MapQuest For Mobile Web Gets Updates

    October 25, 2007

Despite Google’s dominance in many fields, it trails far behind MapQuest when it comes to that AOL-owned site’s specialty.  Now, upgrades to a mobile version of MapQuest may ensure that Google won’t get any closer.

Users should be pleased to hear about the new Gas Prices feature; its ability to sort stations by price, distance, or name assures that they’ll be able to find something to suit their tastes.  And for those times when car nuts need to drive far out of their way to fill up at a Top Tier retailer, MapQuest for Mobile Web has also gained a feature that’ll allow for multi-point directions.

Or, in the event users have to abandon their car in a garage and walk to their destination – and these are sad, sad events, given the state of many parking garages – new walking directions should at least ensure that they’ll make it to their goal and back to the car in good time.

Nice stuff all around.  A MapQuest spokesperson told WebProNews, “MapQuest for Mobile Web is one of the top mobile internet sites, estimated by Telephia to have approximately 13% of the total mobile internet audience, and ranked as the top mobile mapping site in a comScore Media Metrix / Telephia study.”

Based on the quality of this new update, look for that percentage to creep up, and Google’s hopes to go down.