Many Consumers Willing To Pay For Online News

Newspapers still have future

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Even with a global recession, newspapers have a long-term future, according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the World Association of Newspapers.

Despite the potential for growth online, print remains the largest source of revenue for newspaper companies and will continue to be so for some time.

Consumers are willing to pay for online content, with two-thirds indicating they would pay for general news content online.

General consumer spending on the Internet will increase in the next few years, and this will change the mindset of consumers who are now expecting to get everything for free.

Traditional newspapers still have a strong and generally loyal reader base, as their reliability is perceived as being greater than other media. This gives newspapers the chance to lead and to follow audiences as they use online and portable media devices.

Media preferences

Newspapers have responded to the economic downturn by focusing on cost reductions. Many are also accelerating content distribution strategies over many channels.

"However, many have still to fully review their existing business models to take full advantage of the innovation in the marketplace and the demands of consumers," the report says.

The PwC report is based on surveys of 4,900 consumers in seven countries, interviews with major publishers, advertisers and media buyers around the globe.

Many Consumers Willing To Pay For Online News
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    I differ on the point that consumers are willing to pay for online content. May be a few of them are willing to, but the majority are not. Why would anyone pay for things that are easily available for free.

  • http://skate.bkknowledge.com askater11

    I believe that currently the news is depleting in the interest of getting it from newspapers and yes the internet is making it more convenient and quicker along with the fact that it is cheaper so i’m sold on it

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    great article, about Many Consumers Willing To Pay For Online News

  • http://blogtoread.com/ Chris Phone

    I have to agree that the majority of people, when push comes to shove, are not going to pay for internet news. Newspapers are now used mostly as cat litter liners as people can get more news, faster, and more conveniently online. Most of the news is either reposted, or broken first on small sites, so if the big guys start trying to charge for their content, people will simply go elsewhere. Why can’t they learn that advertising is the best way to make money, and not some old school pay 25 cents a day for your news model?

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