MapQuest Has Gas. Prices, That Is

    January 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Online driving direction and map finder MapQuest has added tools to help people find per-gallon prices that do the least damage to one’s bank account.

MapQuest believes they have a superior gas finder to the one released by AAA. The gas price search page MapQuest presents to a visitor has the search form, and a map of the US in the center of the page showing some sample prices around the country.

At press time, it was good to be in Hoffman, MN, to find the lowest gas price in the country, at $1.58 per gallon. Those who are there might not agree, as the current weather for the area is -6 degrees, -25 with the wind chill factored in as well.

Several features incorporated into the gas search service on MapQuest provide some extra usefulness. Visitors have the option to search for gas or diesel, but can also look for alternative fuels and their prices.

For the brand- and quality-conscious driver, MapQuest also lets one specify fuel type and grade, and to sort by brands. Our Doug Caverly, who would rather dump ground glass and battery acid directly into his car’s gas tank than use certain brands, should like this.

Mapping of gas prices has been integrated into the site’s capability to provide directions to a destination. Clicking on a search result brings that gas station into focus, and offers links to find directions to or from it.

I don’t know if I can recommend searching for gas prices on MapQuest after having been out in the snow this morning to get fuel. My search showed I could have saved seven cents per gallon easily had I checked MapQuest before heading out today. Darn it.

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