MapQuest, Google Maps Now Get Along With Garmin

    April 1, 2008

Whether you use Google Maps or are sticking to traditional favorite MapQuest, Garmin’s got you covered.  The maker of navigation devices has struck deals that allow for "Send to Garmin" options from both websites.

Sit in front of your computer, work out a route, and then send it to your car with just a few clicks – that’s the basic idea here.  And we predicted something like this would happen after Google and TomTom made a similar arrangement five months ago.  Yet Garmin seems to have one-upped its competitor by going after MapQuest.

Garmin Gets Deal With Mapquest And Google Maps
 Send Directions To Your Garmin GPS Unit

"Our relationship with MapQuest gives our users even more of what they’ve come to expect from their Garmin products – ease of use and an array of options," explained Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales, in a statement.  "Planning a trip, whether it’s to a new restaurant, a business meeting or a family vacation, has never been easier or more efficient."

If Bartel and Garmin paid or received any money to make this happen, they’re not saying.  In any event, both options should be free to users, and they’ll be available by April 15th.  Garmin’s current product line includes 50 different units, and the company claims to have sold over 5 million devices since its 1989 founding.