer more detailed data, ‘reverse directions’ and more printer friendly formats.”

I can’t remember a time (though I’m sure there was one) when Google, Yahoo, and Mapquest didn’t offer reverse directions.  And given the nature of Google’s latest map-related release,’s latest move has not established it as a leader in this field.

That’s all right, though – still describes itself as a “local search engine,” not a mapping whiz.  Fans of the service can take the mapping upgrades as an added bonus.

Hat tip to 901am’s Minic Rivera.