Man Starts Site To Find Girl Of His Dreams

    November 9, 2007

A story of a man who saw the girl of his dreams on a crowded subway train got the attention of New Yorkers this week.

Web designer Patrick Moberg, 21 from Brooklyn was smitten when spotted a woman with rosy cheeks while riding in Manhattan on Sunday night. She was writing in a notebook.  The train was packed so when they both departed he lost her in the crowd. Instead of giving up Moberg created a Web site devoted to finding the unknown woman,

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He drew a picture of the girl, who was wearing blue shorts, tights and a red flower in her hair, and posted his cell number, email address and a plea for help in finding her. Soon Moberg’s inbox was flooded with emails and his cell phone received numerous calls. Moberg told the New York Post that he received emails offering him love. "Some people said I’m not the girl but you’re so adorable, pick me instead."

On Tuesday night a friend of the mystery woman contacted him and sent a picture so he could identify her. On his Web site a notice said "Found Her! Seriously!"  "We’ve been put in touch with one another and we’ll see what happens."

The woman turns out to be Camille Hayton, a BlackBook magazine intern from Melbourne, Australia who also lives in Brooklyn.  The pair has emailed one another and plan to meet for coffee this weekend.

We’re just going to chat," said Moberg. "I just want to know how she reacted to all of this."