Manhattan High School Dean Had Sex With Students

By: Lindsay McCane - July 30, 2013

It is reported that Malik Taylor, who is 31-years-old, lured four students from the Business of Sports School in midtown to have sex with him. These incidents happened in classrooms, his car and at motels in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, often without using a condom.

A report was released by the special commissioner of investigation for the New York City school district, Richard Condon, stating that Taylor admitted to having more than a dozen sexual encounters with students over the course of this past year, during his time as the Dean of the Business of Sports School on West 49th Street near 10th Ave.

Taylor is reported to have also made rude and lewd comments to students, ages 16-19, referring to their large breasts and “big asses”. He allegedly asked one student if she would engage in a threesome involving her peers. The creep, who was supposed to be a role model for these students, told one of them that he would β€œf–k the s–t out of her”. When she told him that she didn’t want to have sex with him, he went on to ask her if he could β€œat least suck on her boobs?” He also sent hundreds of text messages to the four students and sexually harassed four other students at the school.

Assistant principal, Rosa Choi, reported him in May to the investigators after one of the other teachers told her that he was having sexual relations with the students. After he heard of the report, Taylor then resigned from the school. Needless to say, Taylor is no longer allowed to work in city schools and the commissioner’s findings have been sent to the New York County District Attorney, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. and to Kings County District Attorney, Charles J. Hynes.

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  • Name

    I wonder if the girls willingly participated in the encounters. We all know that young girls go after older guys all the time. Heck, in most of the world, the age of consent is much lower than in the US. As long as no one was forced, I couldn’t care less. In this country, we will sentence a teenager to life in prison when they commit a crime and say that they knew exactly what they were doing. However, when it comes to sex, we say that teenagers have no idea what they are doing when we know full well they do. It is hypocrisy.

    • John

      You sound like a pedophile

      • @John

        There is a huge difference between a teenager and a child.

        What, do you really think teenagers stick to their own age group when having sex? Do you know how many teenagers have been sentenced to decades and life in prison? Have you been to other countries in the world?

        He spoke the truth. Teenagers know exactly what they are doing. Parents just make excuses for them because it absolves the parents from responsibility.

      • @John

        You obviously don’t live in a major city. Teenage girls look and act like they are in their 20’s.

        I think there is a disconnect in our society. There is the way people want things to be — everyone is innocent and wholesome. Then there is the way things really are — our teenagers are having a lot of sex and not sticking to their own age group when they are having it.

        Do you really think teenage girls are wearing g-strings, thongs, getting implants, and wearing stilettos because it helps with their self esteem? Really? They are doing it so they can have sex. If you are a parent, go to your teenagers parties unannounced. Crash it and see how innocent they are.

        Not saying it is right or wrong. Just telling you the realities of things. Until we deal with reality, things will never get better. I can sit here and lie to you and tell you our teenagers are innocent and are victimized if you want. I can tell you that your sons and daughters don’t even think about sex before they are 18 and that they would never want to be with an older guy or girl.

        I would be lying though.