MapQuest Launches ActionScript API

    May 29, 2007

MapQuest has launched a new, Adobe ActionScript API that will allow developers to use a robust toolset with the benefits of ActionScript 3.0.

Developers will be able to build rich applications with Adobe Flex or Adobe Flash software using a native API for ActionScript for better developer productivity.

"As an industry leading provider of geospatial web services, MapQuest has created a foundation for developers to bring a rich multi-media experience to end-users. Future enhancements will open up the possibilities even further, ultimately allowing developers to customize location-based applications that offer significant end-user control," said Christian Dwyer, Vice President of Business Solutions and Operations for MapQuest.

"Created to offer more choice, the new ActionScript API offers the possibility of enhanced interactivity, lower development costs and faster time to market while providing all the same great mapping, routing, geocoding and search feature sets that customers rely on from MapQuest."

MapQuest says because Adobe’s Flash Player is available to 97 percent of the world’s Internet-enabled desktops that developers will spend less time on cross-browser support and more on building applications.

"The API developed by MapQuest for ActionScript opens up new avenues for the Web 2.0 developer ecosystem, especially those who use Flash, Flex and Apollo to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) in the browser or right on the desktop," said Jeff Whatcott, Vice President of Product Marketing, Enterprise and Developer Business Unit at Adobe.

"Now, RIA developers can quickly and easily integrate MapQuest’s mapping services into their Web 2.0 mash-up applications, enabling them to go beyond simple HTML to create more engaging, data-rich and interactive mapping applications."